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Life's Not Easy for Whacked-out Tinfoil Hat Wearing Dinanian   5/17/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Life's Not Easy for Whacked-out Tinfoil Hat Wearing Dinanian 5/17/17

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Life's Not Easy for Whacked-out Tinfoil Hat Wearing Dinanian   5/17/17 Empty Life's Not Easy for Whacked-out Tinfoil Hat Wearing Dinanian 5/17/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed May 17, 2017 6:48 pm

Life's Not Easy for Whacked-out Tinfoil Hat Wearing Dinanian   5/17/17 Picture%2B%2528Device%2BIndependent%2BBitmap%2529%2B1

I'm trying to educate those close to me on all this GCR-RV-NESARA-GESARA-CABAL-9TH CIRCLE-ETC... stuff, and slowly - but...

They just think I'm a complete whacked-out tinfoil hat wearing "conspiracy theorist"!

Even a young man who is very intelligent who's brain has yet to endure the years of Cabal mind control programming.

Not one in my close circle has any faith in the info I pass to them.

I even tell them that I don't know that its 100% fact or true yet.

I do tell them thought that I have great faith that this stuff is real due to all of the cross-correlations of many independent analysts saying basically the same thing.

Do they listen to that rationale?

Do they listen to reason?



So what is a post-Cabal-mind-control-programming educator to do?

How are we to go about re-educating the masses on the real world?

Bring them in one-by-one for a red-pill rescue session with Morpheus and Trinity?

Calling Lawrence Fishburn & Carrie-Anne Moss...

Ok, that's not gonna work.

So, how do we do this?


Yesterday I started categorizing my info sources into Levels.

Level 0 (L0) is school, mainstream media, pop social media

L1 in my realm of sources is zero hedge and the precious metals community - a slight awakening.

L2 for me is Jim Willie and his associates.

L3 is here at Dinar Chronicles, Operation Disclosure, Keenan, Fulford (cabal?/suspect)

7.3 billion people on the globe.

98% of them are at Level 0 - school, mainstream media, facebook, etc.

Perhaps 1% is at L1

And maybe - generously - 0.99% is at L2

That leaves 0.01% at Level 3, where we all reading this are - that's still generous.

Its taken me about 27 years (since ~1990) to get from L0 to L3.


Back to my circle...

So here I am trying to bring my circle from L0 up to L3 in one day.

What on God's green earth was I thinking!

So I had to re-assess how I'm going to do this - the firehose of info just ain't gonna work.

Nobody will believe it.

We have a long, slow, steady task ahead of us to re-educate 7.3 billion people.

We're going to have to build a s***load of new schools!

That task in and of itself is going to be YUUUGE! (Sorry Yosef, I'm 100% with you but I do like that one phrase)


As I understand it, we currently have sketched out:

Real Truth University

Big Call University

and perhaps (?) Cowboy Ziggy (H.E.A.L) University? (of which I've signed-on to be a part of - sorry CZ if I butchered the name you have in mind)

DC, we're going to need much more so please, if you are an educator or have that passion, please step up and help out.

7.3 billion Level 0 people to educate.

Keep the faith!

God Bless

Matt T


Good post, Matt.

Matt, I have given this issue considerable thought, as well. Especially in my family, I am considered a whacked out conspiracy theorist. My daughter asked me for proof on something we were discussing the other day. My response was, "Watch JFK to 911, Everything's a Rich Man's Game" and then we can talk. Because she is a history buff and for every answer I give, she gives the indoctrinated counter and it couldn't possibly be false. They taught it in School ferchrissakes!

After much consideration, my conclusion is, we will have to just wait for them to begin to see things are changing and to ask. In my immediate family, who will not be able to miss that things have changed, that will be some vindication. Because when this happens, well, it will change everything. So in the meanwhile, I put up with my daughter sneering at me when I say something she believes to be whacko.

So, when I tell my daughter to give me a list of people she would like to bless, perhaps she will know things have changed. Maybe Dad isn't the Stupidest SOB who ever walked the face of this earth, after all.

But, we start small. My initial outreach will be to the people I would like to hire. We go from there. Meanwhile, we together will be blessing everyone we come in contact with. Knowing from experience that there is much joy in helping others, that alone will foster even more change.

It is also why it is extremely important that we not just bless people. But, we must touch their hearts, as well.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”
~Nelson Mandela



Life's Not Easy for Whacked-out Tinfoil Hat Wearing Dinanian   5/17/17 Image1%2B%25281%2529

Matt, I am in the exact same boat! 1990 kid who has tried to tip off a few people on what's going on in the world and they all just laugh. Only my best friend in the world believes in the truth that I seek out relentlessly everyday. I've often thought about the day "I told you so" comes along and I really have mixed feelings about explaining our new wealth after I've tried to tell people; quite bittersweet. The more we've tried to bring friends with us on this journey the more we've realized what a lonely ride it truly is... So thank you everyone in DC for being my friends and family on this journey and Patrick for creating this sanctuary for us! I'm starting to feel as though I'm already living in a completely different paradigm than the 99%'s overlapping reality. Any who, I felt like I was reading my own story in your post and wanted to let you know you aren't alone haha.

Your friend also wearing a tinfoil hat,


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