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Ramadan Empty Ramadan

Post by Scotchie Mon May 08, 2017 2:23 pm

All Dianrians know about Ramadan.  I remember each year in the past the RV was going to happen once Ramadan is over.  Of course, nothing happened, except food was then available during the daytime for the Muslims, and there were mass celebrations.

Think of it, Iraqis were celebrating and we were crying in our cocktails.

Yes, now it is Ramadan this year.  Predictions now says before, some will predict the RV will happen in the middle of Ramadan, and the rest will predict at the end of Ramadan.

I suggest my WSOMN friends, as a challenge, try to not eat while the sun is out.  You can count your dinar, zim(scam), rupiah(redenomination coming), Afghani currency (forget it, as it will be a terrorist nation for many years to come), and Iraqi rial, (which will not revalue fpr years, if ever, due to restrictions, for many, many years.)

By the time you are finished counting, and using a calculator to figure out how many millions, billions, trillions you will own just in a very short while...you can celebrate when the moon comes up.

Perhaps Wolfie will howl for you each night.

Get over it.  While the dinar may revalue in the future, it will probably be a new currency and be in-country only.

Ask ADMINBILL, Sunny Daze, Sunnysplace, and RickOShea.  These fakes are so sure all WSOMN will become rich, that they remind you each day, even when ADMINBILL is missing in action.  They are correct, however, when they say they will find out when they go to the bank.........I hope the bank managers have a sense of humor.

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