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Post by Scotchie Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:48 am

Morning on this wonderful Friday.

Your leader, you know, the nose hair guy, has a new website where he is selling pre-FDA herbal supplements, as well as android notification message technology.

You see, this was the PLAN all along.  Gain the confidence of the WSOMN members so that they will spend monies on ADMINBILL's products.  It is equivalent to donations, but in this case you get something for your money.  Whether it is a good product, or whether it works is something different.

Now to me pre-FDA means these herbal supplements have not been approved by the FDA.  This means they may not be safe.  This means they may not be sterile.  This means they may not work as advertised.  NEVER, EVER buy anything advertised as a medicine or herbal supplement without it being approved by the FDA.  If you do so, you and you only are responsible for the outcome, even if, in rare cases, it could mean death or permanent disability.

Do you know exactly what you are taking?  NO.  You are putting a foreign substance in your body that has NOT been approved by the U.S. government.  HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?????  Does ADMINBILL have insurance to protect himself against lawsuits where people have been injured by his pre-FDA products?

Yes, ADMINBILL has had you hooked with his weekly currency predictions, and since they have been all lies, falsehoods, fantasies, he is moving on to making monies.  Monies that are for him and the LDS church as well as his cult friends. .

WSOMN members, there is NO REASON to follow ADMINBILL into his new venture of selling products.  It will not make the revaluation come sooner.  It will not make the zim worth monies.  It will do nothing but take monies out of your pockets.

Those with medical conditions that need attention should not assume taking the pre-FDA herbal supplements will do ANYTHING to help your conditions.

For those that needs monies for rent, food and transportation, do not waste your monies on anything ADMINBILL is selling.

WSOMN members, in addition to visiting ADMINBILL's web site, he will not only gain information from you, if you order any product ADMINBILL will have a lot of your personal information.

YOU REMEMBER, ADMINBILL has NO problem posting your personal information on his chat, if he thinks of you in the negative.  ADMINBILL can ruin your name and your credit, which is worse.
DO NOT share any information with ADMINBILL.  Information that he can pass on to the LDS church as well as other entities.

THIS IS A SERIOUS WARNING!!   This is joke, no idle chatter.

The further you stay away from ADMINBILL...... his web site, and any and all email addresses, phone numbers or anything else where you need to give personal information.....the safer you will be.


KEEP CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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