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Snake Says to Contact HSBC

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Snake Says to Contact HSBC Empty Snake Says to Contact HSBC

Post by Ssmith on Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:45 am

WSOMN's Snake has encouraged everyone to contact HSBC so they will know you hold ZIM, VND & IQD.  HSBC will then be able to contact you when the RV happens.


But even though HSBC states that they don't deal in ZIM, Dong or Dinar, Snake assures folks that this response is to be expected and all is good.


Snake Says to Contact HSBC Avatar?id=1614231&m=75&t=1472603129
My response from HSBC~Dear Ms Sloan, Thank you for your recent communication via the HSBC Private Bank website. Kindly let us know which types of currency you hope to exchange. Please note that HSBC does not deal in Zimbabwe dollars, Vietnamese dong and Iraqi dinar.
Snake Says to Contact HSBC Avatar?id=1614231&m=75&t=1472603129
In addition, for any queries regarding currency exchange, please contact HSBC customer services directly (https://www.us.hsbc.com/1/2/home/customer-service) as the private banking division does not provide this service. Thank you for your interest in HSBC Private Bank. Kind regards, Sajith HSBC Private Bank
Snake Says to Contact HSBC Avatar?id=1614231&m=75&t=1472603129
don't worry..that's my pen name
Snake Says to Contact HSBC Avatar?id=1610604&m=75&t=1467077226
Since I was the nexus of the HSBC link and have seen a number of posts here this morning let me add the response to a PM I sent to an earlier inquiry
Snake Says to Contact HSBC Avatar?id=1610604&m=75&t=1467077226
Reply Delete Snake That is the standard message everyone receives but they now know you are a holder of zim and should advise you when an exchange becomes available and hopefully give you a branch location close to you of HSBC, Wells Fargo, or B of A. That is what I was informed would occur and am operating on luck or faith what has been shared with me is in fact what will occur. God Bless, Snake

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Snake Says to Contact HSBC Empty Re: Snake Says to Contact HSBC

Post by clayf on Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:26 am

WHATEVER!!! Yeh right let me get off of this sight so I can contact HSBC. Ive got to listen to some Moron, nick named snake.... Go away dude, walk on home BOY!!
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Snake Says to Contact HSBC Empty Re: Snake Says to Contact HSBC

Post by 7star on Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:45 am

That story deserves one fart

Thank you

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Snake Says to Contact HSBC Empty Re: Snake Says to Contact HSBC

Post by Ssmith on Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:22 pm

Sandnsea: This site is wacky today. Please note that this is a hoax. In addition, for any queries regarding currency exchange, please contact HSBC customer services directly as the private banking division does not provide this service. Thank you for your interest in HSBC Private Bank. Kind regards, Panchali HSBC Private Bank.

MYJOURNEY: Yup I got that SAME reply this morning from HSBC !!!

Sandnsea: At least they are consistent

MYJOURNEY: They did sau they do not deal with Zim, dinar or Dong...

Haloheal: I just got the same message …

Sandnsea: Morning, can anyone come over and help me find my glasses?

Sophiegirl: I received the same email from HSBC this morning too. Don't you know someone is happy to have a job today because of our correspondence. Lol

scotchie: HSBC says "Please note that this is a hoax." If it is not a hoax, could HSBC be sued for false information?

BeagleEyes: I got my HSBC email yesterday.


Sandnsea: The ppl who reply to the email really don't know

Blondie: SCTOCHIE Could you please proveid the documentation from HSBC stating that this was a hoax? Thank you

scotchie: Read below. I do not listen to calls or make calls or send emails

Sandnsea: I can send it to you Blondie

Haloheal: I PM it to Blondie .

Sandnsea: I did too

Blondie: SCOTCH Where did you get that quote from HSBX?

Scotchie: Read below Blondie. I need not repeat what has already been posted

Blondie: SCOTCHIE I'll remember that the next time I ask a favor from you, jackass. SCoTCHIE Of course you would not need to repost what has already been reposted, you negative arrogant a*****e. Was just asking so I could clarify something.

BeagleEyes: scotchie: HSBC did not mention scam in my email. Blondie: I was wondering if I worded my request differently. But I know someone came in here a while back and said that you could sue a bank IF they mislead you in some way. That full disclosure thing, I think

Scotchie: Yup, Beags, they could not, imo, or open itself to lawsuits...that is what I wonder about the word "hoax" also. It's not logical that a bank would have any advance notice on what a country will do with its currency in the future. That confuses me.

BeagleEyes: scotchie: Above my pay grade

Gymrat: It seems to me they would open themselves up to bigger lawsuits for initiating contracts on a supposed hoax.... LOL and they exist...

BeagleEyes: Gymrat: An inquiry is not a contract. Dong and Dinar are active currencies. I did not ask them to exchange them. I asked for help after I exchanged in managing it.

Gymrat: As I was saying.... There are contracts which people hold currently based on the currency exchange... Not that you were looking or asking for one... This occurance is not a hoax IMO

Blondie: BEAGS unfortunatelyl, you can sue anyone for anything.

