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 "OWK/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee Strikes out again (Rated R)" by MacMandeere 6/5/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"OWK/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee Strikes out again (Rated R)" by MacMandeere 6/5/17

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 "OWK/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee Strikes out again (Rated R)" by MacMandeere 6/5/17 Empty "OWK/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee Strikes out again (Rated R)" by MacMandeere 6/5/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:48 am

First I want to say a little about the post dealing with "Lack"


I read the re-posting from OWKn, and I was shocked. It is both accurate and detailed. Very impressive! My group has been teaching this very same concept for about 15 years now. For those that are interested in a crash course in learning how to change their direction, I highly recommend the Abraham Daily channel on youtube. You will have to listen to a lot of session to get an understanding of how and why life work this way, but it is well worth the time. Since most you you have become accepting of channeled information, you can see what a benevolent teaching is really like.

I was so impressed that I was considering dropping the small case "n" when I reference the all powerful "OWKn"....

But then I read his response to Victors "Freedom" post. So, nope I just can't drop it, and here is why...


For such an enlightened person, he comes across as such and Arrogant Ass. Please, let me explain by highlighting a few points he has made.

What Do I Have In Trade For Blood Family?

While I have lost my blood family, as they think I am wrong and that I am off my rocker, I do have you all, my new Friends and Family who know what I know, who believe what I believe, and who have the same faith that I have, that we will soon be Free.

Maybe, if you would not beat your beliefs into your family and friends, they would still be in your life! Turning your back on the ones you say you love, just because they do not see, or even wish to see, is more of a selfish act than anything else. It "LACKS" the compassion that you are proposing that will come post RV/GCR.

​I have been there and done that also, just not aggressively. I chose a path, that they thought was the devil. The funny thing is, that place that I was, is where most of the Dinarians appear to be now. Listening to aliens and channelers and getting to understand the higher dimensions. ​

​I believe, what I believe! I AM, that I AM​. I need not separate myself from family and friends just because I have a different understanding than they do. We have agreed to disagree, and that is it. When the time comes for them, they will not have anger issues to deal with, when they choose it time to talk about it. I plan on being there for than, no matter what they need.

Our Freedom vs. Cabal's Freedom

We have the freedom to chose who we want for our family and friends, and NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO FORCE THEMSELVES INTO OUR FAMILY OR OUR HOUSE. We will not trade our Freedom to gather with Like minded friends of our CHOOSING, for someone else's claimed right to be heard. AS IF!

I have rejected my own family, and lost lifelong friends because they don’t believe what I believe. If I am willing to push away my own blood family and lifelong friends to maintain my beliefs, then why would I allow some outside stranger who intends to harm me come in my House to spread their lies? I WILL NOT! ​

Really now? ​I was scolded once on DC by a poster, for asking Patrick if he would be interested taking a poll. and I was told, "I have no right to tell Patrick to do anything, this is his website!"

So, this begs the question, is this an open site, where all can post and ask questions? Is this indeed OWKn's House? I still think that Patrick run this site. Just because OWKn has run off all his 'loved ones', does not make this his home. Well, except for squatters rights maybe.

If OWKn really want his own kingdom, he should start his own closed, invitation only, website. They are free to start you know.

Also, I sent in a post earlier today that was a Ben Fulford update from his type-pad account, and it was not posted. So Patrick does filter out what he does not want on his site. That is his right to do so. But not the great and mighty OWKn. I guess that is why he get so angry all the time.

This next part is just too funny, I cannot resist, so I have to comment....

Trolls and Minions DO NOT want to be our friends, they want to hurt us, take our currency, and dash our hopes and dreams. It is so hard for Light Workers to understand and grasp, but Trolls and Minions don't Love us, they don't even like us, they hate us, and want us to fail. It's a hard truth and so we MUST NOT let them in our House. We have looked so long, for a safe place like IDC, where we can meet and communicate with people like us, who have a dream, and believe in it. It is time to take a stand, for yourself, for your family and friends here on IDC, and for Humanity. I dare say, that we are the ONLY PLACE LEFT where truth is paramount, and who could not be corrupted by the Cabal. Patrick has told me that he has been approached many times and He REFUSED to be corrupted by the Cabal. We should follow his lead, and refuse the Cabal's attempts to infiltrate our Home.

For those who do not yet understand the concept of "LACK" and the act of creating that lack over and over again, you may not get this.... For those that do understand, you are most likely already laughing also.

This statement alone will always create a confrontation with those that he wants to expel from Patrick's Dinar Chronicles. Its like a magnet, sucking more and more discord into OWKn's experience. This begs for more trolls and minions to come.

Now, granted, I am sure that there have been a few trolls that show up and post from time to time. But to automatically label people cabal/minions because OWKn can't honestly answer their questions? Or those like myself that disagree with some of his outrageous claims? Come on, I hope this group of people is smarter than that.

LAST but not least....


There are hundreds of millions of Lightworkers active in this world. Many don't even know that they are Lightworkers. To claim that those that read Dinar Chronicles ARE the Lightworkers of the world, his "roar" must be coming from the little cat typing on the keyboard!

Long before the creation of dinarland, there have been Lightworker, Lightbearers, and Lightwarriors. Many of whom are not currency holders or know anything about the GCR.

Conclusion: After reading both posts by OWKn and also the post by Victor, I have to wonder. Is OWKn continuing down the exact same path as the dark cabal? Or is he one of them? I have come to the conclusion that OWKn does as much good as he does bad. He writes like he know what he is talking about, but he does not appear to be living in what he writes about.

I am assuming that he actually wrote the first post and did not paraphrase someone else's work. But on the web, we really do not know who we are dealing with, until they show their true colors. I believe he has show is colors quite often lately. Do you all really want to be lead down a path where everything is the same as it was under the dark cabal? This reminds me of all the times that a leader of a revolution cannot lead his people into the promised land.

So sad.



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 "OWK/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee Strikes out again (Rated R)" by MacMandeere 6/5/17 Empty Re: "OWK/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee Strikes out again (Rated R)" by MacMandeere 6/5/17

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:46 pm

LOL.  McKim is cabal, I outed him months ago.  The light is not in him.  We call him Swervy McGee for a reason.  He is a dark agent of the cabal, consumed by the notion that he can control the weak minded.  He employs MK Ultra-based mind-mapping and NLP techniques.  100% cabal tactics.  He threatens the lives of people who disagree with him.  Cabal tactic.

Truth always finds the light.

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