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 "Cobra: Final Observations" by Mayan Guy 6/11/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Cobra: Final Observations" by Mayan Guy 6/11/17

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 "Cobra: Final Observations" by Mayan Guy 6/11/17 Empty "Cobra: Final Observations" by Mayan Guy 6/11/17

Post by Ssmith Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:08 pm

 "Cobra: Final Observations" by Mayan Guy 6/11/17 13446418-King-cobra-Stock-Vector-cobra-snake-cartoon

I thought to share some final observations regarding the Cobra issue. It's mind boggling to say the least, for me personally. It's also sad, because many things Cobra speak about do hold weight and contains much truth. Other things completely contradict and points out that deception might be in play (red flags).

As things stand currently, according to my personal understandings (which is incomplete - not having enough information to gauge and know for sure - also hoping for full disclosure to help remedy the unsolved paradoxes) i'm leaning towards the possibility that Cobra could be a trojan horse inside what is known as "The Resistance Movement" for planetary liberation. A quick risk assessment on this issue tells me Cobra could potentially be dangerous. Fear is not real, danger is. I actually hope that i am incorrect regarding all this, for now i am not leaning towards me being incorrect. I am not using any "absolute" or "definite" terms here, the emphasis here is on "could be" for consideration. I strongly feel that it is important, i am following that feeling.

On the "Mindful Reader and blueray" link above, some side notes (loads of spelling mistakes there from me as well, please forgive the spelling errors):

1.) Firstly, I wasn't ware of Blueray's distress regarding his/her personal situation on that day - For me it explains why Blueray lashed out on that day, in that way. Only after i sent in my response i saw other posts mentioning that Blueray is in distress due to personal issues. I meant no harm and i sincerely hope Blueray is okay under the circumstances.

There is more to this story and why i chose to include Blueray in the reply. I raised my concerns on Facebook, publicly posting my concerns on a Cobra report on the Stillness in The Storm page. Blueray replied to me implying that i am part of some Secret Space Program faction opposing Cobra pushing limited disclosure. I answered that i am simply a civilian also hoping for full disclosure. That was the end of it.

My Facebook name is "Nova Shambhala" - It is simply a "dummy" account i use as an alias to stay connected to pages of interest on FB, no friends or normal profiles connected to that dummy account of mine - that way i don't get all the dirty laundry and normal FB drama from "friends" in my news feed, only pages (liked) info i am interested in. Ive deleted my personal FB profiles some time ago and only have the dummy account on FB now.

I raised my concerns regarding Cobra on the Prepare For Change FB page as well, who ever manages that page simply chose to remove and ban me from their page.

Another interesting thing happened directly after this. My dummy account on FB got hacked and there was a "friend" added as a personal link/profile to my dummy account, magically. I did not accept any friend requests on this account, people also cant send me a friend request on this account (or that is how it is suppose to be according to my settings on FB). No private profiles are part of this dummy account of mine. This "friend" was a female depicting big boobs and all kinds of sexyness on "her" profile picture with over 4000 "friends" connected to "her" private FB profile. I removed the "honeypot" that mysteriously added itself to my dummy FB account, blocked "her" and that was the end of that, i did not engage "her" prior to blocking and removing "her" profile.

I don't believe in coincidences, to me there is no such thing as a coincidence. Synchronicity however...

2.) I see in the latest (May 2017) Cobra Prepare for Change interview that some issues raised are being addressed, one of those issues being the assistance/charity to Malawians:

Source: http://prepareforchange.net/23560-2/

"Lynn – Welcome everyone for he May (2017) update with Cobra. I will start today with the Malawi update.

Progress in Chikwawa District of Malawi has been made since our last update. Less than one month ago this community installed their very own well. Instead of the women getting up before the sun, to make the journey to a distant water well they now have a water well in their own community.

This is a major improvement! Do to this innovation the village, the “headman” gave Keyason 4 hectares which is equivalent to about 10 acres of land to use for the orphans and his community building work among the people. Thanks to the generosity of one of our European supporters, non-GMO seed was sent to Malawi for Maoni Orphanage and also for Keyason’s new project in Chikwawa. The seed has been growing for months now in Maoni and now that Chikwawa has clean water, they have planted the seed there.