BeagleEyes: Blondie: Yes, that is why we are getting Trusts for our money

OnceWasLost: I would like to 'chime-in' about the word "hoax" as it is inferred to apply to this (common) investment. IF (and that is a H U G E "if") this were a "hoax" the it would be third to 1st: The Earth is Flat and 2nd: only to 'nothing is as it seems, just ask the aliens... FWIW


Scotchie: Yup, RC, but "hoax" was an interesting word. I think I understand the difference between hoax and scam. I still think a bank has no idea on what a country may do with its currency exchange rate in the future. So, I question their judgment in using "hoax"

Natureaddict: Got my HSBC response back today.... do you guys want to see?

Blondie: What it the protocal to get banned from this room volutarily?

Natureaddict: Mine was the same as Scotchie: Please note that HSBC Private Bank does not deal in Zimbabwe dollars, Iraqi dinar or Vietnamese dong. There has recently been a communication circulating on the internet regarding foreign currency exchange using different banks' names. Please note that this is a hoax.

Scotchie: I was only repeating what another member posted. I did not contact HSBC or any other bank mentioned by any guru. They get paid to spread rumors, imo

Natureaddict: I don't think Snake is getting paid to spread rumors. I did this because he said it was a good idea and I trust Snake.

Scotchie: snake is not a guru....

Natureaddict: I realize that. Was just explaining why I contacted the bank and who prompted it.

Mangelo: I didn't fill it out because I wanted to see if it was true and waited for a response from you guys.....but most importantly I don't want my information given out unless I am in from of a W from a bank...please be careful of fake sites that will get your information..

Natureaddict: It is interesting to theorize about this though. Could it be that this is a hoax? Could it be that the lower personnel in these banks are simply not in the know? I find it hard to believe both of these... doesn't pass my common sense test. So... how to explain it? If they are in the know but can't say I don't think they would be using the "hoax" language.....

nwmontana: it's no hoax..I can go to any citibank, and exchange IQD right now..just not at a favorable rate. Morning All! : ) my response from HSBC didn't say hoax..It said they will open an account, and exchange euro' for me.

Natureaddict: NW; I surmise the hoax language might be happening now because they are getting a lot of these contacts from all of us.

nwmontana: *euro's..ANY bank will exchange our currency that has a foreign exchange dept...Once it 'goes live'..

KLS : Hang in there, peeps! Don't give information to anyone, unless you are in person, speaking to bank manager/wealth/foreign currency teller.

Natureaddict: I doubt that Snake would have led us astray.... Since he is in banking I doubt he would have had us do this and it compromise our information.

nwmontana: Snake is a man of honor..he's been working with these folks awhile..we are just emailers from cyberspace..imo...

Natureaddict: Ok folks... Here is something else VERY interesting I just realized about htat email. They emailed it back to themselves and BCCd me on it. Intriguing...


zejaybee: Nature the BCC is to send it to many at one time without disclosing all the recipients

Natureaddict: Well... exactly..... Who are the many? And why if this is just a hoax?

Firefly: I'll wait till it goes live Smile

1camman1: Doesn't make a difference that the recipients were not disclosed. The fact is...they sent it back to themselves.

Blondie: It's not time for the BIG DOGS to run quiite yet! We are waiting for SNAKE

zejaybee: 1cam some email servers require a valid email address in the TO: or CC: field

Natureaddict: Yeah... I'd like to hear what Snake has to say about this! Smile

1camman1: Z I'm aware of that as I am well versed in IT. Emails are stored in sent and does not require a BCC. The reason for the BCC to themselves is curious. I bank with HSBC and receive notices from them frequently. To date, they've never BCC'd.

Sandnsea: Hey- calm down peeps - there is an answer- it's all good - I'm in this too

Natureaddict: I too think the Bcc is extremely interesting. Completely off-topic question. Do you guys know if anyone on here has had a tarantula before?

1camman1: My mom sent her info to the link with providing "Zero" information of a currency exchange. She just requested information on Private Banking. Their response had nothing to do with private banking - only the generic information that was sent out. Why didn't they answer the request about Private Banking? I know why? Snake knows why because he informed us. Admin knows why or otherwise he wouldn't have let that recording out. To question Admin on this one, yet always awaiting his intel update makes no sense to me.

Snake: Welcome room am coming in with some apparently questionable behavior on my part as related to an HSBC link that was given to a small number participants on an arranged conference call. I will take the next couple of entries to hopefully explain what had been presented to me privately and well before the link I had been provided had been publicized on various other dinar information sites. At the time that information was provided to me there were all types of rumors about whether we would be given 800 numbers and if not how would any bank know that anyone had purchased currency unless it had been purchased at that particular bank.

