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Gurus, Gurus, We Need More Gurus

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Gurus, Gurus, We Need More Gurus Empty Gurus, Gurus, We Need More Gurus

Post by RamblerNash on Mon May 01, 2017 8:10 pm

So, these Currency Gurus make up an event, call it a "Blessing", and your disappointed from all the excuses and proclaim that know one knows?

Have they told you exactly who or what is going to supply the funds to exchange your currency for? Did it make sense to have it spike that much, overnight?

Did they tell you some gold is going to be deposited in a treasury? Did they provide any documents that say that?

With all the Gurus predictions being wrong every time, do you think they have creditable sources any more? Have they told you who these sources are so you know not to believe them again?

Have you ever wondered why a simple currency exchange became so complicated? Who do you think they are going to blame next week?

If this is a scheduled event, what's next on the schedule? What's next after that? How does it relate to an overnight spike to a pegged currency?

Shouldn't these Gurus tell you all those things instead of how to dress for the bank? Have you got your bags packed for an event that doesn't even exist?

The next time you thank them for all they do, look in the mirror and ask yourself "What did they just do?"

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