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ADMINBILL - Getting Old DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

ADMINBILL - Getting Old

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ADMINBILL - Getting Old Empty ADMINBILL - Getting Old

Post by Scotchie Sun May 14, 2017 10:57 am

Yes, ADMINBILL posted that we are just a nose hair away from something.  Not sure if he is talking about the dinar, zim, dong, or nuclear war.

True, as you age your nose hairs, ear hairs, and eyebrows keep growing to the point that a scissor may be needed.  As far as the extremities, your ears and nose keep on chugging along.

ADMINBILL is speeding up the process of the nose growing with all his lies.  Three years of "nest week", "by the 15th", by "the end of the month".  It gets old, just like ADMINBILL.

As some people age their concept of fact vs fiction comes into being.  Some make fiction fact, and throw the fact out.  Unfortunately, this is what has happened to ADMINBILL.

ADMINBILL is at the stage where he believes anything he says will be taken as fact.   He seriously believes his daily updates  are the truth, when all, if not most, of his members shrug their shoulders and sigh.

"A nose hair"?  Can you get any more specific or closer?  A nose hair.....brown, red, white? 

We know ADMINBILL's ear hair has grown to lawn mower status, as he does not hear all the warnings and sirens that people throw his way explaining his posts are not true; there is no fact to support; that he is making up lies as he goes along.

His eyebrow hairs have not been touched in years, as he does not see what he says is just pure crap.  He cannot read what he writes, and therefore cannot substantiate what he says.

So, as far as hair, ADMINBILL is a lost cause. 

Now, of course ADMINBILL will dispute these claims, but he is old.

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