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 "A Special Message" by (Anonymous)   5/15/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"A Special Message" by (Anonymous) 5/15/17

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 "A Special Message" by (Anonymous)   5/15/17 Empty "A Special Message" by (Anonymous) 5/15/17

Post by Ssmith on Mon May 15, 2017 1:32 pm

Dear Patrick,

And to Everyone else I Say Thank you for all you do and Have done and continue to do for All of us For we are Truly 1,

This is a Special message From the Heart for those among us that have concerns of doubt.

Please know " I too feel your pain as I myself am in the midst of strains in relationships and despair as I have no job or income But I still have Faith that all is and has already worked out for the betterment of all Humanity !

Sometimes when we are in the trenches we can only see not that far ahead".

In our book of Life we are only on this page for Today , and we are consumed by what we perceive to be real".

But Creator is Screaming at us do not Worry about Today or Tomorrow Wait till you get to Turn to the page of Physical Blessings and Abundance in Lifestyle.

Please brothers and Sisters Wake Up and Rejoice For I Know in my Spirit that all has been taken Care of and is Done.

I know to some of you that None of this makes Sense.

You ask how can a Sleeping novelty currency and other non valuable currencies Be of so much Value and Why?

Yea of little faith do not worry about what you read or see portrayed and displayed in the news on world events For it is just another story of distraction.

Just Share Love with your Neighbor as you would like to be Loved by others.

Judge others and you will also wil be judged by the same measure.

- Wow that is a very powerful statement.

We have been Chosen to be here right Now" And to Recieve the Blessings of many Generations of unlimited Wealth.

Why do you think that at times In the past that some citizens in certain countries were limited to how much they can Withdraw from their own bank accounts - because there was only so much physical cash in the banking system compared to What is Showing in Balance Statements , The System was relying on some sleight of hand called Fractional Reserve Banking. Before basil compliance, If you were to ask a banker What was their banks actual component of F R B they would freak out And ask How do you know about that? as they basicly used it to Create money from Nothing.

There is An Enormously Huge Abundance of Money that is Floating all around us in Cyberspace , That has been withheld from us and even used against us.

We have also been opposed and oppressed Down trodden " Lied to about our true ability as Light workers and Human beings , Our History as it has been portrayed in our Schools and most books is so much further and out there than What is Real and about to be revealed to us all very shortly.

I have personally always known I am Different spiritually " I have been seeking truth that resonates with my Spirit and Guided by Higherself to Question so many forced Belief systems - Do we really need a man in cloth of any organization or business position to be our go between on our behalf to have a personal relationship with our Creator.

Nor do I truly believe in the Sacrifice of any Animal Just to have transport to or in Heaven
Seriously, Think about it.

Family , it is not up to us to judge how much money John and or Jenny should receive or Can Handlle , That is their Cup to bear not mine or yours !

What we know is how much money we currently have or do not have to get by.

We are only used to and familiar with hearing of famous people being paid very large incomes and living in Multi Million dollar homes and expensive lifestyles, Billionaires are becoming more common.

Know That the Sovereign Rates for all selected currencies are Real.

And personally i believe it is our duty to ask and accept the highest amount we can get - why should the bankers get it and not us ?

I am so looking forward to giving away more money than anyone ever has" and being able to end poverty, Hunger, Homelessness in many countries, Providing clean water and growing Fruits and Vegetables for everyone.

Ponder this, How much did your grand parents pay for their house compared to how much more your parents paid for theirs and How much more your house was to buy or will be to buy - Have houses and property beome cheaper or more expensive ?

What is the current medium house price & the most expensive in your area ?

Could it be that very soon the average house price will be todays most expensive house prices and so it may seem today that we dont need trillions and billions but what about in 30 years , 50 years , 100 years How much will property prices be for our future familys children.

Share the Love

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 "A Special Message" by (Anonymous)   5/15/17 Empty Poverty etc

Post by Scotchie on Mon May 15, 2017 2:59 pm

"""""and being able to end poverty, Hunger, Homelessness in many countries"""""

Let's see.......

If the zim is worth 3 cents, a 100Trillion note will be worth $3.00.

When the dinar redenominates, the value of the dinar will remain the same.

You have a good goal, but you will not be able to end poverty and hunger and homelessness in many countries.

You will probably be able to assist your next door neighbor with a pie.

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