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 "Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.   5/26/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/26/17

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 "Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.   5/26/17 Empty "Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/26/17

Post by Ssmith on Sat May 27, 2017 8:27 am

 "Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.   5/26/17 Dui513

 "Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.   5/26/17 Richar37

Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email
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"Re: GCR Timeline, Step By Step" by Roman - 5.25.17

Entry Submitted by Roman at 12:56 PM EDT on May 25, 2017

"GCR Timeline, Step By Step" - One Who Knows - 5.24.17

First of all thank you for all you hard work and keeping us informed of Creator's plan.

I was wondering if you can shed some light about where those of us "lightworkers" from Mexico who have currency to exchange can ensure we will be able to see what 800 number(s) we should call when available.

Reading OWK's latest post rose some questions and doubt that even if we are registered in your email list to get that info it will include information pertaining Mexico's HSBC contact numbers.

I understand that as per all the info shared by you that the numbers are still not available for the West but OWK's post stated that they may have for our region but we have no place to check or confirm that, any thoughts.

I'm in peace and know that Father will ensure we get the information at his time but as you have said we must be vigilant and aware of the process to ensure we can receive his blessing and share it with our brothers and sisters.

Love in Christ,



There is ABSOLUTELY a plan to get phone numbers for EVERY country. However, right now, all I know is that there is one number that is being shared from person to person while it is still a World Secret. Of course, once the rates change publicly on the governments websites, it will be posted on IDC, and can and will be sent by email as well.

I am quite certain that if you get the number by word of mouth (Early segment plan), or get the number from the website or email (After the rates are changed publicly), you will be able to ask for the call in number for any country in the World. Of course, the Elders and NPTB have thought of this and just any other possible issue well in advance.

Trust the plan, they have had centuries to create it, and have been tweaking it to perfection ever since. You are in good and benevolent, hands.

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"Q for OWK: GCR in Brazil?" by Brazilian Architect - 5.25.17

Entry Submitted by Brazilian Architect at 11:36 AM EDT on May 25, 2017

Hello Patrick and One Who Knows,

Once again I’d like to thank you so much for your time and patience in posting and answering all of the questions. Muito obrigado!

I’m a Brazilian ZIM holder, and yesterday OWK stated that the GCR/RV had started in America, probably in Central or South America.

Does it already started in Brazil? Do you have any info about this?

Should I call directly HSBC and ask for the #800 or to exchange my ZIM?

Also, we’re in the middle of another corruption case with our current President, who is about to be impeached or he’s about to resign (just after 1 year after he took office since the elected president was impeached on April’2016). Should this delay anything about this matter in here?

Obrigado e abraços from Brazil (Thanks and hugs from Brazil),

Brazilian Architect



#1) Yes, the Segments Plan is going EVERYWHERE in the World that includes Brazil.

#2) Until the new rates are published "PUBLICLY" for all to see, it is still a World Wide Secret. No bank will admit it and you will get NO proof what so ever! So don't bother calling the bank because they are REQUIRED to Lie to you about it.

#3) If EVER there were some concrete Proof of the GCR, Market traders and many others would go "ALL-IN" and upset the balance of the economy. The whole system is designed so that only those who hear about it and have "Faith" WITHOUT PROOF, will come out on top. The cynics, critics, doubters, disbelievers, and ignorant, will be left out by design.

#4) As far as your Government is concerned, it is no different than EVERY OTHER Government in the World. They are ALL experiencing change to the new GESARA standards, and what you see is mostly show. KNOW that everything is ALREADY in place for your government and every other government to be(come) GESARA compliant and whatever has to happen for that to take place is already arranged and planned. "Things" will suddenly happen and you will have a GESARA government just like the rest of us.

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"Question: RV Roll-out in Germany?" by Soul Sisters - 5.25.17

Entry Submitted by Soul Sisters at 10:02 AM EDT on May 25, 2017

Dear One Who Knows, Brothers and Sisters from Dinarland,

thank you for choosing and sharing this timeline of Grace, Love and Abundance. We are two friends from Germany, Zimholders and wish to know if there is anybody who has infos about the RV roll-out in Germany. Shall we direct contact HSBC or shall we wait for the #800?

