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Just Who is PinkRoses?

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Just Who is PinkRoses? Empty Just Who is PinkRoses?

Post by Ssmith on Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:36 am


These are personal thoughts of my journey in Dinarland on this day of February 21, 2017. WOW!!! Who knew when a manager came up to me over 3 years ago and told me that I needed to go to this website which was Sterling Currency Group and purchase dinar, and I needed to do this today they said since tomorrow would be too late would begin a new path in my life. Upon questioning the manager what it was all about, they said they didn’t know much about it, but one of their family members were totally involved and knew more than they did. Upon arriving home I Goggled this company, and went ahead and purchased the currency not realizing it would be the beginning of my journey being part of Dinarland, as I call it, being led to where I am today.

Where am I today in my journey? Much I have learned and experienced in this journey of Dinarland. With open eyes, ears, and heart I goggled, and searched everything I could about Iraqi dinar. I found websites that had blogs about the dinar. My desire was if all was true that I could have the opportunity to exchange some currency with the hope of helping my family how blessed that would be. I had no knowledge of the political maneuvers for power and greed in all aspects of the government and finances around the world. Nor did I have knowledge of the good forces combating the evil forces for the goodwill of mankind happening without most of the world’s population knowing about it. How could that be I asked myself? Why only a small percentage of the world is in knowledge of all that is happening? Even then most of us in Dinarland do not have the total knowledge of what is happening behind closed doors in countries all over the world for the benefit of mankind.

Today, I sit at my laptop with humble heart and mind, a single working Mom providing the best I can for my children, who is very grateful to the Chinese Elders, the NPTB, the Whitehats, who have allowed ones like myself this opportunity to have a part of this blessing to help others in need. I pray that when I go into that exchange center that God’s will is done. Yes, I am nervous, and a bit scared inside that I won’t live up to what is expected of me, but ever so joyful in my heart that after walking in to the Redemption Center exchanging some currency, I will walk out with the available funds to be able to bless who I am meant to bless. I hope who and what I am able to bless, my humanitarian plans and dreams, reaches all over the world giving others new hope and a new life especially to the innocent ones of the world, the children. In my heart, I know many others have the same hope or dreams to help others as I do.

It is an honor and privilege to be part of Dinarland. When I think of Dinarland I think of all the people I have met here and listened to. Each one has contributed what their own heart has told them to whether it has been negative or positive. Even the negative people I wonder why are they so? What motivates them to be negative and even argumentative at times? Such ones teach me how I should not be. Thank you to all the negative commenters and bloggers, and I pray that one day something positive will strike a chord in you and your outlook and heart desires will be fulfilled for the benefit of yourself and those who you will touch in your life.

Thank you to all the positive kind hearted caring people in Dinarland. Thank you to all the gurus of every blog and conference call. Each of you have become part of this historical period of history never to be repeated in our lifetime. Thank you for your time, effort, insights, heart and care wanting to provide the best for all of us in Dinarland. Without all you providing information to us on daily and weekly bases, where would we “toothless crackheads” be? On one side I laugh when I hear or say that term. Yes, probably some of us are literally toothless and that is okay. When this blessing comes through if you wish you will be able to get some brand new teeth. (smiling). However, on the other side I not laugh at this term. How ignorant and self absorbing are the ones that think such of another human being? To such ones I say to them how you have treated others good or bad, may good or bad come back to you and thus you reap what you have sown. (learned that from the Bible). If badness returns to those who have sown badness, sobeit, Amen.

There have been many other people who have positively have given their resources, time, and effort for all of us in Dinarland. Thank you to each and every one of you that have done so whether you are one of the Intel Providers, Administrator of a website, transcriber, commenter, etc. All of us have woven our own thread into the fabric that makes up Dinarland. One day we all will look back and see that beautiful fabric that represents the kind and caring hearts that believed, hoped and had the faith that one year, one month, one day in history this blessing would come to be manifested for the benefit of all no matter who or where you are in this world. May all of us that are part of Dinarland with humble and giving hearts have our humanitarian plans and dreams come true they way God’s has meant for us to do so in this historical period of our lives and the world’s never forgetting the path that led us to this blessing.

Until this blessing is manifested, may all of us continue to Believe, Hope, and have Faith. Also enjoy the ride in Dinarland. Again WOW what a ride it has been!!!! Thank you, all.

Love, light, and hugsss,

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