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Hi WSOMN - Wednesday

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Hi WSOMN - Wednesday Empty Hi WSOMN - Wednesday

Post by Scotchie Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:47 am

Hello to my friends still in WSOMN chat, though I realize most of my closest associates have been banned.  Shame.  The chat used to be fun and informative.  Now everyone has to walk on egg shells to make sure not to offend anyone.  Sunnysplace is so concerned that what ADMINBILL has to say will go public, she is urging all of ADMINBILL's fake information remain via Private Message.  Not sure why.  If ADMINBILL actually does have real information, I would think it would be screamed from the rafters, not hidden in private messages, a closed Twitter account or in the Forum.

Yes, it is really July 5th, 2017 and realistically no one is closer to exchanging than you were one year ago. 

You can read ADMINBILL's predictions, and write them off as fantasy  ADMINBILL nor any of his intel providers have any real information.  As long as ADMINBILL talks about the worthless zim, you know everything he says is pure crapola.

ADMINBILL had the chance to finally admit the zim is worthless, but instead he keeps talking as if this worthless colored paper is worth thousands/millions/billions.  As much as ADMINBILL says he does not believe in Yosef, ADMINBILL is one of Yosef's disciples

Ragin, 006, snickers....hang in there but keep a clear mind.  You are being fed misinformation every day on WSOMN.  ADMINBILL has proven himself to be a liar.  ADMINBILL is very self-centered, and I would not be surprised if he cashed in on some of his currencies.  He is more into his tech pyramid scheme than he is exchanging exotic currencies..

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