What was given to me that at the time I shared with a very small group on the call I made reference to I simply advised that this would be a method of allowing HSBC to become aware that you owned currency as they would have captured you name phone # and an email address

Almost immediately I received an email back from HSBC advising me that they as a bank did not participate or exchange a number of currencies which was a given but that they would then have my contact information in the event 800 numbers were not given out

libertyu78: HSBC apparently called this whole thing a hoax. So some people are hoping it's a smokescreen or from someone who doesn't know better at the bank

Natureaddict: Snake I am pretty sure you posted that link on March 10th because that is the day I copied and pasted it from here onto my notes. If it wasn't you then it was someone else here on chat that put it here. I did notice you gave it also on that call as well.

Snake: Since that initial information was provided on that particular call the same information I had been given in confidence was on all these other information sites as well

Avon Lady: you did post Snake because then some others came on and asked for it... I offered to post for you and you said that would be great and save you time. so my fault too.. I apologize! Those blank blank blank people just can't leave anything alone..

Snake: The concern I have now is yes I did post it I now understand that the emails being sent back by HSBC may contain the word fraud, well the message I received did not mention fraud any place. If anyone thinks I would do anything to harm anyone on this site then it is very possible I have misjudged many people in ever attempting to offer any personal knowledge or experiences

Natureaddict: Snake I don't think anyone said fraud... except
Scotchie but I think he was talking about the bank being fraudulent... not you! Smile

Scotchie: I never said anything

Avon Lady: And that is nonsense... Snake my response back was like yours... No Fraud word was in there and you did out of the kindness of your heart. You have done nothing but help many in this room. I trust no one is accusing you of such.

Countrygirl70: Snake I got a response from HSBC and fraud was mentioned but I dismiss that.

Natureaddict: I'm sorry Scotchie..... perhaps I'm misremembering... A few of us got "hoax" language back from HSBC

Scotchie:I said if a bank says it is a hoax, and it is not, can they be sued

Snake: I unfortunately have not read any prior posts to my coming in just now but received a text indicating things were in a flurry about me and HSBC

Natureaddict: Oh yes yes yes.... that is what you said. My bad.

Blondie: SCOTCH Didn't you say it was a hoax?

Scotchie: No Blondie

Natureaddict: Yes Snake... very thankful. I personally said that I followed through and did this because you recommended it and I agreed with that recommendation; that if no 800 numbers came out it would be a good idea for them to have our contact info. Snake....I got the hoax language back but what I thought was personally interesting is my reply was sent back to themselves and I was Bccd...

Scotchie: I have no idea if it is a hoax, a scam, or real

Avon Lady: Snake,,, the problem is too many may or may not understand the process of the GCR/RV and need research things so they can understand better what is going on. You can't just come in and take info knowing what the process is .. I love helping whoever I can, but I try to give info for others to look up too. Snake you are my rock because you help everyone to understand the steps and you explain alot to us. Sure has made me open up and want to learn more..I thank you my friend for that.

Zejaybee: Snake please count me in the group of people who appreciate your input

1camman1: Snake I had no problem following the information you put out on the call because of who you are. I thank you very much. The response I received from the bank and the way they did it made me further know, not that I need any more "signs" that this process is real.

Blondie: SCOTCH Did you not post that received a respone from HSBC that this was a hoax?

Snake: Ok I have cleared my chest as ET been in today as yet, spoke at length with her last night and she was really broken up by losing her Mom and I really appreciate all who have expressed their sympathy for her at some point it will truly be a meaningful memory for her my thanks to all who contributed and to those gracious enough to capture everything.

Scotchie: No. I have never contacted any bank by phone or email. I do not have an email, therefore I have never received anything

Natureaddict: Blondie, that was me this morning that posted that...

Scotchie: My email was posted by Dinar Daily, and I deleted all my emails months ago

snickers: We've been told since time immemorial "Don't...Call...The...Bank"!!!!!! So, what has changed to dismiss that edict.

Avon Lady: Ok everyone please remember......... Admin wants nobody to mention , type in that DD word. If you type something in chat or post in forum... Be sure to put at the top that not to be recopied or reposted anywhere.

Seadrift23: Personally, I feel much more comfortable that HSBC has my email on file. Of course they CANNOT tell us, 'We will call you the moment this happens". I did not expect that response. So, thank you Snake.

Sandnsea: Stop! I received a letter and some here also have the same response from HSBC after giving them information, that this is a hoax. I can forward the letter if anyone wishes to see it. All I was asking for was clarification. This has snowballed, no one is to blame

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Snake Says to Contact HSBC Empty Re: Snake Says to Contact HSBC

Post by RamblerNash on Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:04 pm

Snake Says to Contact HSBC 3508649203 Snake Says to Contact HSBC 3508649203 Snake Says to Contact HSBC 3508649203 Snake Says to Contact HSBC 3508649203 Snake Says to Contact HSBC 3508649203 Snake Says to Contact HSBC 3508649203 Snake Says to Contact HSBC 3508649203

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Snake Says to Contact HSBC Empty Re: Snake Says to Contact HSBC

Post by roxy22222222 on Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:15 pm

All at each others throats! Love it! Snake Says to Contact HSBC 3508649203 Snake Says to Contact HSBC 3508649203 Snake Says to Contact HSBC 3508649203

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