We are on this train for long time and are learning and transforming so much in this last few month' and weeks, thanks to you, Richard, for your golden insights and endless flow of love and support and also thanks to all the loving Hearts on this site.

May all our days be bright and light,

thank you,

Soul Sisters



Germany is no different than every other country. EVERY ONE who holds these First Basket currencies which includes the ZIM, the Dong, and the Dinar, for example, are entitled to Get the "Privately Negotiated Rates" (Super High Rates) no matter what country you are in.

However, you will NOT be able to get information on this World Wide secret by calling the banks. You will have to be contacted by someone personally (The segments plan), or wait till the rates are published for all the World to see on government websites. Only then would any bank admit to the GCR.

Also once the rates are published, the special 800# will be on the IDC website and be emailed out as well. Since it is no longer a secret, after all, anyone can look up the new rates on the governments websites, then it can be sent by email and no longer has to be spoken by word of mouth (Kept a secret).

As far a Germany goes, I am sure that anyone can call that number and get the right number for their own country, and their area. It will be very easy and accessible to everyone. Just relax, and wait for someone to contact you with the 800#, and if you don't get contacted, it will show up on the IDC website for 3 days (72 hours). No biggie.

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"Questions for OWK and Yosef" by Godfather - 5.24.17

Entry Submitted by Godfather at 4:50 PM EDT on May 24, 2017

Thank you for your hard work and insightful analysis on all your post.

My 2 questions for the ZIM sovereign rate . . .

  1. What would happen if I won’t be able to spend not even 10% of the humanitarian fund? For example just one 100T note at a sovereign rate will be 12.5 Quintillion Dollars! If I choose 80% for the project and sign an NDA, that will be 10 Quintillion Dollars! If I do 50 year structured payout, I would have to spend 200 Quadrillion Dollars per year just on the humanitarian project! How could I spend 200 Quadrillion per year? This is just one note!
  2. Can I pick and choose what percentage may go to a humanitarian project? May be in the beginning 1%. Couple of years later 20%. Down the road 80%, 99% or all 100%.

Great thing about getting a sovereign rate is that I can really change the world and disperse any amount, fund all bright young minds of the world. Basically sky is the limit.

But I just don’t want to be obligated and forced to do certain amount of percentage because of the NDA.

As Yosef has said, it can be a real burden, and we’re only talking about one, 100T note!

And I’m sure most of us have more than one.

If I choose a screen, I can pick and choose projects that I’m passionate about and do them right at my own time, my own pace and my own set amount of percentage. I can even take time off for a couple of years and get back in later.

But the downside is I won’t be able to fully help, change, make our world great, and really bless people that are in need.

As Yosef have said, "there is no drama, no fear, but only abundance”.

As OWK have said, "May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans”.

Well I definitely will do a lifetime humanitarian work, but I don’t want any obligation of certain percentage, burden, and bank oversight.

So I’m having a dilemma in choosing screen rate vs. sovereign rate.
My heart tells me bless all! But my head tells me bless a few.

Please advise.

Thank you in advance.



#1) Just like you said, you will be getting more money than you will EVER be able to spend, with even just one $100T Zim note. But there are NO % requirements for Humanitarian Projects. IT IS ALL YOUR MONEY TO DO WHAT YOU WANT. There will be NO OVER SIGHT on what you spend it on, and what you do.

That said, they are looking for what kind of person you are (Your Heart). They want to see and feel your heart. Do you speak "Excitedly" about helping humanity? Is this something that is a passion of yours? If so, they know that you will not only want to help Humanity, but, no one will be able to keep you from doing it. Light Workers don’t need over-sight, and the Bankers know that.

Why So Much Money Then?

