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Aggiedad77 - AggieDad77 UPDATE Empty AggieDad77 UPDATE

Post by Ponee Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:49 pm


  Article:  "Saudi king of Ebadi: Saudi Arabia with the restoration of Iraq's great role in the region"   Abadi is making hay left and right at this Summit...he is taking internationalism to a new level for his country and its people.   

  Article:  "On the sidelines of the Arab summit .. Abadi meets Emir of Kuwait"   Sideline meetings at these summit meetings, I have long stressed that more happens on the "sidelines" than really does at the established meetings...and this says they talked of bilateral strengthening...but what they don't tell you is what was discussed before the cameras started to roll...those are the important words... 



 Article:  "Iraq Press" published the text of the word Abadi, in the twenty-eighth Arab Summit"  

Abadi's address at the Arab Summit is a display of a  real world statesman, not the rambling of some third world country...unity is paramount here, a gathering of common friends across the region he knows that DAASH is a common foe to them all and is being expelled, never to be accepted again, he speaks from a perspective that reaches far beyond Iraq's borders, internationalism to the max he is preaching, reconciliation not only at the Iraqi level but for all of their neighbors within the Middle East...

He is learning from his recent visit I believe to the US and has been bolstered by a strong support from a renewed world power who calls Iraq an ally today...way to go Abadi...IMO.



  Article:  "Iraq looking to raise obstacles to the entry of US companies to invest" 

 IMO when Abadi talks here about "raising obstacles" he's referring to a lessening of red tape for American companies and also a HUGE reduction in corruption issues that have kept many companies away in the past...He's smiling because he knows who will pave the way for the success of his government as well as his country...and it will not be Iran...He's got a new buddy in President Donald Trump and his administration..

IMO look for Trump to be paying Iraq a visit this year...Frank [Guru Frank26]  said that issues with investors has to do with Iraq's restrictions on capital movement...as well as UN sanctions not being lifted, thus causing countries and investors to not want to go against the UN.

.Abadi has some definite changes he needs to make...that he can make...lift those restrictions...raise the value of your currency...get rid of the UN restrictions...IMO.



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Aggiedad77 - AggieDad77 UPDATE Empty Re: AggieDad77 UPDATE

Post by Terbo56 Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:51 pm

Abadi has changes to make, alright, and we all know what the first one SHOULD be.....Come on, people, and don't blow a brain cell......
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