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Post by Scotchie Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:54 am

You can figure out how close you are to a revaluation of the Iraqi dinar when ADMINBILL posts, asking for a color to use on his blog on Earth Day!

Best to remain grounded.  The zim is garbage.  The Iraqi dinar will not revalue this year, and might not next year.

How many more weeks are you going to let ADMINBILL and other gurus tell you it is close.  It is not close!!

ADMINBILL keeps posting "next week", and you keep posting "thank you ADMINBILL, you are the best".

No, ADMINBILL is NOT the best.  He is telling you untruths every time he posts.  I am not sure how he sleeps at night.  For all my buds in WSOMN who are financially strapped and who have purchased any exotic currency in the last year, you can thank ADMINBILL and his "sources" for the position you find yourself.  No one forced you to buy more dinar/zim; however, ADMINBILL told you that great, rich days are ahead.  He has even recommended a travel agency, which he is associated, to use to plan all your vacations.  The only vacation you will get is when WSOMN closes down in a few months when the members realize THEY HAVE BEEN HAD.

Miss speaking with many of you on the blog, but I am able to stay in touch thanks to the great people that run this site.

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