I was having a conversation with "Source" on this matter and here is what I learned. We are not going to 5d, we are going to 6d. It turns out that 5d is "Abundance" and 6d is Freedom. With that in mind, if dimensions are actually levels of Consciousness, which Sananda told me they were, then ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUSNESS is very important for evolution (Ascension) to a higher consciousness (Dimension). That means by having so many zeros in your account, your ABUNDANCE "Feeling" energy, skyrockets into the heavens. When you have zillions of dollars more than you will EVER spend, your mind shifts to 5D Abundance Consciousness ON THE SPOT. How could it not?

Here is the Tip:

Ask for all you want. I want you to "Touch The Ceiling" and feel that you got all you could get. You didn't leave anything on the table. This is important to leave "Satisfied" with how much you got. Those who have the greatest feeling of "Lack" will need to ask for way more since they need more to wipe out that Lack feeling (Consciousness). However, those who do not feel as much lack, will not need as much to feel that wonderful abundance. In the end, no amount is right or wrong. It is important that the amount you choose, is the amount that will wipe out your personal level of Lack, and IMMEDIATELY shift you to 5d on the spot. If you leave the exchange center and feel like you should have gotten more, you are still in lack and did not get enough to wipe it out. But if you leave the exchange center completely satisfied.... You hit the mark!

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"Emergency Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Concerned US Citizen Doe at 11:08 AM EDT on May 25, 2017

Dear OWK,

I came across the following video, which you may want to check out. It may be that this site is referring to the USA Inc, but I am concerned that it makes it appear that "The Republic" (us) has lost our battle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=259-k6LZm7U

If I have misinterpreted it (as I read in a hurry, due to an appointment I have to get to), you don't need to post on Dinar Chronicles. Thanks for checking on it.

Concerned US Citizen Doe



I didn't bother to watch it. Instead I did a psychic check on it and got that it is Cabal Agenda, just as you say. I do not feed my mind with anything that is not going in the direction I want to go. Remember what you take into your mind, programs your reality. Stay away from Fear Mongering and that which is contrary to what you want. You are the Creator of your Reality, and you can get to where ever you want to be, from where you are right now. But you have to keep "Junk" out of your mind and reality.

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"Re: Max Steel"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:39 AM EDT on May 25, 2017

I am wondering if this information is on the same Max Steel I know, and if so how accurate it is. I have communicated with Max Steel a number of times. Max has the specs for and plans to build replicators and light Chambers after the RV. I am wondering if it was the cabal that sent the information to onewhoknows to discredit Max.

Love and light to All



No, it was a friend of mine who sent me the information on Max Steel. I have already checked him out from back when he came on the Gary Larrabee video channel with Kent Dunn. I had already discovered that he was a Cabal agent way back then.

However, when he had Tank on his show the other night, I though Steel may have turned to the Light, after all, I can't think of a more dedicated Light Worker than Tank. But as it turns out, he must have been using Tank to make himself look good, because he is still Cabal all the way.

In answer to your question, he was saying in his Cabal agenda conference the other night that "We have all been duped... The GCR/RV is not real!" I welcome you to go and do the research yourself. BTW, don't be fooled by his evidence of self importance, such as drawings and plans etc. The light chambers are already built and in storage right now. If I were you, I wouldn't listen to what Steel has to say.

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"Question for OWK?"

Entry Submitted by Endangered Species at 2:02 PM EDT on May 25, 2017

One who knows

I quite don't understand why it has to go by Word of Mouth. there are many things that have been invented that can encrypt messages via internet. I'm not saying it's not happening, I'm just questioning the method that just makes the process slower.

Love and peace,
Endangered Species



The Elders and the NPTB, have complete control of the Voice phone systems. In other words whatever you say on the phone is safe. So whether you tell someone the number on the phone or in person, it is protected. After all this is the World's greatest secret and if the number got out to the public who do not have currency, it would be PROOF that the GCR is real. That would not be good.

Can you imagine some reporter or blogger who does not have currency calling that number? The operator asks what currency they have such as Zim, Dinar and Dong, and the guy plays along and says he has zim, and then he gets an appointment to exchange it? Can you imagined PROOF that the Zim currency, that is defunct and out of circulation suddenly being in play and viable for the masses? No, that cannot be allowed to happen. NO PROOF IS ALLOWED TO GET INTO THE PUBLIC. This high level exchange is meant for the faithful and the believers, NOT the disbelievers and the cynics. They don’t have the right energy to do Humanitarian work, like we, the believers and faithful do.

