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Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Q & A w/FireFly 7/2/17

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Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Empty Q & A w/FireFly 7/2/17

Post by Ssmith Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:52 am

Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Firefl12Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Firefl12Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Firefl12

SKR monetization is the process of converting the financial instrument into the instrument of financing. SKR monetization is possible only if the asset is free from other commitments. The next important aspect is the possibility of SWIFT MT 760 confirmation - it can provide all the banking institutions, which are connected to the SWIFT.

Term storage is usually a standard 1 year and 1 day, unless otherwise is agreed in the contract.

Issuance of guarantees and loans secured by SKR is often used to finance projects without collateral, in the event that you need to save confidentiality the source of funding.

The funding mechanism with using SKR is close to the mechanism of the loan back-to-back, when the loan can be granted by the bank of any organization poses bail of the deposit.

It is important to note that even with a warranty or guarantee, the borrower company must comply with the rules of loan taken in the global banking practice, as follows:

1. To be registered in the country, the level of business risk of which is a minimum, for example, the UK, Switzerland – that is in the same country where there are headquarters of the world's largest banks.

2. To have sufficient own paid-up capital and meet the general criteria of creditworthiness and ability to pay, taken at the bank.

3. To have business plan of using the tools developed in accordance with international standards.

the borrower company must comply with the rules of loan. No way in hell would I sign into a fixed rate ...... EVER. SKR is a contract. at a fixed rate

FF. GA ty for the SKR post -I am assuming there is an URL form which. you post. -would you be so kind and pm to me that URL - ty

Just have to google it. Esy


Who in their right monds would sign into a fixed rate when a rate isn't even international yet. You would be speculating.

And STUCK with that fixed contract rate


Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Avatar?id=1623821&m=73&t=1495570648
CG said something earlier that isn't exactly true... if you take out $9,999.99 you will still be flagged. Anything close to $10K, especially if it is anomolous,will get flagged according to the FinCEN website.

Why would anyone want to take ANY money out? lol

FF... I don't personally understand that either but just wanted people to be aware...

I know Nature Smile

Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Avatar?id=1594652&m=76&t=1454548103
FF...we've long been told that other groups have exchanged and we're given an skr UNTIL their accounts would be made liquid. So you are believing Everyone is Public and we all go together in that way?

I don't believe that ANYBODY will be paid before anybody else. Goes against international banking laws

For....so we are ALL PUBLIC, or just the Timing of the event will begin at the same time for all?

Yes ... we are ALL public whether you are alone or with a group of friends

I have understood that those who are getting some liquid funds, having signed an SKR contract, are merely getting like a line of credit...and that the banks could be committing an illegal act in so doing. Just MO based on my understanding.

I'm good with that. I much prefer going to a real bank location and having an "out of lobby area" exchange too.

I can see the spread being negotiated but as far as getting paid more than the currency is worth internationally is well ,,,,,, just not true and would be foolish on the parts of the bank.

Remember the IMF and Alak both said a MANAGED FLOAT


Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Avatar?id=1598543&m=75&t=1458778806
I'd have a stack a cash til banks can be fully trusted

a managed float means a fluctuation of no more than 2% up or down


2% or 10 cents could be alot of money

And just to re-iterate - SKR monetization is possible only if the asset is free from other commitments


Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Avatar?id=1623459&m=76&t=1494554632

Citizens must be throwing shoes at what's left there lol

I'm just a drive- by FF is doing the heavy lifting

I'm sorry. I still don't understand how so many smart & honorable people testify about the Private groups and Private Exchanges with several rates, while other smart and honorable people claim it's a Public exchange or Everyone. Needing clairity so badly here.

Just common sense Seagod, how can abank pay more than what the currency is worth unless they are playing the FUTURES game on Forex

Which takes the bank out of the picture

Did not know the SKR is a CONTRACT....but a SAFE KEEPING RECEIPT that assured us our funds were in our account and would be made liquid at appropriate time.

I never questioned the differing rates....but I've struggled with what all it wold require to set up thousands of off site locations......still they did those things on Mission Impossible. I KNOW cuz I watched all those episodes! LOL

Lol.  Gotta love Hollywood

Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Avatar?id=1596577&m=75&t=1456608110
I think it'll be just like now when you deposit a check into your checking account. A % of it is available on the spot, and the rest is available after the check clears. Imagine what they'll come with to delay when your exchange is worth millions and millions.

ff....I WANT to believe you so bad. I have wished this process weren't so mysterious and complicated for a long time. Would be so much easier if Public is really all there is.

Sometimes I wish I had Donald Trump in my pocket to negociate with me at the exchange or later with the wealth advisor. lol

It's npt complicated whatsoever Seagod unless you listen to the phony intel calls that just repeat what the other calls are saying becausw quite frankly NOBODY has a clue
Greed is a killer. never forget that

Not even in the first week and already forecasting anywhere between no and during the third week, Not what I was hoping for

Ted, it can happen anytime

We all know that been hearing that for a long time now.

