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Wsomn members 7/3

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Wsomn members 7/3 Empty Wsomn members 7/3

Post by Scotchie Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:28 am

Hi, to my WSOMN friends who have not been banned.

ADMINBILL is now up to the 3rd week in July.  This is contrary to what he stated last year at this time..."I DO NOT SEE THIS GOING PAST WEDNESDAY".  Also, ADMINBILL's constant declarations that "NEXT WEEK WILL BE INTERSTING", or "NEXT THURSDAY", etc.

The funniest was only a couple of months ago.  "WE ARE JUST A NOSE HAIR AWAY".  Now, the nose hair is a dreadlock.

Many of WSOMN members are intelligent.  That is why it is hard to understand why they hang on every word ADMINBILL SAYS, though they are fully aware that ADMINBILL knows nothing at all.

How many more weeks?  How many more months?

What happened to the Tier One and Tier Two exchanges of the zim that was going on months ago?

You do know the zim is worthless.  You can email many different Zimbabwe internet addresses to get some answers.  The answers are always the same...."The Zim is Worthless, Decommissioned".
The zim is a novelty.  My suggesting is to sell it back while you are able.  It will eventually be able to be purchased for $10 or less.  It is possible many of you can actually make a profit now.

So, you all keep telling ADMINBILL how gracious he is for sharing his latest date.  Unfortunately, any and all dates will never be met.

Wake up WSOMN.

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