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Barzani to Maliki: Iraq has become the largest country of corruption and sectarianism DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Barzani to Maliki: Iraq has become the largest country of corruption and sectarianism

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Barzani to Maliki: Iraq has become the largest country of corruption and sectarianism Empty Barzani to Maliki: Iraq has become the largest country of corruption and sectarianism

Post by RamblerNash Wed May 31, 2017 1:42 am

Barzani to Maliki: Iraq has become the largest country of corruption and sectarianism

May 30, 2017 Last Updated

He said the former prime minister's fate is a dustbin of history

Dr. Osama Mahdi

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's former prime minister, Massoud Barzani, accused Iraqi President Saddam Hussein of turning Iraq into the world's most corrupt and sectarian state and said his fate would be in the dustbin of history.

The spokesman for the presidency of Kurdistan region, led by Massoud Barzani, strongly attacked on Tuesday after statements published by the Lebanese newspaper "Al Akhbar" close to Hezbollah, saying it was part of "propaganda for himself before the general elections" in April, he returns To employ the anti-people of Kurdistan in the election campaign, "but neither he nor those who follow him are important to us, and their opinion is of no value to us."

"We do not know how a person who brought all these problems, disasters and terrorism to Iraq can not be ashamed of himself," he said in a press statement Tuesday. "He had to end his life because of what happened to the country, or at least hide himself from The eyes of the Iraqi people, is the person who turned Iraq into the world's most corrupt country, and turned it into a sectarian country, and killed hundreds of Iraqis during his rule, whether intellectuals or members of the Sunni sect, and he is the person who does not know the fulfillment of the Covenant or spend, To leave his promise simply, he is a person far from humanism and heroism. "

He added: "We ask al-Maliki what has been provided to Iraq, but the five hundred billion dollars that were in your hand, which spent half of the issues of looting and corruption The other half was to destroy Iraq." He said: "This person has exceeded the threat in his statements to the people of Kurdistan and tell him from here this is the scene and try yourself if you want it tried many of the enemies themselves in front of the will of the people of Kurdistan, but they failed to get them."

He pointed out that "the Iraqi constitution has clearly affirmed that adherence to the Constitution is a condition for Iraq to remain united, and Maliki has exceeded the Constitution in his black mandate, if he respected the Constitution and the rights of citizens, we would not pass all these crises and disasters that have come to us, "The constitution has to be talked about or promoted."

The spokesman stressed that Maliki's "independence is a right of the people of Kurdistan, and Maliki is not in a position to talk about him, and to know well that every Kurdistani, and all the Kurdish parties are united, and they have one position on independence, and if the joy of loss of the Kurds to their will, That the place and place of this exile in the end will be the dustbin of history. "

Maliki accuses Barzani of working for Israel
Maliki was attacked in his statements, the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, saying: "Barzani one day, to facilitate conditions and form a major Kurdish state and cut parts of Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey." But the surrounding data do not allow a similar behavior, It is at least in the public's right not to support this behavior, with the exception of Israel. It depends on Israel in all its policies and in all its plans. "

Maliki criticized the cooperation and coordination between Erbil and Baghdad in the battle of Mosul, saying that the head of the Kurdistan region and since the start of the operations of the restoration of Mosul seized 12 administrative units in Mosul from the districts of Wanaah amid government silence .. adding that there is no objection from the government on his actions, he decides and expands, Decides and does others in the south.

As for the referendum in Kirkuk, Maliki strongly opposed him, saying: "Barzani is not entitled to hold a referendum on secession or self-determination .. There is no word in our Constitution the word of self-determination." He pointed out that the Kurds decided their fate by this Constitution and voted on it and the Constitution says: Iraq is a federal republic, and they are part of the Federal Republic of Iraq.

Maliki claimed that "Kurdistan has become a springboard for all Israeli companies and intelligence, and unfortunately sees daily Spectra take delegations and travel to Erbil, Massoud himself does not cost himself, and comes to Baghdad, and always declares, and challenges the capital and sells oil as he pleases." A word of rejection from the government or from political forces is the problem we are facing now. "He threatened to use force against the Kurdistan region by saying:" If necessary, it must be deterred by force. "

It is noteworthy that Barzani was one of the most reluctant to renew the owners for a third term in the presidency of the Iraqi government after the general elections in Iraq in 2014.


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Barzani to Maliki: Iraq has become the largest country of corruption and sectarianism Empty Corruption

Post by Scotchie Wed May 31, 2017 7:34 am

There is nothing more to add.  Iraq is not a candidate for revaluation of its currency until it gets its internal politics in order, especially with a Reconciliation Law, which is far from the minds of most.

""""""Barzani to Maliki: Iraq has become the largest country of corruption and sectarianism""""""

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