It will happen when the CBI says it's time .... period

FF Absolutely. Not casting aspersions, but I'm confident there are many who, for one reason or another, really do not deserve this blessing. Not specifically just in dinarland, either. But, I'm equally confident the universe will sort all of the out as the natural order of things. Imo.

ff....having a Compassionate heart to help the World feeds into this a lot. I do believe that people with Giving hearts will share, while people focused on self will not. The amount of the exchange will just determine how much we can help.

Just remember, as with any investment ,,,, NEVER TOUCH THE PRINCIPAL. Give only from the gains

Iraq announces definitely in the Internet begins Sunday. 

Posted 5 hrs ago

Electricity: Conference consultation to discuss the energy exchange internationally

Kurds hundreds of jobs losses in the event of separation !!!!

FF: Is that the answer to ."Iraq announces definitely in the Internet begins Sunday"????

Ff....OK, clear as mud for me.....What is that announcement saying? 4th grade level for me please....

Maliki: We reject the presence of advocates of sectarian strife and wanted to spend a Conference in Baghdad

FF: Why post a statement without an answer? Please explain "Iraq announces definitely in the Internet begins Sunday"

Maliki ..... shut up lol

the internet was shut down for an hr a day supposedly for the final exams of students.   to prevent cheating. old news

Twilight News / announced that the Ministry of Communications on Saturday, cut the Internet in all provinces, during the hours of submission of final exams for students in the sixth preparatory grade.

According to a ministry statement that it will cut off the Internet from Sunday at 5 am to 8:30 am and all the days of exams to prevent cheating in the examination centers, after the aggravation of the crisis of fraud depending on the phones to the Internet.

The Ministry of Education, earlier in the day, to guide students to perform 359 731 final exams to study junior high in all parts of Iraq except the province of Nineveh, which kicks off at eight o'clock in the morning on Sunday , the second of June.

So they cut off the internet to prevent cell phone usage by students ....So the article states.  Students have cell phones ???????


Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Avatar?id=1614509&m=75&t=1473030484
What's the cbi website showing today?

Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Avatar?id=1601591&m=75&t=1460262471

Thanks DP. I keep getting an error message.

Iraq receives first mobile police station from the International Alliance.This article was removed .... interesting . The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Avatar?id=1594652&m=76&t=1454548103
Ff...I saw this supposed cbi site in chat a short while back with a great rate showing.....any idea what this is (anyone?) cbi.3eyon-host.net

3eyon-host.net is the company that designed the new web site which is now hosted I Iraq .... No longer Houston

What you are looking at is the CBI hosst site. Not sure why we are seeing it

So the rate is fake?

seegood that site appears to be a website developer in Europe forthe cbi and imo is a distraction

Iraqi eyes Habayeb Integrated Web Services Integrated team of young developers and web designers and marketers CYBERCRIMINALS, our goal is the development and innovation and provide better business and professional solutions on the web comes to mind the idea of ​​success and our customers are our success and the success of their business partners first of our concerns

It is very real And controled for the 1st time by the CBI !!! Timing !

A host site is normally used for maintanace, updates etc

seegood notice the rate inclusions and compare several missing some very different from actual reported some very close if not the same agree with FF very real but why is it visible ... distraction ?

I don't think they care ze.  We shouldn't be seeing it but we are

It was here in chat several days ago....don't remember who brought it in.

And no, it's not a $10,000 prank lol

Changes are normally performed ona host site then migrated to the visible site, but no matter how you type in cbi.iq it takes you to the new site
Trust me, I always try to disprove anything before I discuss it

Why isn't the new rate showing on the CBI site? IMO they aren't ready to show it to us ........ YET
Remember, they don't have to announce a rate change!

Firefly: are you familiar with the rantings I mean writings of Kaporoni? Do you have an Opinion

I've talked with him on a few occcasions. He has his opinions, I have mine

But European seems to be based on facts and your ability to be a prolific researcher. It seems to be based on very very bad weed!

lol drl

That was for you for you fire fly

I know my friend. TY for the kind words Smile


LOL only bad weed I know of is gas can weed LMBO

I call them as i wweed i mean read them!

Breitling has a four-part post but I can only find part one. He appears to be pretty grounded.

All professional investors are ALWAYS grounded with their emotions. It is a must

Capparelli used to be OK until he substituted 5 gallon water bottle for is bong!Now he's just bongers !

I respect everybodys opnion whether I agree with it or not. The trend I see with him is he always follows the flow

Anyhoo, need to leave for a bit frends, stuff needing to be done. BBL. have a wonderful day and rspect each other Smile

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Firefly - Q & A w/FireFly   7/2/17 Empty Firefly

Post by Scotchie Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:53 am

Kind of you to spend so much time on WSOMN answering questions.

Of course, everything you say is your opinion, and not fact.

I do agree, everyone is "public".  There will be no private rates for anyone.  Everyone will receive the same.

I do not believe SKR's will be given for the dinar or zim, as they are both totally worthless.

As smart as you are Firefly, the more you post your opinion, the more you show your ignorance when it comes to the dinar.

If you need be, open your own chat. 

I can tell you, you are wasting your time on WSOMN.  The MOD, ADMINBILL, is a liar and will counter-punch much of what you say.  Being on the wrong side of ADMINBILL is not a good thing.  If you think selling your email address was bad, wait until he shares other personal information he has about you, including your phone number.

Be careful

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