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4 -  "4 Phases of the Light Worker's Journey" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee  2/26/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"4 Phases of the Light Worker's Journey" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee 2/26/17

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4 -  "4 Phases of the Light Worker's Journey" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee  2/26/17 Empty "4 Phases of the Light Worker's Journey" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee 2/26/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:25 am

4 -  "4 Phases of the Light Worker's Journey" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee  2/26/17 Own523
4 Phases of the Light Worker's Journey

The Cabal MUST be allowed their disinformation to Expose themselves and their dirty deeds. We are in a time of great awakening and nothing wakes people up faster than bad news. You have known me as one who riles against disinformation, especially when it is harmful to others. However, things have changed and you should know about it.

Transitional Phases

I see this World Change event going through Transitional Phases. Each of us MUST complete the work of one Phase before moving on to the next phase or we will be lost in the sweeping changes. I see 4 Phases of the Light Worker's Journey. They are: Phase #1 - Wakening up, Phase #2 - Growing Roots, Phase #3 - Weathering the Storm, and Phase #4 - The Rebuilding. Each Phase has its importance and must be completed before moving on to the next Phase. However, the timing of the Phases are outside of the Light Worker's control, like the timing of the waves are outside of the surfer's control. There are 4 waves of change that issue in the new age and we as Light Workers must be positioned correctly when each comes to pass. I will now describe each of these phases and their importance.

Phase #1 - Wakening Up (Seedling)

This Phase is the beginning of the Light Worker's journey and was a long period of Time. Basically, this Phase could be considered to start the day you were born into this Life experience. It is characterized as the time of Awareness of what is going on and what is really important. Some of us were awake at birth, and others like myself only caught on to the REALITY of what was going on in this World in the last few years. By comparison to many of you, I was late to the party, but luckily, I am a fast learner (I wake up quickly).

During this time of Transition, the Light Worker is faced with overwhelming "Evidence" of the illusion, but they can still see REAL truth nuggets here and there. It is a time of noticing more and more Truth while at the same time feeling a sense of mission, purpose, and drive to be part of the solution. This is still a fragile time of holding their personal truth, when most of the World, and all of its institutions, media, and population think otherwise. The Light Worker must stand in the face of great opposition, and hold their truth steadfastly.

Phase #2 - Growing Roots (Becoming a Strong Tree)

This Phase of growing roots is very important if you are to remain a Light Worker. In the early Phase of Waking up, you really pose no threat to the establishment as they can easily discredit you and your beliefs were fragile. In this Phase the Light Worker MUST grow roots and fast. You must learn all you can and hold steady to your beliefs and not allow others to dissuade you. It is in this second phase that the establishment begins to recognize you as a threat and takes actions against your beliefs.

This is the beginning of the Disinformation campaign to quell the growing numbers of Light Workers who are becoming more and more aware of the real truth of our World. The establishment takes every opportunity to discredit the Light Workers who are beginning to speak out calling for others to see the light. At this point, the Light Workers who have not grown roots and cultivated a STRONG belief in their purpose and in what is true and what is not, will be uprooted in disillusion, and confusion.

In this Growing Roots Phase, there is a battle of truth vs. disinformation, in a tit for tat. It is a battle of truth to not only to win over new recruits to the Light Workers' Side, but to keep the Light Workers who are already awake. The establishment are trying their best to keep the population at large asleep and to uproot the newly awaked Light Workers as well. The Light Workers have help from those whose beliefs are so strong, with such deep roots of conviction and knowing, that they are unbreakable. These Light Workers battle the disinformation with Truth and keep the Cabal from taking down the weaker and newer Light Workers who aren't yet CERTAIN of themselves.

You will know that you have successfully established your root base of knowledge and conviction, when the barrage of disinformation is of no consequence to you. You stand firm in your beliefs unshaken. This is important because in the next Phase, you will be challenged and only the strongest among us will make it through the next Phase #3 - Weathering the Storm, and on to the final Phase #4 - The Rebuilding.

Phase #3 - Weathering the Storm (Standing Firm - Holding Your Ground)

We are now entering this third Phase of our Light Worker journey: Weathering the Storm. In this phase, the Light Workers MUST stand on their own for the good of all. There will be unprecedented attacks from the dying establishment in their attempts to save themselves and their illusion. What makes this Phase 3 so different than the previous Phase 2, is that there will be no help available to the Light Worker. Each MUST stand on their own based on their own preparation and conviction of truth that holds them steadfast in their positions no matter what comes.

