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 Anna von Reitz: Letter to Dear George   7/6/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Anna von Reitz: Letter to Dear George 7/6/17

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 Anna von Reitz: Letter to Dear George   7/6/17 Empty Anna von Reitz: Letter to Dear George 7/6/17

Post by Ssmith Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:18 am

Who is George?  Is this the same "George" that supposedly sends the Mountain Goat posts to Dinar Recaps?

July 6, 2017

Now what?

Well, the Bad Guys and the Crooks responsible for this whole situation go home hungry to bed and worry for the rest of their ignoble lives about which part of it is going to catch up to them. The rest of us get busy cleaning up this Mess, returning stolen property, setting people free, setting aside Odious Debts, restoring honest self-government, and dividing up the spoils that the perpetrators had set aside for themselves.

To that end, we invite all those who have worked on the GCR/RV from the "private side" to recoup and gather the Slush Pile which you intended to redistribute anyway, to come forward and meet those who have worked the problem from the public side of the issues, who also desire the same kind of redistribution and reclamation of national character and autonomy.

We are the lawful and legal owners of all that these evil men schemed to acquire by abusing our good names, our labor, and our assets to also then defraud everyone else on Earth. We have the right and the responsibility to act as true Fiduciaries for the entire planet in the public sense. By the Hand of God, it has all come down to us and nobody --- not the "federal" government, and not the bankruptcy Trustees chosen by the Secondary Creditors --- nobody can overcome our Paramount claim.

It is in our hearts to do justice and bring healing to our own country and throughout the Earth. We have suffered this scourge ourselves and have no difficulty understanding the pain and suffering that these devotees of the Father of All lies have inflicted on us all.

All that remains to be done is for the forces of peace and justice and goodwill to come together with a meeting of the minds to settle the details of the GCR/RV and for the people of the entire world to understand that the corporations that created all this suffering and promoted all this criminality never were and still aren't the actual government of the United States of America.

We are. The American states and people.


Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

Read the Full Letter here:

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