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WSOMN Monday

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Post by Scotchie Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:31 am

WSOMN Monday I_icon_minipostSubject: WSOMN Mon   WSOMN Monday I_icon_minitimeToday at 10:29 amWSOMN Monday I_icon_quote WSOMN Monday I_icon_edit WSOMN Monday I_icon_delete

WSOMN Monday:

ADMINBILL:  What are your main sources?  Are you talking Kermit53, rocker66, Catallina, Firefly, Awakein3D and other duds you call "intel providers"?

Remember ADMINBILL and WSOMN members, all, except Firefly, have called the RV numerous times.

Most of these duds have worn out their welcome on WSOMN, as if anyone remembers, they have all been wrong on their predictions.

Yes, that where ADMINBILL gets his news.

From a nose hair away, to having no idea on when the RV might happen is a long stretch.

What e4xactly are you waiting for ADMINBILL to say?

There are no 800 numbers, there are no redemption centers, there are no tiers, there are no SKR's...all of this crapola has been spewed on WSOMN.

Sandnsea had her 15 minutes of fame.  She knows no one who has SKR's., and she has no idea on when a revaluation of the dinar might happen.  She certainly does not seem to know it will not happen in 2017, and most likely not going to happen in 2018.

Can you accept the fact that your zim is garbage?

Most of the best of the best members of WSOMN have moved on or have been banned. 

Actually, ADMINBILL has moved on to selling a technology pyramid scheme and NON-APPROVED herbal supplements, which you can take at your own risk.

WSOMN has died.  It is so boring to read these days.  ADMINBILL ruined such a good site.  It is a shame.

It is time to move on, away from WSOMN.  Get back your identity and stop listening to lies and fantasies.

I repeat, forget a dinar revaluation.  Time to get out and smell the roses and get out of WSOMN

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