So, until the World Wide GCR Secret is out to the public by way of new published currency rates, it has to be kept a secret, and only given from one person to another by voice. After all, emails and texts get hacked and can be forwarded to others, and voice conversations can not.

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"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:46 AM EDT on May 26, 2017

Hi Richard

Question: what's up with Mountain Goat? Is he/she reporting truth, supposition or cabal opposition?

Many thanks,




Mountain Goat is a well known Cabal stooge and cannot be trusted in the least. It doesn't mean that all the information is wrong, but the important part is. This one pretends to be in Germany and used to spend a lot of time giving a back story, which is CIA/Spy 101. Anytime an intel provider spends too much time telling you who they are and where they live, you can bet that is not who they are is not where they live.

It is widely believed that Dr. Clark is also Mountain Goat as well. I remember that idiot coming on the scene. He said that he was some big shot in the oil industry and was bad mouthing al the regular intel providers, and he said "WE SHOULD INVEST OUR MONEY IN THE OIL INDUSTRY AS IT WAS THE BEST PLACE TO INVEST." I couldn't help but laugh out loud as that is the first industry that will go out of business. With free energy as one of the first technologies that will be given to the masses, and vehicles that run on electricity with the free energy built in, that will NEVER have to be charged EVER, OIL IS DEAD PERMANENTLY. In fact that is want Zorra said that all polluting technologies will be shut down. So when Dr. (Cabal) Clark, said to invest in oil, the Cabal's money maker, it was clear to me what his agenda was.

Of course, all this being said, I have checked on this with my sources and they both are Cabal Propaganda agents, and always (In All Ways) have been. Anyone who says we should listen to them is either clueless, or has an agenda of their own. BTW, I don't bother refuting their intel as I don’t know anyone who reads it, or buys what they are saying.

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"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by TexGal at 3:23 PM EDT on May 25, 2017

If we registered our email address on the Tetelestai page, does that mean we are being included in one of the Segment groups or are we in a separate group? I have no idea if I am in a group or whose group I am in. No one has contacted me though I am anticipating contact soon. I just thought making this distinction might help others who registered on Tetelestai know where they stand. Thank you so much for all you do. God bless you all.




The segments are figured out by a super-duper computer that sees who is in contact with who. In example, I have a large list of people I send emails to since I got most of them into this investment. Ever since I got them in I have been keeping them updated on what is going on. Naturally the computer was able to figure out that I would be a "Key" person to get an 800# and then communicate it to my people that I am already communicating to. But these "Key" people could be Intel providers, currency dealers, etc.

Clearly, the plan is not perfect. Some have no phone to be notified by, and some have changed their phone numbers or lost contact with others. So, for those who did not get contacted by the segment plan, the 800# will be posted on the Website for 3 days (72 hours) and an email WITH THE NUMBER will be sent to them if they are signed up for that notification like you are. However, the website posting and the email will NOT be sent out until the GCR is public, and the rates are PUBLISHED on the Official Government's websites. As soon as that happens, the emails will be sent out. There will be many people who get the email that had already exchanged in the Segments plan, but for the rest who have not, they will then have the number and can make their appointments.

So, that means that you could still be contacted by someone under the segment plan, but if not, then you will be notified by both the website at IDC, and by an email as well. You can't miss out and you will have plenty of time to set your appointment. Remember, you need to call and set your appointment right away, but, the time when you actually go to exchange can be at a time and date that works for your schedule. Call fast, but go in when you can.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

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 "Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.   5/26/17 Empty Re: "Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/26/17

Post by Purpleskyz on Sat May 27, 2017 9:25 am

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 "Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.   5/26/17 2245507099 "Questions: Foreign/Humanitarian/Cabal Video/Max Steel/Segments/Mountain Goat/Email" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.   5/26/17 2245507099

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