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 "Questions: Exchanges/Rates/Safety/Governments" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.   5/5/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Questions: Exchanges/Rates/Safety/Governments" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/5/17

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 "Questions: Exchanges/Rates/Safety/Governments" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.   5/5/17 Empty "Questions: Exchanges/Rates/Safety/Governments" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/5/17

Post by Ssmith Fri May 05, 2017 10:22 pm

Questions: Exchanges/Rates/Safety/Governments

I got this series of questions by email and by permission are answering them here.

My answers are in Dark Orange

***************** Email Starts *********************

several quick questions about posts Contradictions each other creating confusion

1) It was said we have 30 days for the special rates - now it is only 4 days and then the ZIM will be handed over to the HSBC.

which is correct?

I remember back when I first got into this, the number of "Special" exchange days would be 9 days, then it was 6 or so. I have also heard them say that we could all be exchanged as quickly as 2 days up to 4 days. However, I draw a distinction between how fast they COULD get us exchanged and the amount of time we will BE ABLE to exchange.

All that being said, my latest understanding is that if you call in right away, you can set your appointment for a much later date due to travel issues, medical problems or other circumstances. The KEY is how fast you call in to "Set" your appointment and not when your appointment actually is. My thinking on this matter is that they want to "Turn off" the main appointment number as soon as possible to keep unwanted people who do not have these currencies from calling in and asking questions. So, if you have already called in and made contact with the exchange location, it won’t matter to you if the first 800# is no longer working, you are already "In The System."

As far as "Regular" street rate exchanges, long after the high rate exchanges are over will most likely go for 30 days to 6 months, but I really have never heard that exact part of the plan. I am sure that there is some IMF standard of time to allow people to exchange currencies when countries change them.

So, in answer of your question, I would call As soon as possible, to get in the system, no matter the exact time you actually go in and exchange. They will be very flexible and accommodating once you have made contact.

As far as HSBC goes, they are the Main Bank who is handling the Exchange process. Also of high consideration, it is owned by the same people who are giving us this money in the first place. Who better to bank with than the ones who gave you the money? That is who I will be doing business with, no doubt about it. Will I put money in other banks for other reasons? Yes, of course. But my big main accounts with be with HSBC. My loyalty is with those who are helping to save the World.

2) It was said that our rates depend on our vision and spiritual commitment in addition the projects we have to change the world. today I read we have to present project summaries with cash flow etc to get the amount we need.

which is true as these two presentations are very different in kind - one light workers and one professional

Everyone who has these special first basket currencies has the right to get a certain exchange rate for them no matter what. That rate is very good, and could be enough for a lot of people. However the Elders have big plans for our World and are willing to give even more money to those who offer to help the World, and all who live here. I call this the "Gift" amount of money. Importantly, EVERY person who holds these special first basket currencies are eligible for this additional Gift Money (High Rate) but, many will not get it because they were not paying attention or are just not interested in the offer.

The "High Rate Offer" is extended to those who express their intention to spend it on projects to help Humanity, its life forms, and the environment as well. It has been said to bring in a 2-3 page outline of what you have in mind for your projects, but that is not necessary. Some have full-blown Business plans that are detailed to the last penny, but that is not needed, and in some cases not even wanted.

They are not going to judge your project to determine if it is worthy or not. Frankly, there will be plenty of people who don't have anything written down at all, as they don't have a computer to print it out or they are living in their vehicles. So don't worry about your presentation, if you have something great, if not that is O.K. as well.

However, the most important thing that you will be judged on is your excitement about your plans and intentions. Are you excited about helping Humanity? Are you one of "Those" types that can't wait to get started and have a passion for this type of work or project? That is what they are looking for. They have been trained to spot those types of people. Tell them about your big plans, that you will be looking for other ideas as well, since we don't even know what types of technologies will be available soon. Show them your "Inner Light Worker" self.

In short, your presentation is nice, but who you show them you are, and the impression they get is the basis of your qualifying for the Elder's special Humanitarian gift money. Frankly, if you are reading this, I doubt you will have any trouble shining your light for the bankers to see. After all that is who you are and why you are here. Be you, you are already great and they will see it.

3) Special rate or sovereign rate - which is true

First you have the everyday street/international rates that will be THE rates for years to come. However for a short time, there will be special exchange opportunities at very high rates. They used to be called back in the day "Contract Rates," then for a while were called "Sovereign Rates," but are now called "Privately Negotiated Rates." These very high rates are a combination of the regular street rate with a Humanitarian gift rate added to it from the Elders. This can be a VERY HIGH rate and has been reported to be as much as $125,000 per Zim. However, all these High rates have one thing in common that they are gifts from the Elders and are based on your intention to do good works with them.

Interestingly, Grandfather does not play around when people are trying to put fear in the Currency Holders about the NDA. For the record, I understand that the NDA will lose its power (Have no teeth) shortly after the Republic comes in. I have been told that it is a matter of Admiralty Law vs. Natural Law. But it may also be that NDAs can have a very short life. In other words don't speak about the exchange locations, etc, and the agreement lasts for 30 days or so. That would explain how an NDA can run out of gas shortly after the special exchange time is over.

But back to Grandfathers' response to Fear Mongering about the NDA, he has made two very important changes to the plan.

