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Post by Scotchie Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:42 pm

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I find it interesting that Sandnsea will not give up on her 15 minutes of fame.

The problem for Sandnsea is that she knows nothing.

She is talking. but saying nothing.

The delay is because of double dipping and stolen dinars?

Well, who is going to get all the dinars back from ISIS?

It is confusing why there would be a one time payout of 250,000 dinars.  What the hell does that mean?  .

There are no tiers, especially when you talk zim.  The zim is garbage.  Well, to make it easier, there is no such thing as tiers.  You either can cash out or not.

As far as ADMINBILL, he knows nothing at all.  How can you believe what he tells you is fact?

Sandnsea, give it up.  You will prove to be a liar some weeks from now when nothing happens. 

Why did you ever stick your toe in the water?  Is your husband not paying attention to you?

Very sad to see someone mentally decline.

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WSOMN - Sandnsea I_icon_minipostSubject: Sandnsea II   WSOMN - Sandnsea I_icon_minitimeToday at 12:36 pmWSOMN - Sandnsea I_icon_quote WSOMN - Sandnsea I_icon_edit WSOMN - Sandnsea I_icon_delete

Following WSOMN for years, I got to know Sandnsea.  This, as far as I am concerned, is totally out of character for her.  It is impossible to have information about a potential RV when there is no information to back up her claim.  If, by miracle, there is a revaluation announced, why would one just cash in 250,000?  You take your full holdings.
Who does this make sense to?  I remember Tony saying if the dinar revalues and you are not prepared to exchange, take a 25,000 note with you to the bank to get you through until you could exchange the rest.  What sandnsea is saying is just plain odd.

At WSOMN we have had our share of those who suddenly became knowledgeable about when and for how much you could cash in.  All of these people had their few minutes of fame, and then disappeared.

One of the more prolific posters, Starman, died many months ago.  He was certain everyone would be able to cash in before January l 2017.  We had rocker66, and Catallina, and kermit53 (who is still waiting for his high up Asian contact to be right), and, of course, Awakein3D, who has recently seemed to fall asleep.

I am not a psychologist and cannot figure out why these people need to lie to get attention.  It must be that something is lacking in the private lives, that they all os a sudden need attention.

I never would have expected Sandnsea to become one of these who cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality..

It saddens me, because she is selling her reputation on a lie.

To my WSOMN friends. perhaps you can humor Sandnsea, but for your own sanity, do not believe anything she says.


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