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Video - Nick Giammarino Meets Rich Morris (American Contractor) DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Video - Nick Giammarino Meets Rich Morris (American Contractor)

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Video - Nick Giammarino Meets Rich Morris (American Contractor) Empty Video - Nick Giammarino Meets Rich Morris (American Contractor)

Post by nickgiammarino on Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:42 pm

I first followed Rich back in 2013.

I got smart to the gurus, mainly because of their porn beginnings (James Wolf - Adam Montana) or with their multi level marketing backgrounds (Dan Atkinson - Checkmate & Tony Renfrow - TNT Tony) but with Rich Morris, he put his face out there, which is what prompted me to do the same.  He actually did videos from Dubai, and spoke from experience.

I know most of these gurus are afraid to be seen on video, no surprise there.  Frank26 (Frank Villa) does, but I think that might stop because he is now dealing with foreign currency while pumping the RV at the same time, big mistake.
Hope you guys like this:

Now, I don't think this is the final video.  I recorded to 4k then reconverted it to 1080p.  I just received a new HTC 10 and wanted to play around, I think it makes good video and the audio is not bad either.

Where are all the dinar gurus?  They won't show their faces, yet they have all this "inside information" that can't be proved factual.

We are meeting again on possibly Friday morning (my birthday) to possibly make a video or record some audio (or both).

Our sites:



If you have any questions, drop them here and I will be happy to pass them along to Rich.

We did a podcast back on June 14, 2014


My interview with Rich Morris, the American Contractor


Rich can be reached through his website here:


Topics of today's podcast

PM Nuri Malaki
Iraq buys 36 tons of gold, when will they receive it?
Is the gold physical or digital?
Germany wants their gold back.
Why is CBI buying so much gold?
Backing the dinar with gold.
USA Today China Media Call For De Americanized World
Will the Iraqi Dinar RV?
Unrealistic rate of $3 per dinar
Dual exchange rate (two rates)
Central Bank announces reprinted banknotes
Gurus false claim of removal of lower denomination notes
What is your opinion of the dinar gurus?
Describe making a purchase in Iraq, what bills (denominations) did you use?
Dollars versus Dinars in Iraq for daily purchases.
Huge transactions with large wads of dinars.
Some Iraqi's are stuck with dinars, dangerous situations.
The Iraqi's love US Dollars, perferred over Iraqi Dinar.
Most large purchases are made with the US dollar versus Dinars.
Mostly paper currency, some banks have credit cards.
Everything up in the air until the election results.
Infrastructure in Iraq - Water, lucky to get bottled water.
Infrastructure in Iraqi - Three hour Government Run Electricity, portable generators
How were things in 1990 before the Iraq War - must listen to this.
No running water, electricity blackouts.
You must buy water in bulk in Iraq.  You might have to walk one block one
day, four blocks the next day, it's dangerous.
3G internet
Phamaceuticals in Iraq
What can you get for a 25,000 dinar note, what is it's purchasing power.
See this menu from Iraq
Buying a burger or apple pie, don't expect change if you use US dollars, you get dinar back, not a good deal.

Remember to leave questions in this thread.

Video - Nick Giammarino Meets Rich Morris (American Contractor) Nick-Giammarino-American-Contractor-Rich-Morris

Nick Giammarino - Global Currency Reset

Contact me on Twitter via globalresetguy or dinarrvnews or private message (PM) me here on Dinar Daily.  I have private videos HERE

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Video - Nick Giammarino Meets Rich Morris (American Contractor) Empty Re: Video - Nick Giammarino Meets Rich Morris (American Contractor)

Post by Sam I Am on Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:23 am

Excellent! Rich might not be a guru hunter but he has been countering guru hype for years. Looking forward to more from the two of you.

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Sam I Am
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