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 "Respect, Ideas, No Danger" by ubiety   5/18/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Respect, Ideas, No Danger" by ubiety 5/18/17

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 "Respect, Ideas, No Danger" by ubiety   5/18/17 Empty "Respect, Ideas, No Danger" by ubiety 5/18/17

Post by Ssmith Fri May 19, 2017 8:09 am

Since OWK issued his "ban" by "request" to our blog host, Patrick, I have received and read some encouraging words from readers here on IDC. Not all of the words have been kind, however.

Indeed, those who commented on how important that I not be allowed to contribute here have been the most harsh. I ask all of you to review my words here - some have been more passionate than others, some more reasoned than emotive. You will find none of my posts to be simply insulting. I consider such of no use and certainly not helpful to make a rational point.

Most recently (actually, within the last 24 hours of this message), the following comments and responses have posted, dismissing or evading my dismissed logic and reasoning (please remember, these are NOT my words, but those offered in response to my post):

  • "...your fight is for relevance and you have none..."
  • "...you say nothing and only offer twisted logic..."
  • "Even a moron understands..."
  • "...you have stormed the stage..."
  • "You have launched your impotent attacks on me, with useless, circular logic..."
  • "...your demands have no merit, no logic, no intelligence, and no bearing on anything..."
  • "You claim to be intelligent..."
  • "Do you have a learning problem, or is it just an understanding and... comprehending... Problem..."
  • "...stupid, baseless, impotent, meaningless rants..."
  • "You are a parasite..."
  • "...waste of time (you)..."
  • "...self-righteous..."
  • "...useless additions to society..."
  • "...negative twitter crap..."
  • "...illogical crap..."
  • "...attacking..."

Again, what I have said has not been replied to by direct refutation - only insults and demeaning comments. Of course, none of these people know me. One guy even declared me to have a psychological disorder which doesn't even reach the dignity of an armchair psych! (I got a kick out of his source material - a guy who does self-help youtube videos.)

Now, I fully support these folks having an opinion. I surely have one. My concern from these attacks has very little to do with them being small-minded and unkind. My focus is always on in what way and to what extent have they spoken to what I've presented. In response to one seemingly kind lady who recently posted on IDC about me, I do not want to be the "devil's advocate" on this site or elsewhere. I want to offer a bigger picture, a new perspective, and possibly a fresh approach to things we often take for granted or assume to be correct. Not everyone wants to really consider their thinking.

My way of approaching the things otherwise posted on IDC, as anywhere else, is to apply reason and logic. Sure, there is a contingent here (and elsewhere, too) who wish to dismiss logic and rational, critical thinking. That's a crew who think themselves above reason and logic, and so cannot be reached. Largely, however, I find people receptive to clear thinking and straightforward logic UNLESS they suspect their foundation is weak. Certainly, these folks exist. They stick to their philosophy even though they know, deep down, it's incongruent. That approach to life has been around a long time, evidenced by one of my favorite phrases, "an unexamined life is not worth living," coined some 2500 years ago.

My thinking is firmly and confidently inclined that way - I examine things. It's usually easy and interesting. But, it isn't always necessary or helpful to challenge a concept or philosophy. Sitting around watching a game; at a party; a glancing exchange in the checkout line; many places are not suited to any real sort of "examination" of ideas. Such courtesies of circumstance do not apply on this blog. Thus, so long as presented with respect and reasoned thinking, when one poster stridently pronounces an idea that seems ill-considered, a response asking for analysis is reasonable and "fair game." This is exactly what I have done. I have yet to be met thought for thought.

As I have pointed out, probably more than once here, diversionary or outright insulting responses most often mean they don't wish to tackle my reasoning, but prefer to merely attack me personally. The rather grandiose idea that global eyes are upon us here and we don't want them to think poorly of the forum, is factually and rationally unsupportable. Equally, the idea that truly anyone is in any way harmed by my call to think for ourselves after receiving broad input is actually antithetical to an open mind - something claimed by most here on this blog.

As one individual wrote, this is a private blog where "rights" to freedom of speech" do not apply. That is quite so! Please re-read my post to which that reply was given. My words were to contrast the new world order described by OWK (wherein free speech is "by invitation") with what I believe to be the real meaning of freedom of ideas. I went further to state that, just as in the book "1984", word meaning has high importance, and to invert (or subvert) those meanings has serious importance. For the 3rd (or 10th?) time, I openly and fully understand this is a blog owned and controlled by our host, Patrick. Ultimately, he will choose what is posted and what is not. Patrick will use his own criteria and we might try to influence that, but he is in control. Period. My unashamed desire, however, is to encourage the open and free expression of ideas - always with decency and respect, agreeing or not.

I wish to think for myself. I encourage others to do the same. I encourage others to make their own decisions. Despite having over 35 years of experience counseling clients, I do not tell them what to do. I tell them what I think, what I have seen, and what I know. It is their job to make decisions for their business and life. I suggest strongly, it is no different in this forum. I do not, and I strongly believe the same is true for all people, none of us need to merely accept group-think. If the words of the "leader" cannot be questioned and doing so merely stimulates anger or insults, this is the quintessential moment to question the thinking of that leader! ANY time I am SHOWN to have reasoned wrongly, I yield. Dismissal of reasoning and logic, much less name-calling and insults, is NOT leadership or persuasive.

This is what I have done here on IDC. For those who read this, I only ask that you search the site for the responses to me. It is in those responses you will come to the clearest understanding of all I have said above.

Stubbornly remaining grounded,

I am,


P.S. OWK, I'm waiting on you for the text of the law you've quoted as "NESARA" regulations and laws. BB136 and I can compare notes on the meanings and implications of the actual statement of law. I expect that to be VERY interesting. As specific as you've been several times about it, if there is no actual text of the "law" to which you refer, it's more than a little important that you reveal this to readers.

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 "Respect, Ideas, No Danger" by ubiety   5/18/17 Empty Re: "Respect, Ideas, No Danger" by ubiety 5/18/17

Post by ReapAndSow73 Sat May 20, 2017 8:01 am

The entire concept of power consolidation into the hands of a few un-elected Asian elders, aliens and Hollow Earth Gaia worshippers, leading to massive wealth redistribution across the planet...it's NWO Playbook, page 1. 

Combine that with the, 'we have secret knowledge that nobody else has,' the, 'we are all God,' and the threats issued by OWK (arrest and MURDER of dissenters)...it's Luciferian.

We've had direct references to cult identity (OWK/Yosef/Patrick lead a cult).  We've had direct reference to MK Ultra programming and mind-mapping/NLP (they use it at IDC).  We've had references to the concept of, 'parallel truth' (the 'what if we're both right' post). IT'S ALL CABAL TACTICS.  All of it.

You cannot apply common sense to this.  Economics completely disproves the theory of a GCR.  I've spent years dismantling every attempt to explain how a GCR is possible, using math and economics (and I'm not the only one).  Plain and simple, people at IDC are in a cult, following 3 extremely evil and dangerous people, who lie and manipulate to maintain control. 

Here's the good news - they have been 100% wrong 100% of the time, and will remain as such.  There will be no GCR, no NESARA/GESARA.

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