Keyason has also planted Moringa seeds which will produce very beneficial trees that will provide much needed nutrition for the people. The first temporary dorm building has also been completed and will house 10 orphans and a care taker. It is only an adobe mud brick structure and will not last for many years but for now it will get some of the orphans out of the rain. There is still great need for food, mosquito nets, blankets and clothing. There is much to do before this community can be self-sufficient.

Keyason is looking to the future and eager to learn new and better ways of farming to provide food for the people.

As the Malawi project is also under the care of Prepare for Change, donations made designated for Malawi are also tax deductible for those in the United States. Donations can be made by PayPal and designated for Malawi or by check to Prepare for Change with the notation at the bottom of the check “for Malawi”. Please mail checks to:

Prepare for Change, 1441 Huntington Drive, Suite 1110, South Pasadena, CA 91030 On behalf of the orphans and Keyason, I thank you very much for your support. It is because of generous people like you that these people are being given a chance at life."

If the above mentioned details are true and verifiable, it brings warmth to my heart and I will give it my full support. I'm too sceptical about Cobra currently to trust it, i still cant verify or fact check the above mentioned details to know if it is really so. If the charity is used as a deception to generate income without help going out to the Malawians, then there is major reason for concern.

With me living in South Africa, i speak to many Malawians often. Many Malawians are in SA to find work and send money back to their families each month. They are generally very good people, humble, loyal, well spoken and always keen to offer their services. South Africans love employing them, which in turn also unfortunately contributed to the Xenophobia problems we had in the recent past in SA. Many local South Africans became angry at all the neighbouring countries people in SA taking their jobs, Xenophobia was born here due to that. There is more to it than that (the Xenophobia problem), what i just explained is only a contributing factor, a part of it, not the whole picture.

3.) As per the latest Cobra interview (May 2017) with Prepare for Change:

Source: http://prepareforchange.net/23560-2/

"Lynn – Cobra means Compression Breakthrough.

The surface of the earth is inside a sandwich feeling pressure (intensely increased light) which brings up anything needed to be transmuted. It also means that the point where the light forces from underground meet the light forces coming from space right on the surface of the earth.

Is there any other reason why you should choose the code name Cobra to identify yourself?

COBRA – No, that was the perfect reason. (OK)"

The logic for the creation of the name "Cobra" is said to be the merging of the first word (Compression - first two letters) and second word (Breakthrough - first three letters, sort of) of the two words "Compression" and "Breakthrough" = Co and Br(e)a. I find this logic suspicious because it should spell = Co Bre (CoBre not CoBra). In my second example in brackets the "e" was simply skipped to get to the "a" (out of sequence - the pattern does not make sense) - this points out that they specifically chose the name Cobra, which means and translates to a type of serpent. Cobre would have a very different meaning, if any at all. They don't wish for us to see it that way though, they wish for us to see it in the Compression Breakthrough way, hence why i call it a cover story.

The problem i personally have with that is that something is shown to us very clearly in plain sight: Cobra. We are then asked/programmed to believe something else regarding the meaning of the name Cobra. To me personally that is a cabal trick hidden in plain sight: deception, hidden in plain sight, manipulating and hijacking your/our free will/collective energy for their purposes, which may not be benevolent as is claimed. Again, i hope i am incorrect about all this, there is just too many red flags and contradictions for me to put my faith in Cobra. I have to voice my opinions on this.

I stand by all my statements regarding Cobra, including the name Cobra being a poor choice for an alias to be used as a liberation movement, especially if Cobra is aware of the reptilian problem that was part of the control/enslavement and abuse. I would suggest they would have been better off simply using "Compression Breakthrough" as a name or alias...but... it has to be put in plain sight for all to see, due to Universal free will laws that both positive and negative polarity beings must adhere to, as i understand it. According to this Universal law, our free will being hijacked because of our own ignorance and giving our own power away is fair play. I clearly don't take this lightly considering what has gone on on our planet over the many millennia.

