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5/25/2012 - FIVE YEARS AGO In DINARLAND DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by Ssmith on Thu May 25, 2017 9:37 am

Guru Duckyboy:   What we do know, kind of,  is that tomorrow is the day that we MAY see something start to happen with Maliki.  I don't believe Maliki is going anywhere just because we don't know what is really happening behind the scenes.  All that I can say is that IF Maliki does get booted out, then a whole new GOI would have to be formed, back to square #1.  We are still looking at the the tariffs coming into effect next Friday and yes, we are still following the Maliki issue.   And finally, Yes, I am hopeful that this will come to a conclusion soon.

Guru BWM:
    I believe this is more of a situation where the IMF and world governments are looking for some semblance of stability before allowing this to go through... simply put, if a government holds a large portion of dinar and the country fails... they have nothing.

they've...named replacement in articles...that doesn't mean anything...I belive for this to be settled properly M will step down...a no confidence merely puts civil disorder in play which I think they want to avoid...I think you see the immediacy in the articles even...Iraq wants/needs this done, as does the world

let me review for a second. IF you go back a little over a year the big "issue" was M's 100 days. Then it was the GOI (but the goi was in place) then it was erbil (but contracts were being paid) then it was O, then the GOI again, then M, then end of the year, then GOI, then G, then M and all along we keep getting deadline after deadline..so what does that really tell us.. .IMO it says it's NOT about Iraq but about their stability...all the "things" that ppl tell you we won't see an RV until we see IMO are things that we won't see until (simultaneously) we see an RV.

Guru Bulldog75:  we are thankful for our gifts of world re-valued currencies that come forth now at the discretion of god. I am the messenger. We are honest, positive, prosperous believers. We are here to change the world to be a better place for all mankind. We realize a higher power of the universe is that of god, spirit & total 100% love. For the light of the heavens shall shine upon mankind and bring forth ‘the fruits of the harvest’ to those who believe in the "king of kings" and the 'lord of lords' and the "alpha & omega". This vast universe is orchestrated by one omnipotent power. This is so and mankind now believes and accepts this truth, for those who have been searching no longer search, jeremiah 33:3. All races and genders shall know god, who is creator of the universe & is unlimited forever in truth, power & love. For where there is light, love, happiness & foregiveness, there is no darkness or fear. We are here now to accept, know & believe these truths herein which come to mankind's minds forever & change our world to be a better place to live. The god in us brings ‘love & prosperity’ now. Our manna comes, & our time is nigh, for this ‘blessed moment’ shall come in the wink of an eye. This is inevitable. Amen. 

Guru Randy Koonce:  Maliki will not be out he is willing to do what the big guys want. The reason we have not seen it is because of the 5 in 1 meeting between Russia, china, US and others this has slowed down the process...this meeting was to only be a few hours and lasted 2 days...Since it is over and we are in the holy day then we are expecting some things to move by sunday...Do not worry about bank screens, but this ride is coming to an end.

Guru Doc: We had a feeling Maliki would not go quietly into the night...It was recently reported he would "... send hundreds of elite troops to Najaf and spread in areas leading to the house of the leader of the Sadr movement, Muqtada al-Sadr." ...What we do believe is Maliki's opponents have enough votes to have him removed as reported by Sumerian News "...Maliki's opponents have to 200 seats in parliament and his team will lose the round."  If this is the case it would explain why the Fab 5 appear to be going full steam ahead. Allawi, on Thursday, said that the time limit granted to the National Alliance to provide a replacement for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister ends next Saturday... This weekend should prove to be interesting. 

We were just made aware of an article dated 5/24/12 which states "Revealed the presidency of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Thursday, that the agreements of Arbil, which was formed under which the government has been agreed upon between the Islamic Dawa Party, led by Nuri al-Maliki and the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani."  The article goes on to reference the agreement from 2010.  While we are not absolutely certain we suspect this is a two year old recycled article.  It is the only recent release we can currently find that reports of an agreement and, therefore can not be verified.  We will do more due diligence throughout the weekend.  We report, you decide.

Guru ArizonaHeat:  I for one NEVER think this will never happen, way too much info that says different...this will happen, we just dont know when...so kick back relax and see what happens in the next couple days.

Things are still moving forward, and we see ALLLLLLL kinds of articles out of Iraq, or Iraqi news from Europe based media...all this hoopla with Maliki is only in the Iraq news? What gives? Here is what gives, the news out of Iraq or news agencies out of Iraq are not trustworthy.   Most of the info I’m getting is we are getting a bunch of smoke and mirrors at this point, I do agree that the little boys playing in the sand are not playing nice but that is the way the conduct politics and business there.  

