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Ktfa update, 16 April DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Ktfa update, 16 April

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Ktfa update, 16 April Empty Ktfa update, 16 April

Post by cg123 Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:03 pm

GFulcher66:  Hey Frank or someone smarter than me, if one of your annoying friends said to you " who cares if Iraq is in the UN now, so is Russia and Iran …whats the difference?"What would your reply be??

Cole:  And they're out of chapter 7 aren't they? Lol
PS... by responding it doesn't mean I'm smarter than you... lol

Cole:  Guys, the video that our friend F26 posted... was very very very good. Worth studying. In fact, for the first time ever, I feel secure about the follow through of what Iraq is saying... why? They have security and stability... that means no more delays, imo  

Frank26 Friday Night Video:  https://youtu.be/DH5dcHTHIJo

NeedtoUnderstand:  E-Dinar coins, Visa and airline online capabilities, and now E Government. So much progress!!! Watching it unfold and bloom! Exciting times indeed. 

Don961:  E-government right of the citizen
Date: April 15, 2017    Writer /  Jamil Ibrahim Odeh

The governments of the world are racing to establish what is known as "e-government" Since a long time, much of the world began to embrace the concept of "e-government" in both developed and developing countries through the use of ICT on the Internet networks in various administrative, economic and trade fields , which allowed the government to its citizens and opportunities to continue away from the usual routine procedures.

The United States of the first countries that have adopted the "e-government" and create e-Citizen, where American citizens come in the forefront of countries in the use of information technology, as the number of users of the personal computer, about almost 70%, while 60% of citizens in America they became citizens of dissidents. America seeks to apply a general and comprehensive policies that pay these rates to rise. It encourages them to that they provide approximately 70% of the cost compared to the cost of providing the same service through direct or traditional transactions.

According to the United Nations e-government report, issued in February, 2012, the United Arab Emirates has made significant progress in the field of e-government at the level of the world, it jumped over a short period of rank 49 to rank 28 globally, the first Arab. Internet users have arrived in the UAE, about 21% of the population, a large proportion compared to other Arab countries.

The question here is; what do you mean "e-government"? What are the benefits of political, economic and administrative implications? And how it can be said that the "e-government" really has become a general human being and a citizen in the countries that adopt ICT in public administration private?

read more: http://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2017/04/ktfa-update-16-april.html


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