Cobra, as a serpent:

Source: http://prepareforchange.net/23560-2/

"Lynn – What would you say to those who claim that this is a negative reptilian representation of you.

COBRA – OK, I would say that every person that gets that triggered they need to ask themselves why they’re perceiving it badly, maybe it’s reflecting something in them because I have given a clear explanation of what that means and I have nothing else to say about this. (thank you Cobra)"

Ive explained above why i perceive Cobra in a suspicious light. To answer this more fully i'll have to disclose some personal information regarding myself.

The Mayan Calendar and the wisdom contained within it is something i cherish and hold dear. Ive learned and understood much about Life out of it, it holds great meaning for me personally. It is therefore sacred to me.
My disclosure is that on The Mayan Calendar, or the modern depiction i use now called the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar, my Galactic Signature (Star Sign) is: Red Rhythmic Serpent. I am a serpent on this calendar, it has very positive meanings and applications for me personally. In truth (like it or not) we all have reptilian DNA to some extent. We have a reptilian brain called the cerebellum or little brain that forms part of our entire brain:


Does this mean I am a reptilian? No, no more than the One reading this. I am a living breathing human being with a beating heart. Do i claim that Cobra is a reptilian? No. All i am saying is that Cobra might be aligned to some dark faction (dark fleet - nazi/reptilian fleet - cabal) if deception is in play regarding the Cobra issue - the reason i think this is because of the name Cobra and me being relatively aware of the reptilian agenda that links in to the dark bloodlines on Earth.

So to answer Cobra and why the name Cobra is suspect for me is not because i don't like serpents or what they represent symbolically. With regards to bi pedal reptilian beings it is another story all together.

RV Contradiction:

Cobra Prepare for Change March 2017 interview:

Source: http://prepareforchange.net/cobra-prepare-for-change-march-2017-interview/

"Aaron – Also, South American drug barons have been using their dollars to buy Iraqi Dinars as a way to launder their money. However, since the Clinton/Bush faction lost the US election, these Dinar will never likely become a usable currency?

Aaron – Cobra, do you for-see the Dinar as ever being a usable currency?

COBRA – OK, it is not as drastic as Ben has said but I would not speculate in a drastic increase in value of that currency so I would stay away from any transactions, including the Iraqi Dinar.

Aaron – And how about the African Zim?

COBRA – The same. (OK, great, thank you)"

... Then...

Cobra Prepare for Change May 2017 interview:

"Lynn – Cobra you said at the Taiwan conference that the currencies people have expected to revaluate will not be valued as high as people expect but you also said that because of the combined vision of all the people insisting on that money being released to the people that this will ultimately happen.

You’ve also said that people have been working on this RV project for over 10 years now and they will continue until it finally becomes a reality. Since this is such a popular subject among your listeners, is there anything else you’d like to add to this Cobra.

COBRA – OK. I would like to add that there are many interpretations of the financial re-set and some of those interpretations are not based on reality. It is not about a revaluation of one particular currency. It is not even all about revaluation of all particular – of all currencies. It is basically a complete restructuring of the whole financial system on the planet and revaluation is just a small part of this and not the most important part of this. It is not some ‘get rich quick scheme’. It is more of a healing process for the world’s financial system. It is an upliftment of the vibrational frequency of the global financial system. It is putting the global financial system on a solid base that will allow humanity to go through the transition to a higher level of consciousness. (thank you for that added explanation Cobra. I totally understand that.)"

It seems Cobra had a change of heart, or educated themselves on the RV, or are simply forced to re-align themselves to keep listeners/readers interested in supporting them. The contradiction is clear though, no need to say more.

What else?

If deception is in play, what else could be the reason for the deception? What is the end game with this?

Is Cobra part of some rogue faction? Benevolent or Malevolent?

Is Cobra a government/rogue faction psy-op as part of internal factions not getting along?

I simply don't know. All i know is that this Cobra situation is suspect for me personally. Many things don't add up.

I am another yourself

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