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Anbuge: Replace the Currency Will Lead to the Biggest Corruption in Iraq’s History DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Anbuge: Replace the Currency Will Lead to the Biggest Corruption in Iraq’s History

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Anbuge: Replace the Currency Will Lead to the Biggest Corruption in Iraq’s History Empty Anbuge: Replace the Currency Will Lead to the Biggest Corruption in Iraq’s History

Post by silkysand Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:45 am


He said that the Mafia is preparing to seize the opportunity

BAGHDAD- Warned Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs of the risks that may accompany the process of replacing the currency and deleting three zeros of them, stressing that it will return the largest of corruption in Iraq’s history and will add trillions of counterfeit currency that will go to the Holocaust in exchange for currency, useful incoming information said it was almost certain about the existence of cartels has been working now for counterfeiting in order to exploit some weak souls and corrupt during times of replacement with new ones, indicating that this procedure will not return any benefit of the Iraqi economy at the moment.

Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge Speaking (l morning): The process of replacing the currency or delete the zeros of which are usually in stable countries economically and that are stable institutional, service and security and have a reasonable level of gross domestic product, so it is normal and has been practiced in many countries of the world Kromanaa, Turkey and Brazil.

Indicating that the current circumstances through which Iraq will not leave any positive impact on the local real economy after deleting three zeros from the currency, not far nor near, noting that it is better for economic policy-makers before proceeding with this action, which does not carry the right time to pay attention to the development or administrative reforms, USA tax or banking experiencing serious declines of the whole he said could lead to block many of the goals of economic vitality that Iraq is seeking to achieve.

And the expected gains by the process of deletion of zeros, or can be reflected by the negative aspects of said Anbuge “if the subject of improving the Iraqi economy relates to the process of deletion of zeros to the (Somalia), for example, and one of the best countries Aqsadia in the world,” he said, adding that the possibility of deletion of zeros is available to all global economies, but it may produce a large negative after application, called the governments of those countries to dismiss this and think decisively decisions said it may work to revive all aspects of industrial development and where.

The Anbuge that during the past few weeks put this directly on the charge of the Central Bank of Romania, who had Iraq in that process where the presence accompanied by a number of officials for the conduct and growth of the economy of that country, noting that officials of the Central Bank of the Roman assured him and the rest of the delegation that the experiment did not reflect any positive effects on the economic realities of the Roman.

And the Chancellor that the process does not carry any economic value in situations such as those experienced by Iraq, as the corruption will create a disruption big that could undermine the benefits of this transformation, noting that the transformation of some countries did not shift entirely but was gradually extended for many years in order not to cause a clear financial collapses in currency markets to those countries or to create disruption in the markets, government departments and service institutions.

Revealed Anbuge for receiving information, said it almost certainly indicating the existence of mafias took preparing from now for forging coins Iraq from being circulated at the present time so they can be replaced if you change the currency and the deletion of zeros taking advantage of some weak souls and some cases of corruption, saying he was at the currency exchange, the opportunity will be favorable because the trillions come from the current counterfeit currency and go to the Holocaust out of its place new currencies instead.

Anki also said, “I healed myself as a consultant for government decision, which he considered wrong.”

The central bank has noted (morning) during the interview by his deputy, the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh to the determination of the Bank to proceed with the project to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar to convert thousand dinars to one dinar, referring to the adoption of long-term plan for this project that would reluctant to enormous mass of cash in Iraq, according to Saleh, who between as well as the factors of this procedure, which he described as very important by saying that “Iraq is one of the countries hit by inflation rampant in more than two decades ago, was reflected in hyperinflation, for example, up version of cash of about 25 billion dinars in the early nineties, becoming in 2003 six thousand billion.”
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