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Twice Convicted Felon (Anthony Renfrow) Reformed? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Twice Convicted Felon (Anthony Renfrow) Reformed?

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Twice Convicted Felon (Anthony Renfrow) Reformed? Empty Twice Convicted Felon (Anthony Renfrow) Reformed?

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:58 am

Ray knows that Tony's violating his probation by being on the call and that's the reason for his anger.

OM has been recorded before and he knows that this has been going on for quite awhile.

It's obvious that there is a problem with Tony being on these calls or Tony would be on the TNT call regularly.


You can clearly hear Ray say that you can record it and you can clearly hear Ray that you can share the number with family and friends.

Does Ray not realize that Dinarland is one big happy family? LOL

One of the conditions of Tony's probation is that he isn't to be involving himself in scams.

(1) for a felony, a misdemeanor, or an infraction, that the defendant not commit another Federal, State, or local crime during the term of probation;




Twice Convicted Felon (Anthony Renfrow) Reformed? Screen24

The Brainwashed TNT Kool-Aid Kiddies are so tied up in their greed that they don't realize that if what Tony and Ray are doing, takes money out of their parents, grandparents, or children's pockets, they would be a bit more concerned.

Can you imagine Tony being called in to be a witness to any frivolous lawsuit, testifying that he violated a condition of his parole by being involved in what the FBI and IRS calls a scam?

"Yes, that was me on the recording giving RV INTEL, but it was my brother Ray's fault for inviting me."

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