In Phase 2, The Growing of Roots, the established Light Workers defended the cause and disputed the disinformation and refuted the Fear mongering on our behalf's, but those days are over. The established Light Workers, who have the greatest conviction and knowing, must now remain silent for the greater good. This means that there will be no help to shore up the weaker Light Workers who are still unsure of themselves and their truths. Many will fall, and lose faith, in both the truth, and lose confidence in the success of the Light Workers mission. That is expected as they failed to grow roots of conviction and determination in Phase 2. Without the strength of conviction and determination, the slightest Fear mongering will take them down their faith.

When Disinformation Serves

We are in the phase when disinformation serves the higher good. While this sounds wrong, you will soon see the merits in this position. I have been one, who in the second phase of the Light Worker's Journey, fought hard against the slightest disinformation and spent my time refuting it and disproving it whenever it showed up. However, I have been asked to permit the disinformation and fear mongering to exist unimpeded. If you have noticed, I have not been writing refuting posts against the blatant disinformation that is now throughout our World. Well, there was one time before I knew the bigger game plan, I refuted the Radiation, FEMA Camps, and Martial Law. I couldn't help myself then, but now I know better.

Have you noticed the ramping up of Fear mongering? Radiation in the Pacific, Martial law, radiation in Europe, some weird Carbon gas explosion in Yellow Stone, the USD loosing 50% value overnight, Political turmoil, etc. This is a test of your root structure, your certainty that all is well and will work out in the end. Do you actually believe these fearful things, or are you steadfast in your beliefs, that they are NOT TRUE, and in reality all is well? This is notice to all my fellow Light Workers, I will not be refuting these Fears or any new ones that show up. We are firmly in Phase Three of Weathering the Storm and you must not waver in your confidence and beliefs during these times.

My Guess Why I Am To Be Silent

I have thought this over as to why I have been asked to let these KNOWN Disinformation Fear mongering items go unchecked. This is why I think this serves the greater good of all. First, clearly we are awake and know what is going on in the World, but our numbers are still small by comparison. We need more of the sleeping public to wake up and see what is really going on. Second, there is nothing that wakes people up faster than bad news, especially life and death news. It is now obvious to me, that allowing these fearful things to spread out in to the World, will cause many more to wake up and start paying attention. The more the better. If I were to counter act each and every one of these Fearful posts, they would not have the same impact, and the general public would have no reason to wake up. I was told specifically, that these disinformation posts need to bring out people's repressed fear up into their awareness so they can be healed. Frankly, for every level of consciousness and understanding, there is even greater consciousness and understanding that is unknown. All I know at this point, is that this is serving us and we should let it do its work.

This is why this Phase is called "Weathering The Storm," because there will be lots of disinformation that will be unchecked, and allowed to continue. It is up to you to be strong enough to KNOW there is no Radiation worries, no martial law, no loss in the USD, not FEMA camps for use, etc, etc, etc. When the Fear mongering comes, just let it pass you by and do not fear as you KNOW all is well. Bend in the storm, but don’t break. Soon the storm of disinformation will be over and it will be time for our next Phase #4 - The Rebuilding.

Phase #4 - The Rebuilding

This is the Final Phase in the Light Worker's journey. Those who have wakened in Phase one, and established strong roots of Knowing and confidence in phase two, and weathered the storm of disinformation in Phase three, are now the ones who will be charged with the rebuilding of our World in Phase four. When the storm clears, there will be many confused and wondering what happened. Many will just be waking up and will have a huge thirst for knowledge and understanding. It will be your place to wake those who are still asleep and help those who were awake but had fallen in the final storms of Phase three.

You are the Light of compassion, understanding and wisdom. We do not judge those who hadn't waken up yet, or those who had fallen along the way, as this was a tough transition. We will be the ones who have the answers, and the insight, and the money to carry out this mission of mercy. This is the Great Rebuilding, the Age Of The Great Humanitarians. This final Phase still lies ahead of us. It will be a glorious time of growth and rebirth, but, for now, we are still in the Phase of the great storms of disinformation and treachery.

