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ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?"

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ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?" Empty ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?"

Post by Scotchie Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:13 am

ADMINBILL, try to smell the roses.

Some of your members are in dire straits.  They are going into foreclosure, or losing a car, or cutting down on healthy groceries, due to lack of funds.

Most urgent are those members that are waiting to have medical procedures until the dinar RV's or the zim can be exchanged.

Whether these members do not have health insurance, or their insurance does not cover the procedure necessary, or the deductible is too high, or the co-payment is too expensive, these members are counting on the RV as soon as possible.

ADMINBILL, what you give them is hopium.  NOT HOPE, HOPIUM.  ADMINBILL, you are well aware the zim is a scam, and you also know the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar is at least a year off, probably two or more, yet your posts make it seem the result is only hours, days, or weeks away.

Your members trust what you say, and, yes, they still hold off on any medical procedure until the RV occurs.

Have you no heart?  Have you no compassion?  While you state "everyone lies", your lies are particularly powerful as you run the chat room/web site, and your word is the most important.

ADMINBILL, how about telling the truth to your members.
They deserve the truth.  You have accomplished whatever goal you were trying to achieve when you started the chat.  It's time to tell your members the facts, so they can plan their future accordingly.

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ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?" Empty Re: ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?"

Post by Ssmith Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:59 am

And it continues......

  AB came in and talked to Blondie!

  AB Said even Blondie will be happy in 48 hrs

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ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?" Empty Re: ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?"

Post by RamblerNash Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:06 am

Maybe ADMINBILL could explain in detail how the "ZIM" notes became to be "Bonds"?

He would be the first Guru who did. Willis isn't just repeating the lies he has heard over the years, is he?

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ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?" Empty Re: ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?"

Post by ReapAndSow73 Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:34 am

Assume Zimbabwe has 100T in natural resources...stupid assumption, but work with me here.  Scarcity is what generates value.  If there is no scarcity, value diminishes.  But ok, 100T in natural resources.  Bill claims (as do others) that a single 100T ZIM note will convert to a minimum of 100T USD.  Suddenly one person possesses liquidity of the entire nation of Zimbabwe.  Now, before you try the, 'no, it's all of Africa's natural resource value,' it cannot work that way.  If Zimbabwe re-issues sovereign currency (which it hasn't, it decommissioned their notes and they have NO currency), it has zero to do with any other African nation.

Just think about scarcity - let's say gold is $1300/ounce in current condition.  Let's say gold pricing has been manipulated (and it has, no doubt).  So, let's say gold's true strike price is $3000/ounce.  That price is based upon above-ground, mined gold.  Has nothing to do with unmined gold.  But...let's say there is $1Q (quadrillion) in gold that has not been mined.  The instant you mine that gold, scarcity curve draws price per ounce down.  So - if you understand basic effing economics - the benevolent Asian grandparents would actually HELP the earth by REMOVING gold from the market to increase the price...NOT ADD tons and tons of gold to the market.  Same with ANY commodity.  The price of a commodity goes DOWN when you add more of that commodity to the economy.  These scam artists have no friggin clue what they're talking about.

Even if you suspend reality, there is no mathematical possibility any bank would exchange decommissioned notes at face value at some equivalent nominal exchange rate into USD.  That's stupid.  So, say 10,000 people have one 100T ZIM note.  They all getting face value converted into USD?

Bill is a mental midget.

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ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?" Empty Re: ADMINBILL - "What?, Me Worry?"

Post by FloridaJohnny Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:13 pm

Yesterday he said "we're there"!!! "Ta-freaking-da""!!! Where do you go from "we're there"? Crickets. Or just change the subject completely. At this point I'm in it for the sheer entertainment value. And not paying a dime by the way, why people actually pay for $hit like this is a mystery to me. Oh I forgot to add... "IMO".

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