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Post by Ssmith Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:29 am

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Thank You Dinarland! Love You All!

You know I had to write this to thank everyone. You know I have been involved in this for 4 years with the Historical Bonds and the last year and half with the currencies. I was so lucky to meet some amazing people in one of the chat rooms named Tank and Bewdah. I was able to build them a chatroom so they could help pull people together. Since building for them I have built chatrooms for multiple people in Dinarland like Dr WC and the Mukrew. I have also helped other people with getting information out to people. I really have meet some amazing people who I love a lot and would do anything to help them. My whole job in Dinarland was to just help pull everyone together and be there to help anyone who needed help no matter what they believed. I learnt how not to judge anyone just love everyone.

Well I had a family crisis happen with my 3 year old nephew who's name is Sacha who means the world to me. I would give my life just to save his. He ran into some critical health challenges that have put him into a very bad situation. I prayed and prayed but I knew I needed more help. So I went to multiple chatrooms and asked if I could get some people to help me pray for the little dude. Well the prayers were amazing from everywhere. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever been a part of. Just seeing people pray for him with out even knowing him was very very emotional for me. It made me realize how amazing Dinarland people can be. Nobody said no to helping everyone wanted to help with prayers for Sacha and for my family. It made me realize that nobody was right or wrong but all came together just to help one child that needed some prayers. It was all about love. It was amazing.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and care packages. People like Tank, Bewdah, Yosef, FX, Wolfy, Marsha, Blueflame, Dr WC, Fisher, the MuKrew and all the other people in the chatroom and Dinarland. I Love You All and I am there for all of you no matter what.

If I could say one last thing. We may all have different opinions, we may have different intel, we may think we are right and they are wrong, we may think that we are better or know more, but we are all one big family called Dinarland. I know that we all love each other and we would be there for anyone that needs any help. Thank You Dinarland my family owes you for all the prayers and care packages.

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