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Firefly - FireFly Tidbits    4/12/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

FireFly Tidbits 4/12/17

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Firefly - FireFly Tidbits    4/12/17 Empty FireFly Tidbits 4/12/17

Post by Ssmith Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:06 am

Firefly - FireFly Tidbits    4/12/17 ImDVFUa7y9EAAAAASUVORK5CYII=Firefly - FireFly Tidbits    4/12/17 ImDVFUa7y9EAAAAASUVORK5CYII=Firefly - FireFly Tidbits    4/12/17 ImDVFUa7y9EAAAAASUVORK5CYII=


G'day all.   I am doing GREAT. 

Citi-Bank .000998. 

On Bloomberg nonetheless...  Remember, Bloomberg has its own trading platform 

OPEC oil prices recorded a rise of up to more than $ 63 12/04/2017 - 16:05

Ask your banker how a country's currency is a scam?Silly wabbits lol

There is talk at length between the economic circles, whether legislative or specialized about what the IMF's loans to Iraq and its usefulness out of the current financial crisis in light of the repercussions of the decline in oil prices globally, sometimes talk about it will be open to us to obtain facilities and loans and support international financial organizations and countries According to an international financial umbrella obtained by Iraq amounting to nearly 20 billion dollars,No comments plzYes, if the Iraqi government implements the fiscal adjustment program provided by the Credit Standby Agreement, it will be able to repay its debts.


Firefly:  No comments plz


Blondie:  FF Could you please put that in BlONDIE terminology

Blondie:  FF Does the CSA incorporate the the debt reduction provided in the Paris Treaty thingy?

LadyIrish: Blondie - I am hoping FF translates down to our level, too

Firefly:  Yes, if the Iraqi government implements the fiscal adjustment program provided by the Credit Standby Agreement, it will be able to repay its debts.
provided by the Credit Standby Agreement,

006:  Ff thanks for all the info even though I have no clue what it means

Firefly:  The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the central institution of the international monetary system, is the system of international payments and exchange rates, which allows commercial transactions between different countries.

CJoseph:  always some guru or other tying things to other things... NOt sure an increase in value for a currency tied to an Islamic country would happen on easter

Blondie:  FF Can you pare it down to a couple of sentences for us morons?? Pretty please? If need be, I'll put a cherry on top or whatever else might be required.

FF Here's an example. "It's done". 
Anyone else think that some of the people who write this crap get paid by the number of words that they can use?

zejaybee:  Blondie it seems to me FF is inbetween a rock and a hard place on this... If he comes in and says something simple and straight forward everyone wants to know where he got it.

If he quotes an article about the history being made, people want him to say it simple and straight forward. It seems obvious to me why people don't want to bring any intel forward.

DSS:   FF pretend you talking to a hillbilly plz dumb it down?

I apologize, i usually make a point not to criticize, i just not understand what was said

BeagleEyes:  It would help to see the whole article so you can digest it slowly. Putting it in the forum, IMO, would be easier


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Firefly - FireFly Tidbits    4/12/17 Empty Re: FireFly Tidbits 4/12/17

Post by Scotchie Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:49 am

What my friend Firefly is stating, in my opinion, has nothing to do with a revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. .I may suggest you ask Firefly, now that the first quarter of 2017 has passed without any revaluation of the Iraqi dinar, what is his best guess as to a timeframe of the revaluation.  I doubt he will answer, as he would be banned from WSOMN.  Now, how can a country's currency be a scam?  Easy.  Look at the old zim, which was not only formally decommissioned, it had 12 zeros deleted at the same time.  The old zim is a scam. 

 Additionally, what are the chances the Iraqi dinar will revalue in-country only?  What is the possibility of when the Iraqi dinar revalues, it is replaced with a new currency, in-country only.  

The dinar is not a scam; cashing in at a substantially higher rate might be.  Stop thinking day-to-day and accept the Iraqi dinar is not going to revalue this year, 2017.  Regards to all my friends....


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