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Barry - Congratulations George

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Barry - Congratulations George Empty Barry - Congratulations George

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:49 pm

George – “What made me realize it was a scam is when the people involved always had an “inside” source. This “inside” source was always called upon when I wanted out and always was up on why it was going to RV next tuesday. Found out the “inside” expert was a plumber about 5 miles away.”

Congratulations George, you’re not alone. Thousands are increasingly waking up & bailing out (see private EBay Dinar sales which have increased 10x in a year). The same posers have been pumping the same recycled cr*p since 2007 and the “secret agent” tactics used in the “RV” scam were copied from other past Internet scams like NESARA / GCR / “Omega prosperity funds”, etc, (from back to the late 90’s). That’s the “glue” that’s holds the scam together – it’s aimed mostly at people who want to feel special “knowing a secret” then stringing them along with reverse (“If people say it’s a scam, then it must be real!”, etc) and cult psychology (“Don’t listen to the facts of outsider ‘naysayers’ because we’re all special and they aren’t” etc), and completely made-up “intel”, “rates & dates”, etc. That’s why on different “RV” forums, you see so much overlap with promoting other paranoid conspiracies.

I remember one guy who spent years pumping it under the name of “poofness”. He posted every 3 days for several years waffling on about bankers, Interpol, his “secret IMF / World Bank contacts”, the “arrest” of Clinton, then Bush, then Obama by “Provost Marshalls”, “OMG you’re gonna be a millionaire any day now”, etc… And he turned out to be an ordinary truck driver named James Talbot with mental health issues who ended up being unable to tell reality vs fantasy. There are others too like Benjamin Fulford (who genuinely does have Schizophrenia) – and people cling to these nutjobs like leeches simply because they promise “free money” through a “mystical event” in one form or another.

Even the more “sane” ones who stick purely to the “Iraq RV” universally have backgrounds in other scams. “Phoenix” pumped the CMKX penny stock fraud (as did several others), “Adam Montana” (owner of Dinar Vets) real name is actually James Wolf, and his “economics degree from Harvard” has been shown to be a proven lie (as has Steve Enorrste’s – a “pro Forex trader” who had to ask what a trading pip was and got all his maths wrong by 1,000x), “Tony TNT” has a long history of fraud in others scams, others have histories of MLM (pyramid scheme marketing), Regner Capener (“Eagle1”) is a proven liar about his “banking credentials”, Roger Dorman (“Dinar Daddy”), pumps non-working tax evasion schemes, etc. The list is endless, and it truly is amazing how many people can’t see they’re all blatant conmen who are almost pathologically dishonest or attack others but defend “their own” guru if that makes “theirs” more credible. LOL. Same goes for the number of people who still can’t figure out why they all have a universal “This website is for entertainment purposes only” in their T&C disclaimers.

It’s the claim to secrecy that holds the scam together at the scammers end and the addiction to feeling special about being “one of the chosen few” that keeps people hooked on the victim end. Once you strip away the secrecy though, the whole thing is little more than a small core of scammers who know exactly what “emotional buttons” to push (appeals to greed / fear of “missing out” / jealousy, etc) to hook people on lucrative “conference call” revenue (earning guru’s up to $5,000 per week), and a larger 2nd tier of amateurish cheer-leader posers who pump it more to convince themselves than anything as well as ego-driven peer / guru approval seeking.

At the end of the day, Iraq has a money supply of 87 trillion Dinar and currency reserves of only 80-90 billion Dollars – $1 reserves available per 1000 Dinar – hence the sub 1000:1 fair-market rate vs the USD at 1164:1 and their desire to redenominate / lop to correct this. They have about 10-15% overhead in appreciating the Dinar vs the USD in real terms (RV) before they run out of Dollar’s. Swivel-eyed guru’s talking about deluded 300,000% real currency movements & Iraq “giving itself” 4-40x Planet Earth’s Dollars worth of money are completely & totally divorced from reality on pretty much everything related to currencies. The bottom line is that simple. As it is for other 3rd world hyper-inflated currencies they’re trying to sell as “magic beans” – Vietnamese Dong, Indonesian Rupiah, etc, have all sub 10000:1 values for one simple reason – they’ve printed literally quadrillions of units of their currency (no different to 1920’s Germany or Zimbabwe). It’s called “hyper-inflation”. Smile

Congratulations on getting out George. The relief for many former “RV” scam-victims is overwhelming, not just the money side, but more no longer being chained to having hours per day wasted on guru’s up-down-up-down “emotional roller-coaster” ride of endless rounds of fraudulent BS promises followed by excuses, recycled over & over, that have sadly resulting in relationship break-ups, lost jobs, sinking into clinical depression, and even one rumored suicide (that I know of).

Barry July 15, 2014 at 9:40 am

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