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Good Monday WSOMN

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Good Monday WSOMN Empty Good Monday WSOMN

Post by Scotchie Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:12 am

Morning WSOMN

ADMINBILL has stretched this out another 14 days, until the 18th of June.  Not sure why, other than possibly try to sell more products between now and then.  Certainly Iraq will be no closer to a revaluation on the 18th, and the zim will not come back to life.

Enjoy the next 13 days.  Breathe the fresh air, get some sun.

As long as ADMINBILL gets pleasure from torturing his members, and you continue to allow yourself to be tortured, you will never really be a peace.

Once you comprehend that ADMINBILL is a liar, and he intentionally lies, and you leave his gravity pull, you will be free.


Your exotic currency is basically worthless.

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