I spoke to some friends in Washington and they totally agree with the gradual climb of the Dinar in the coming months, they don’t agree with the statement of printing the money. It is of their Strong belief that process was finished a while back. But I’m not here to cut hairs. They are in total agreement with the larger notes working side by side with the smaller denoms for 12 to 18 months such as the 25k note to be equal with the 25 dinar note, and no that does not affect us. They DO NOT agree with the scenario of a LOP. And as far as the timing of the smaller note with the larger notes, they were looking over Shabibis timeline of this September. Thai wa a statement he made at a meeting back in February I believe. But to do that you would need an RV.

I still believe that something needs to be done to settle political differences before anything can move forward. And if the articles have any merit, we should see some type of conclusion here in the next few days. Washington people DO NOT believe that Maliki will receive a N/C vote, and that he will play nice as the time draws near. Other than that we just wait.

Guru Poppy3:  They don't exist yet, (Kurdish language bills) haven't even been designed yet. The design could start in June. They don't matter at all to our investment. Lower denoms are ready to distribute and 509 ATM machines have been loaded and ready to use since last February. Rest easy, all is well.

 Saturday will be big for all of us and it is the last day of the required 7 for Maliki...they have scheduled their deciding meeting for that day also. They are in a hurry just like we are. They will rid themselves of the 900 lb gorilla on their back and we will see some sunshine.

Guru BGG: BOMBSHELL announcement!!  Washington has told Sadr, thru Barzani, of course - they have no issue with a Sadrist candidate to lead the country vs. Al- Maliki. That support and the recent poll out showing 60% support for a Sadrist instead of Al-Maliki spells DISASTER for the dxxxxxbag NA gang!!   DC has officially thrown their boy under the bus...WOW!!  I highly doubt we see an end to this weekend - but it is coming soon.

 This looks really serious for Maliki – his own inner circle is openly looking for a replacement for him in the event of a successful “no confidence” vote against him. I really think they will wait too long, Jaafari will be the “caretaker” PM and their only shot at avoiding complete dissolution will be to stick with Jaafari…afterwards.  They only gave the NA 7 days to find a replacement when they held the last meeting in Najaf!! It now appears this is the next “benchmark” (Saturday).  I think everyone feels it will go lots smoother with a candidate out of the NA.  Probably will result in most of the rest of the government remaining intact.

 I think...Too many mad, mean, ship-jumpin', back stabbin' MP's for Maliki to survive this one and the bad news is they are all (the good, bad and ugly) on the other side.  Tariffs won't trigger an RV - Maliki's head on a platter will. the politics will trigger an RV.  Nothing else.

Guru Soonerfan62:  Good Evening everyone. I have not be on in a couple of days and trust me you don't want me on chat, you want me doing what I do everyday, and thats figuring out where we are. I'm sure you have noticed not many intel prividers have done much posting lately and I will let you figure out why. I will say this all of us, I mean myself, Freeway, Lojak, Papajack1952, Debtarheal, Studley, OKIE, Bulldog, Greg, Cap1, LGtennis, Texred, QF1, Dash, Tom, Johnny, and many, many others have not stopped trying to bring to you guys are best.

Remember we want this for you as much as us (well almost as much LOL). We are in the best position since any of you have been involved, even those of you who have been in 8 years or more (Don't know how you made it). Remember Monday for all those who have lost their lives so that we could even be in this blessing. If fact, thank all of those who serve and have served and I am proud to say I was one. Relax and enjoy your weekend with your families knowing you're lives are gonna change REAL SOON for many generations to come based on your choice to get involved. Soonerfan62

Guru Jonnywg:  all is well in bankland as they prepare for the long weekend......... not much we can talk about so why don't you tell me what you think and maybe i can comment

Finance Committee: Deleting the zeros depends on the CBI’s control over the dinar exchange rate; Calls for adoption of new monetary policies before implementation

FRIDAY, MAY 25 / MAY 2012

Confirmed to the parliamentary Finance Committee, on Friday, that the implementation of the project to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency and restructuring depends on the extent of control and control of the Central Bank of the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, as called for the adoption of new monetary policies before the implementation of the project.

A member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib in an interview with “Twilight News” that “the project to delete the zeros and the restructuring of the currency made by the central bank depends on the extent of implementation of control and control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar.”

Najib said that “the central bank and government in the event will allow them to take action and contribute to a new monetary policies to control prices of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, they will be able to cancel the wait and start deleting the zeros and the restructuring of the currency.”

The Cabinet decided, in the middle of the month of April last, be patient in the application of the deletion of zeros from the national currency.

She Najib that “the central bank is still working to control the lifting of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar,” afterthought by saying that “political and security situation and economic development at the present time does not help to delete the zeros and the restructuring of the Iraqi currency.”

The Central Bank of Iraq began to modify the search categories dinar, last year, and is still a large part of the payments being in cash due to the evolution of the banking system.


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