#1) He has raised the NON-NDA rate way up on all the currencies so that you can get a boat load of money and not sign an NDA at all. Frankly this rate is so high now that hardly anyone will even be worrying about NDAs anymore. Again, I am told that the NDA is not going to be a problem, and you should decide once you get there and have a chance to read it and ask questions.

#2) It used to be said that you would have to "Ask" for the high rates to get them. It seems that might have changed now, as I last heard that the "Sovereign" rates were on the Front screens now. This is most likely the high NON-NDA rates. This means that anyone who walks into a bank will automatically be offered the high rates even if they didn't know to ask for them. The Cabal should know better than to mess with Grandfather. Of course this is for a very short time, during the early exchanges. However, you should ask for the highest rate anyway because things do change, and you might get an even higher rate without an NDA. You might also find that the NDA is actually no threat at all.

So, the answer is that there is basically 3 rates, the street rate, the high Non-NDA rate, and then the super high mind-bending rates that are possible if you ask for them and seem like you are the right person to give these rates to. It is important to note, that the Bank wants you to have the high rates as they get paid a commission on how much money they bring into the bank. They want to give you higher rates.

4) Free use of funds without monitoring and unlimited flow for those who are globally involved in many parts today they talk from only a special sum as total calculations of the projects to begin with

which is true?

The bank WILL NOT monitor you with oversight. You are either a Light Worker who wants to help the World or you are not. The bank only has one chance to get that right and that is at your Exchange appointment.

Once you get the money, it is up to you to be the Light Worker you claimed you were or not. There is no Up-Side to saving the money as it will be(come) no good in time. If the money is not spent doing great things, and feeling the joy of it, then, once the money dies, those opportunities will be over on this planet... FOREVER. The choice is yours to make.... Have fun doing things for others while you can or end up with a boat load of worth-less money that was never spent.

5) at one newsletter we are informed that RV has already begun and that the groups of 1500 are running already while in a further letter today it is said that the whole start up might take even three weeks as Mosul is not free yet

which is true?

I understand that many have exchanged lately on the segment plan. However, you should also know that NO ONE gets cash until this whole thing goes live. The only real advantage is that they get the process done and are just waiting for their money to be(come) spendable.

As far as the go date and what needs to be done. Most of the "Excuses" you are hearing are well known "Triggers" for the GCR. It is a convenient way to justify the GCR not going. But things like Mosul, and the like will suddenly be Free right when the GCR goes. So don’t worry about all that stuff, it is all part of the show. That show is NOT for us, it is for those who don’t know what is going on. My feeling on the matter is that it is about to go, and most likely on or by this weekend. There is nothing that needs to be done, just a time that is right for it to go. What is that exact time? I won't be told, but it is soon.

6) What about the threat to the World to blow up this Planet?

I have addressed this when I challenged COBRA to show Ashtar a Toplet Bomb, which he failed to do because they no longer exist on this Planet. Those bombs designed to blow up the planet like was done on Maldek have been gone for at least 25 years. Don't believe anyone who spreads fear about this.

An interesting point of strategy that was used on the Cabal this time, that I don't think was done on Maldek, was that they were NOT allowed to leave the Planet. The Cabal were "Grounded" here on Earth, so that if they did anything to the Planet, it would wipe them out as well. That was a great plan by the Galactics!

Then there is the matter of energy type weapons that the Cabal did have until a few months ago, but those have all been rendered useless. I remember that there was some weird "Green Lightening" that was being reported, that came from the Sun. You can look it up for yourself.

Sun Begins Shooting Green Electrical Bolts Million Of Miles

Of course the ones who like to worry were claiming that something bad was happening, when in fact it was just the opposite, something great was happening. However, Ashtar of The Ashtar Command who leads the Galactic Force to help over through the Cabal, explained it to me. The energy weapons that COBRA keeps talking about were destroyed by these green Lightening bolts from The Sun.

As Zorra has explained many times, the Sun gives off light but is not hot, and has a population that lives inside it, just like we have a population that lives inside our Earth. They helped us by sending their green lightning bolts across space and directly targeting the evil Cabal energy weapons and destroying them. Thank You to our Friends who live in the Sun!

By the way, you don’t have to believe any of this, as it is VERY ADVANCED information meant for those who are ready for it. The Cabal have been masters at keeping this kind of information from you. I get it. For the rest who aren't able to accept this, you will get your proof at the time of Disclosure, so no biggie.

So the answer is, that danger has long since passed. Don't listen to COBRA or anyone else who spreads Fear that we are in some danger from these bombs or energy weapons, for those are lies of the most evil kind. Now it is just clean up time and getting our governments in order and our people fed and freed. We will play a big part in that operation.

7) What about the corrupt Governments?

This answer is very simple. Most have already changed even though it doesn't look like they have. Others like us, have secret Replacement governments in place and ready to switch out when the time is right. The rest will be changed out as soon as GESARA is announced and all new elections in all countries will take place to rid the governments of the World of Cabal operatives. The new Candidates for office will all be vetted to be sure they are the Good guys and have NO CABAL ROOTS. All is very well in this matter. Remember he who has the gold makes the rules and those are the "Rules" as set forth by the Elders. Easy.

***************** Email Ends *********************

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

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 "Questions: Exchanges/Rates/Safety/Governments" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.   5/5/17 Empty Re: "Questions: Exchanges/Rates/Safety/Governments" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/5/17

Post by power123 Sat May 06, 2017 6:07 am

Total BS

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