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Post by Scotchie Fri May 26, 2017 9:10 am

It has been a couple of years now since ADMINBILL went from a Moderator of a chat board to a GURU.  Of course, nothing ADMINBILL has predicted in the last years have come to pass.  Matter of fact, nothing ADMINBILL has said is even near to the truth.  ADMINBILL and his intel providers know nothing.  ADMINBILL claims he only posts what he is told.  Well, that is possibly the truth, as his intel providers are full of crap.

Starman:  Rest in Peace.  Starman passed away months ago.  Before he became unable to post, his last posts were with another intel guru, Catallina, and answered questions.  Starman was 100% certain the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar would take place before January 1, 2017.  He laughed at those that questioned his timing.

Catallina:  Well this intel provider likes to get his RV predictions in about  twice a year.  The last time Catallina posted his fake info was with Starman before 2017.  Catallina said 154 banks were already hydrated, and the exchanges would be starting within a week.  Not sure how many times Catallina has called the RV to date, but, of course, he has never been right, he has never been close.   This has not stopped ADMINBILL from posting Catallina's intel.

Awakein3D:  Not sure who this guy is, but he was "the" guru for a few months last year.  Whatever Awakein3D said, ADMINILL and one of his lackey's Blondie agreed.  Every time Awakein3D farted, ADMINBILL and Blondie were there to spray the room.  Very sad.   Nothing Awakein3D has ever come to pass.

Kermit53.  A Canadian, who has had ADMINBILL's ear for a few years now.  They talk on a regular basis. Kermit claims to have a high up Asian source, and his source knows what is happening.  Nothing Kermit has posted of had ADMINBILL post has ever come to pass.  All predictions, all lies.  His latest post in WSOMN is amazing.  I hope he sees it went viral, and he will stop posting.   ADMINBILL should learn a lesson and never post anything he is told by Kermit.

ADMINBILL also uses Rayren, Bruce, Frank and others as part of his intel.

So you see, ADMINBILL uses whoever he can to predict in his chat room, no matter if it is the truth or not.

WSOMN members.  I miss my friends in chat, but I will post whatever I can to assist you guys.  There will be no RV this year.  Go on vacation, or do whatever will occupy your time rather than waiting and holding your breath for ADMINBILL.

ADMINBILL and his cult do not care about you.  Sunni Daze and especially Sunnysplace will post anything and everything to keep you in WSOMN.  The person "monitoring and reading the posts" tells ADMIJNBILL and his cult what to say, and when to say it.

ADMINBILL is a fake.  Forget this week, forget next week, forget May, forget June, forget end of the second quarter, forget this year....   This is it!

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Post by shlomo001 Fri May 26, 2017 9:24 am

It's very simple, compare what I said that got me banned and what bill been saying and then tell me who is saying the truth.

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