We Must Allow the Dirty Deeds

While I can't bring myself to create or support disinformation for the purpose of waking the sleeping public, I can and will shine a light on the wrongs that are being perpetrated against us. These are true things and I will call them out for all to see. These dirty deeds include such things as Google wiping out websites such as Natural News, who had a huge store of information on cures as well as information about the toxic nature of vaccines. It was a store house of remedies and government wrong doings. Additionally, YouTube is closing down video channels that point out corruption of both governments and their evil minions. Ironically, in their desperate effort to quell these information sources, they are only causing more and more people to realize the utter nastiness of their actions. The more they do these things the more they are PROVING who they really are and what their agenda actually is. This combination of Real evil actions, and Fake Fear Mongering Disinformation, is a powerful wake up call to the sleeping public.

Understanding Duality Shift

It has been said that in these times, that Evil will reveal itself despite its greatest efforts otherwise. In short, no matter what the Evil does, it ends up going wrong for them and actually helping our cause instead. To understand how this works you need to understand "Duality."

Duality is a concept and Law for lack of a better word, that no independent Reality already Exists. This means that any given fact or event can become good or bad, and that it is NOT already set one way or the other. This means that a Lottery winner can be happy for the rest of their lives or die a terrible death as a result of their win. In injection of pure water can heal advanced cancer or kill a perfectly healthy person depending on the meaning of that injection. Will it be a good outcome or a bad one, it is in your hands. Importantly, it is Knowing and certainty that makes it so. That is the power of the Light Workers Growing roots and become confident in the good outcome so that nothing can sway them from it.

The "Shift" Has Happened

We have now had a shift in the "Overall" energy from not working out to working out. In short we have gone from a Negative Energy "Bias" on the Earth to a Positive Energy "Bias." This is the change we have all worked so hard for in Phase two of the Light Worker's journey. We fought the nay sayers and the disinformation agents to hold our ground and validate our missions. But now that we have accomplished the "Shift" we were looking for, it is working in our favor. This positive "Bias" causes those who don’t have absolute control over their realities, one way or the other, to be influenced in the direction of the "Bias."

When there was a Negative Bias, we had to be sure and stand firm in our beliefs in our ultimate success, or else we would be influenced back to doubt and fear by the negative bias that existed then. Now it is easier for us to stand in our confidence because the energies are quite literally on our side. By the same token, when the Cabal try to create negative events the energies are now against them. Their FEAR destroys their own confidence in their actions, which means their actions are influenced by the energy "Bias" of the planet. Everything they are trying to do is back firing in their faces and there is nothing they can do about it.

The Reversal of Fortune (Energy Bias)

When the Cabal try to scare us with the radiation warning, it does not change our position and ends up waking up more people instead. Duality means that something that was supposed to be bad can be changed to good. So when the main stream media starts claiming others are FAKE NEWS, it boomerangs back on them and now they are being labeled the Fake news instead. I bet they wish they had not done that in the first place. When Google closes down websites and video channels in order to shut down access to dangerous information to their agenda, they end up waking up people who didn't believe in the conspiracy theories before. Suddenly web sites and videos disappear and they now fully believe that Google is evil and does have and New World Order Cabal agenda. Before we had said it, but we had no proof, and now Google is inadvertently proving our points for us. The protests that were meant to cause panic, end up causing mass awakenings instead. People are waking up to what is really going on in our Government and searching for the truth on their own. It is as if everything the Cabal does, ends up working for us instead.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are still in Phase three of our Light Worker Journey now, and are weathering the storm. This Cabal storm of disinformation will end up helping us wake the sleeping public because of the Positive Energy Bias we are now enjoying on Planet Earth. This is just a Phase in the natural order of Transition. Soon the Overwhelming majority of people will demand change and they will get it. The New Age World will be revealed to all, first with money and changes in governments and later with full disclosure.

It is a exciting time to be alive and one that has a CERTAIN outcome. It works out, PERIOD. Once Phase three is completed and the storm dies down as the transition begins for all, we will move to Phase four of our journey to begin the rebuilding process. For now, stand firm in your knowing, no matter what is said or heard. EVERY thing they do now, helps us by the natural law of Energy Bias and Duality. It won't be long now, my friends, as we will be victorious for ourselves and our World.

May Your Light Shine Bright As The Stars For All To See, In Your Steadfast Certainty

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee

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