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"Thoughts" from Sabali 4/6/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Thoughts" from Sabali 4/6/17

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"Thoughts" from Sabali 4/6/17 Empty "Thoughts" from Sabali 4/6/17

Post by roxy22222222 on Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:40 am

Entry Submitted by Sabali at 9:37 AM EDT on April 6, 2017

This is for the benefit of all those who continuously doubt the merits of the GCR news/intel as brought to us by the likes of OWK, Yosef, Tank, etc to name but a few. The truth is that no one knows the exact timing of the GCR except those that KNOW! Everyone else is guestimating. They have sources that are privy to certain information here and there who then give them a guestimate based on their intel! This Guestimate is then relayed to us in the DC community. Would you doubters and naysayer rather not know this info? For some people in this community, if they go a day without intel of some kind it drives them schizo.

I’v e been in this game for about five years but not in the way it’s presented here on DC. Based on my research growing up as a teen, I expected an economic collapse of somesort back in the years near 2012 to wake the masses and urge them to demand for a new system that’s fairer for all. I knew nothing about GESARA or currency redemptions until last year when I ran into channels like Gary Larrabee and the occasional Restored Republic intel on youtbe which lead me here. I understand and emphasise with those of you that have been in this game for 10 plus years. I know it’s been a hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride that still hasn’t ended and many have jumped off as a result and are still jumping off.

The Problem I made was to get so excited that I took everything said on here as gospel. In Feburary 2017 I learned that we were definitely going to redeem that month after Trump was inaugurated. I took the whole month of work in anticipation. But nothing. It was compounded by Mountain Goat & Dr. Clarke’s assertion that all this ZIM talk is BS. I felt very deflated, to say the least, for a week or two. But then I decided to take a step back and not to allow my happiness to be determined by things outside my control because in my heart of hearts I’ve always felt like this (world peace/ GCR reform) would happen in my life time, since the age of sixteen. When I took the step back and became less and less desperate and powerless, I began to see more clearly. The Intel on timing is ALL GUESTIMATES. As I understand it, it is guestimated for this month, maybe within the next few weeks but as always in real life unforeseen circumstances do arise. I'm I correct in saying this OWK, Yosef?

I thank the likes of OWK & YOSEF for keeping my spirit up with their intel and doing the best they can with what they witness and are told. These two in particular resonate with me. I always look forward to OWK’s posts because I always feel like the day is getting closer when he does post. To hear that he is in direct conversations with “Grandfather” made me feel even more blessed to be in this sphere of awareness. So for someone to insult the being that many say is leading the GCR and world reform with “maybe he’s constipated after billions of years blah blah blah” really shows their level of spirituality. I’m sure “Grandfather” doesn’t care and loves you unconditionally and I know people lament in their own way, but please, grow up. Become less attached to information and conquer your doubts from within. Only then will you know for sure what they and “Grandfather” already know. It IS DONE!

Thank you OWK, hopefully we’ll meet/talk one day, thank Yosef and & all lightworkers, thank you Grandfather, thank you Gaia and Thank you Source.

By Sabali (Patience)

"Thoughts" from Sabali 4/6/17 Icon18_edit_allbkg

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"Thoughts" from Sabali 4/6/17 Empty Re: "Thoughts" from Sabali 4/6/17

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:10 pm

You're a dolt.  You believe in false gods and false religion, liar and thieves.

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