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 "To All Gurus" by RV Racer 5/3/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"To All Gurus" by RV Racer 5/3/17

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 "To All Gurus" by RV Racer 5/3/17 Empty "To All Gurus" by RV Racer 5/3/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed May 03, 2017 9:05 am

To all the gurus: I will let go of the fear when the rv actually happens. Till then fear comes naturally that this whole experience is another false promise from the banksters and moneychangers. Can you even understand that? And that you are considered by many of us to be con artists and money changers? Like guru Terry K, remember him? He's being prosecuted for being paid by Sterling Group for pumping sales to unsuspecting customers. And Sterling is in deep fertilizer for their reserve scams. So scams have been a big part of this investment.

And I think you are underestimating the anxiety and rampant fear in our whole society regarding, for instance, a wild and crazy liar president who evokes fear just by opening his mouth, or tweeting. If he is the means to get to a wonderful result like abundance for all, are the people in charge any saner than he is?

It seems like all of you who keep telling us what to do and how to feel are just more control freaks who totally disregard the cause of fear. Fear happens when our safety is imperiled. It is a motivator, although not a very good one. It causes flight, fright or freezing. And we have been programmed to fear at the drop of a hat. So all you gurus that keep harping on our fears preventing this from happening are actually making us more aware of the fact that this rv thingy seems like a never happening mirage and that we are to blame for it not happening, causing more anxiety, frustration and self-blaming. Many odf you say we are the chosen, and I ask, chosen for what? I'm sure Madoff's clients were chosen, too. Self-chosen.

I think fear and anxiety is a very natural response to being held in suspense without end. When we are promised a wonderful blessing any minute, hour, or day, and it never happens, why not start to believe it is not real? This lo-ong wait has been another form of torture, or at least a form of cruel punishment.

And, IMO all you godly people who keep flaunting your religions don't help, esp Y. Everyone has their own way of relating to the deity, and or a possible windfall, but none of us yet realize how it may effect us if/when it happens. But I do appreciate the attempts by many gurus to help keep us calm and thoughtful about post rv.

And finally, you and all the other gurus should constantly keep in mind that we do not like being told what to do, what to feel, or what to think. Do you? The way I see it, until the 800 numbers are posted and we are told by bankers that our foreign money is worth millions, believing it is so is actually perilous to our equilibrium, and even our decisions about our daily lives and livelihood. Especially when you promote false windows or end dates. And BTW, bankers denials are not to be automatically dismissed by anyone in this speculative investment.

So maybe you gurus should stop and think about all the bs that you have already spewed out to us, and just tell us what you know, or think you know, without all the extra commands. Like how every time a projected date passes and nothing happens, the rates almost automatically go up to try to feed our greed, but actually feed our fears that it will not happen no matter how high the rates. Yosef, Tank and Bruce are particularly egregious in this respect. Does anyone actually believe that one Zim could be worth $125,000? That would mean that one 100 Trillion dollar note could be worth $12,500,000,000,000,000,000. In words, that is twelve point five quintillion dollars. I could buy quite a few United States congresses with that much loot. Come ON! That's an insult.

Be encouraging of patience and hope/faith; not ordering, not belittling, and especially not insulting of our intelligence, emotions or faith.

IOW, don't descend to your critics level, and check yourselves instead of telling us what to do, okay? Almost all of us who have been counting on this happening for so many years are so often in tears over the constant rv dates being projected and passing by without any results.

I, for one, would appreciate it very much if I didn't get assaulted with insults and orders to behave as if I was some ignorant idiot or greedy nincompoop. And BTW, most of you know no more than most of us.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for considering my message.

RV racer.

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