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WSOMN Conference Calls

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WSOMN Conference Calls Empty WSOMN Conference Calls

Post by Scotchie Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:32 am

About once a year ADMINBILL invites some of the most gullible members to join him on a conference call with some pre-selected "gurus" and "intel providers".  My guess is Awakein3D, Catallina, rocker66, possibly kermit53 and Rayren, and others.  The purpose is to discuss the zim, dinar, dong and how close each is to revaluation.  Each has his say, and all are in agreement.  This conversation thrills the WSOMN members chosen to be on the call, with them thinking they are getting "inside information" as to the timing and rates.  NOPE.  Nothing more than a Friday night football rally.  You have to win the game for the kudos, not just stand on the sidelines watching, with pom poms in hand.  I know the WSOMN members on the first call, which included Blondie (the lemonade queen), and these members were so excited...one even started a daily newsletter to update those not on the call.  Well, of course, it all fizzled out.  Nothing happened.  Another conference call with some new WSOMN members was held a few weeks ago, and damn, the same thing, nothing happened.

You do not need a conference call to realize the dinar is not going to revalue this year, and the zim is a scam.

All those on the calls can thank ADMINBILL if you were unfortunate enough to believe what you heard, and bought more currencies.

Yup, ADMIINBILL wants to keep whoever is monitoring him happy, and will lie his ass off to do so.

Who is watching and why?  Why is ADMINBILL lying to you.  He knows very well the status of the zim and dinar.  Be careful not to get on the bad side or he will post your private information.  He is evil.

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WSOMN Conference Calls Empty Re: WSOMN Conference Calls

Post by Ssmith Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:52 am

Nothing more than simple manipulation from AdminBill.   It's his variation of the carrot and stick approach.   Keep the members in line by giving them hope that someday, as long as the exhibit the proper behavior, that they too may be included in the clique that receives the coveted email containing their invite to the private call.  The call, as you correctly describe, is nothing more than a Friday night football pep rally.

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