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OneWhoNoLongerBelievesTheBS Rant  12/27/16 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

OneWhoNoLongerBelievesTheBS Rant 12/27/16

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OneWhoNoLongerBelievesTheBS Rant  12/27/16 Empty OneWhoNoLongerBelievesTheBS Rant 12/27/16

Post by Ssmith on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:54 pm

I don't get the 'Glitch' excuse?

The 800# was supposed to come out on Christmas day.

How tough is it to send an email to a site like Dinar Chronicles with
the 800# right here and let them post it. Copying Ray, Dinar
Detectives, and all the others?

Several people tried to send it out but there was a glitch. I can't help it, it really sounds like a lie to me.

Let me try... 1-800-Bullsh!te

Maybe it's true, I had a glitch, the 'i' is upside-down


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OneWhoNoLongerBelievesTheBS Rant  12/27/16 Empty Re: OneWhoNoLongerBelievesTheBS Rant 12/27/16

Post by Ssmith on Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:56 pm

OneWhoNoLongerBelievesTheBS Rant  12/27/16 Kitten-on-computer-keyboard

Understanding a GCR Glitch

It is so easy to rant and complain as by standers of the big event. Like a Monday Morning Quarter Back, who has all the answers in hind sight. We hear things like "There was a Glitch," or a banking issue, or some other "Cover Name" and we ignorantly say "Why not just email the 800#s?" Or we hear, "Why can't they just exchange us at the low rates in the mean time?" They have valid reasons (Not Excuses) for everything.

You Are Protected

First, do you really think you are hearing all there is to know about it? Of course not, and if you don’t know the whole story, how can you possibly have an opinion on what is going on, much less a solution? You should know that you, and the sleeping public, are being protected in every possible way. When "they" say to you that there has been a delay due to a black out or "Glitch," what they really mean is that they just saved possibly a million lives by defusing a nuclear bomb and a chemical weapon from going off in Washington D.C. However they would never tell you that "Officially" because it would scare the crap out of those who live there. Yes we do hear about it from Kent Dunn, and Begimin Fulford, and others, but they are not "Official" sources. "Official Sources" have to be more responsible about what they say and what they reveal. Frankly even Zorra, did confirm the bombs when asked directly. But scare and fear mongering is not his way nor the way of the benevolent benefactors of the plan.

We will never hear exactly what the delay entails, whether it is a Nuclear Bomb being found and deactivated or removing a newly found computer virus designed to deplete your account after you exchange. You will be just told there is a "Glitch."

For Those Who Want To Start Anyway

Yes we hear over and over again that all the other Tiers have completed and exchanged and we say "Why not us! How can they go but we are made to wait?" This is so easy to explain and understand. All of the other groups and Tiers that have been through the "Process" were not done in an "Official Way" but instead done in a "NON Official" way.

Yes they were called in, and paper work signed and deposits made, most of which are not available yet. The difference is that all of those transactions were NOT considered "PUBLIC" in nature. They were all private, quiet, Pre-GCR arrangements. Our transactions are a completely DIFFERENT type of transaction.

When We Go

They don’t know all of us. How could they? Sure they have emails of many of us, but I guarantee you that they don’t know the people I gifted to. They may be good, but they are not that good. When we go, it will be by a public notice, unlike what they did with all the other tiers. They were known, registered, and just called directly, privately and handled with an NDA. We can't be handled that way.

When the 800#s are "Published/Released" it is a public announcement. Of course the sleeping public at large will have no idea, and by contrast we will be all over it. That being said it is a public notice and therefore a public acknowledgement that A) The GCR is REAL, and B) The GRC has begun. This public confirmation of the GCR is a HUGE deal. Until the 800#s come out there has been no proof or official acknowledgement of the GCR. But after that happens.... IT ALL BEGINS!!!!

The Whole Sequence Of Events

So, the only way to get us all exchanged is to go public. This Public, Official acknowledgement starts a whole series of events and steps that are to take place. Once this starts publicly, then NESARA is just a few days behind, if not at the same time. One of the steps the Cabal most worries about is being arrested and/or removed from office. So, while we may think that our exchange is the same as those who have already exchanged, it is way more significant as it drops the hammer on the Cabal and kicks off the World Change! As a side benefit of going after the "Official" start, is that we will get our money in liquid form before we even walk out the door of the exchange.

Set Up The Dominos

Right now we are setting up the dominos so that when they start falling, they continue all the way to the end where we have a new financial system throughout the World, Implement GESARA throughout the World, Have rounded up and arrested all the Bad guys before they do us harm, and we have successful exchanges without incident.

Once it starts, a problem can crash the whole plan. So, setting up the dominos include things like putting the Busch's, Clintons, and even the Queen of England under house arrest so they are where they can be arrested when the time is right. It includes getting all the money in the right accounts safely so that our accounts will be liquid before we leave the exchange center. Also, it means finding all the dirty deeds the cabal have planned for us when this goes officially, such as nuclear bombs and the like. You know that many of the planned "Disasters" are automatically set to happen when this "Officially" goes... right? They have to find all the bombs and planned disasters before it is announced and goes "Officially." Make sense?

You Decide

So, do you want to go ahead right now anyway, then soon after wards a nuclear bomb goes off and wipes out a major city... OOPS! Or we go anyway, and then after your exchange, you check you big fat account to find it is all gone? OOPS!, Or find out that some of the Cabal weren't captured and they are on the loose planning something? Do you want to worry about that? NOT ME!

If I were to choose, I would say "Let's wait to do this until everything that needs to be done, is done, were we will be safe before and after it happens." I vote that we let them do what they need to do, and let us know when they are ready to launch the biggest change this World has ever seen, and know it was done right, and that we are safe... REALLY SAFE!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we hear there was a glitch and quickly condemn them for their incompetence, when we should be applauding them instead for saving us and putting themselves at risk while doing it. It is so easy to think we have the whole picture and can judge what should be done and not done, but we don't even have a clue as to the complexity and danger of what is going on behind the scenes.

Instead of second guessing the current problems of the GCR, let's just let them be to get their work done. When you hear a "Glitch" has happened, it could be a computer problem or a bomb, we don't know and might never know. Just know this: They want this done way more than you, and they are doing everything they can think of to defeat the Rouge Cabal Minions and complete this process. Let's not look ridiculous by saying that the 800#s could just be emailed to us, when the actual problem is a million people about to die.

We all have our own jobs and parts in this World Change. Their part is to get this GCR/GESARA done and going safely, and completely. Then, and only then, do we do our job of healing the Planet. So let's not tell them how to do their job when we have no idea what is really going on, and let's not criticize them either, when it doesn't go as planned. O.K.?

May You get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes

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OneWhoNoLongerBelievesTheBS Rant  12/27/16 Empty Re: OneWhoNoLongerBelievesTheBS Rant 12/27/16

Post by roxy22222222 on Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:54 pm

The 800# was supposed... to come out on Christmas day.

There are no 800#s. They were created by the master scammer himself!...Tony! :yes:

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