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Kevin says: "Thanks for this informative, accurate and true article" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kevin says: "Thanks for this informative, accurate and true article"

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Kevin says: "Thanks for this informative, accurate and true article" Empty Kevin says: "Thanks for this informative, accurate and true article"

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:57 pm

Kevin says: "Thanks for this informative, accurate and true article" Bf2a31a0881ea8eb388611b65b761467?s=40&d=mm&r=pg Kevin says:

January 17, 2017 at 6:51 pm

Thanks for this informative, accurate and true article.

These currency deals are scams, reliable news sources all over support this view (NYT, WSJ, Forbes, Money, etc.), people have been convicted who have perpetrated these scams ( http://www.toledoblade.com/Courts/2014/10/31/Local-men-sentenced-in-dinar-case.html; http://www.truthcall.com/tony.html; https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndoh/pr/two-men-convicted-fraudulent-24-million-scheme-involving-sale-iraqi-currency; https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndga/pr/atlanta-executives-and-internet-based-promoter-charged-scheme-defraud-investors ) and any rational analysis of the economics involved will show they are impossible. Take Zimbabwe…millions and millions of the 100 Trillion bank notes were printed. If they all suddenly converted to even a fraction of a dollar of value, they would represent more currency value than exists in the whole world today by many orders of magnitude. These currency scams are all lies.

My father has fallen prey to both the Dinar scam, to other currency scams that you mention, both the Zimbabwe dollar (demonstrably worthless), the Vietnamese Dong (steadily declining in value for a long time) and now Iranian rials as well as other, more complicated scams that people should be cautious about including historical bond sales, medium term notes and so-called ‘Commitment Holder’ scams’

He was a regular listener to the TNT Tony conference call and other online ‘pumper’ channels and actually believed that ‘insider’ news was being presented, even though any comparison of the details described to actual reliable news sources could show they were incorrect.

He connected with people on the Internet who convinced him to send them money or pay their bills, and in exchange they sent him currency or promised him a ‘cut’ or ‘percentage’ of big deals that they would finalize. In the most insane deal, he sent people money and convinced other connections to send money to some people who claimed to be holding Dinars on ‘layaway’. Elaborate contracts and other documents were drawn up, ‘Client Information Sheets’ and other documents were shared around along with copies of passports and other information. I have documents to back all of this up and have provided everything I have to the authorities. Justice will be served.

Even worse, he found online sales websites, like the ‘Great American Coin Company’ who sell ‘collector’ packs of these currencies (at large markups vs. their value), while simultaneously putting in fine print that they are not aware of any expected reset of global currency values and they do not recommend investing in currencies without careful consideration. Simultaneously, companies like this are walking away to the bank with 300% and larger profit margins on selling these currencies and stealing money from predominantly elders and those not fully knowledgeable about how investing in currencies works.

The scammers sent around promises of big payoffs when the ‘Global Currency Reset/Revaluation’ happened, with regular time-critical excitement kept the emotional roller coaster in full gear. Explanations for why the reset didn’t happen this week, were shared, with teasers about why it would happen in 2-3 weeks…keeping those who had invested ‘on the hook’ and willing to invest more. Then the next time around…guess what…it didn’t happen again, but they always have an excuse.

Just before the end of 2016 the websites and the individuals he dealt with sent out exciting ‘news’ about transactions about to start and special ‘1-800’ numbers and ‘procedures’ that have to be followed to get your foreign currencies exchanged for huge payoffs. Guess what…it didn’t happen and it won’t happen. The whole Dinar/Dong/Zim/Rial global currency reset is a scam and very immoral and unethical people are stealing money from those least able to absorb losses with this fraud.

Some of the people he has dealt with were convicted for past frauds, evicted from a residence when they tried to pay with Iraqi Dinars and continue to extract funds from him through promises of additional payoffs. If anyone deals with the any of the following people, take great caution, they are crooks and criminals and scammers and have been reported to and are being investigated by the FBI and other authorities: Joseph Keith Cruse, Rebecca Ruth Jones Cruse (currently in Tennessee, formerly of Vero Beach, Florida…their business address is a storefront similar to mailboxes etc. and their ‘suite number’ is really just a postoffice box in this photocopy and mail services store) and their fake companies ‘Gold Line Metals’, and ‘Knighthood Projects LLC’; Joyce Sarroino (aka Christina Ness) & Silvana Calmanti, (currently in a suburb of Montreal, Canada), whose ‘expertise’ is trading in so-called historical bonds, medium term notes, letters of credit, commitment holder scams and other similar known frauds; Linda Gulley Allen (currently of Molino, Florida) and her fake company Variety Marketing; and Michael Sean Reynolds, of Mission Viejo, CA, who claimed to be a movie producer and embezzled a ton of money from my father through coercion as well as being interested in profiting from the Dinar scam as well; Asako Yokomura, of California was also a fake bond fraudster, (redacted), hiding at a real estate company in Florida, and on and on and on…there are literally hundreds who have or tried to take advantage of my father, because once you open the door to one thief and believe in them, innumerable others show up as well. These people have all been reported to the authorities, are being investigated and have demonstrably shown themselves to be scammers, in total stealing more than $300,000 from my father over the past several years.

Let me be perfectly clear, the so-called Global Currency Reset and all of the people on the Internet trying to profit from it are immoral, unethical and in some cases, illegal fraudsters. TNT Tony is now out of jail, having spent only one year in prison (rightfully so), for scamming millions from unsuspecting citizens hoping to better their financial position, in some cases, desperate to improve it due to health issues of their family members or themselves. Inside information from ‘the admirals group’ the ‘the white hats’, ‘dinares gurus’ and other sources are demonstrably lies. Be cautious, these people are trying to scam people.

Even worse in my view are the companies who are making profits from this scam by selling and providing access to these currencies for ‘collecting’ are immoral and unethical as well, no matter how much money they donate to local charities (take note Gary Dyner & Steve Dyner, owners of Great American Coin Company, you have been delivered to multiple investigative journalists who are going to hound you until you stop your unethical business dealings) another similar dealer is Treasury Vault, LLC, operated by Angela L. Dorman, Roger N. Dorman and their lawyer Paul Lydolph III). These people are ripping of individuals by selling currency for ‘collecting purposes only’, which allows them to avoid legal restrictions on how they operate and what they charge people who buy currency from them. Be cautious!

As our country ages and more and more seniors look to try and increase their nest eggs through risky investing opportunities, we all need to become more aware of and sensitive to scams like this and take action to protect the vulnerable in our society. Justice will succeed in the end. Report people who have taken advantage of you or who are promising extremely large payoffs…if it sounds too good to be true it is and someone is likely trying to take your money for their own benefit.


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