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The interests of the parties and hinder reaching the Iraqi parliament to agree on a budget for 2017 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The interests of the parties and hinder reaching the Iraqi parliament to agree on a budget for 2017

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The interests of the parties and hinder reaching the Iraqi parliament to agree on a budget for 2017 Empty The interests of the parties and hinder reaching the Iraqi parliament to agree on a budget for 2017

Post by RamblerNash Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:02 pm

The interests of the parties and hinder reaching the Iraqi parliament to agree on a budget for 2017

Dec 06, 2016

The interests of the parties and hinder reaching the Iraqi parliament to agree on a budget for 2017 05qpt952.5

Baghdad «Quds Al-Arabi»: once again, failed the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Monday, to approve the financial budget bill for next year in 2017, and in order to discuss it on Wednesday, for the failure of the parliamentary political forces talks to agree on basic items in it.

The Council voted during its meeting on Sunday, which followed up «Quds Al-Arabi» on the 50 articles of the budget, while for other vertebrae.

The most significant paragraphs approved by parliament, to approve the budget revenues for next year, which was estimated at 79 trillion and 11 billion and 421 million Iraqi dinars, while calculated the income earned from the export of crude oil at a rate of US $ 42, and the amount of 100 trillion and 671 million government expenditures dinars, as well as the fiscal deficit of 21 trillion dinars, and calculating the Kurdistan Regional revenues, as well as its share of the budget amounting to 17%.

The Board also voted, on the deduction of 4% of the state employees and pensions, to cover the popular crowd and displaced expenses and bind the Kurdistan Regional Government to deduct the same percentage of the Kurdistan region of staff, noting that the percentage of the deduction of salaries in the 2016 budget was only 3%.

As part of attempts to find additional resources to the budget, the parliament approved the imposition of new taxes, including a 20 percent tax on Kartat mobilization of mobile phone networks and the Internet », in addition to the imposition of $ 25 thousand dinars on foreign airline tickets and 10 thousand on the interior in all Iraqi airports.

As the sound turned down on the granting of the license to five years for state employees for those interested, and voted to compel the ministries and provinces and departments not associated with the ministry to purchase their requirements of products ministries or local product, and the Board approved stop appointments on permanent staffing and manner of contracts in the state departments of all, in the three presidencies, also trimmed deputations and individuals embassies.

The session witnessed altercations between the House and the withdrawal of some of the political blocs to protest the vertebrae budget. MPs of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's parliamentary bloc has pulled out in protest against the postponement of the vote on a proposal of the Finance Committee in Article IX and private allocation of financial dues to the Peshmerga forces from the Defense Department budget for fiscal federal budget for 2017

According to parliamentary sources, it said the strong differences emerged between the deputies in response to the background demanding the annexation of Peshmerga salaries to share the Ministry of Defence in the budget, while rejected MPs, especially from the Shiite National Alliance, which insisted that the share of the Peshmerga within the 17% allotted to the territory budget, prompting the Speaker of Parliament Saleem al-Jubouri to postpone the paragraph concerning the financial assignments for the Kurdistan region until they reach an understanding between the political blocs.

MPs also called on the Sunni provinces determine the proportion of the year in the popular crowd for 30% of the associate which was rejected by the Shiite forces that constitute elements of a large majority.

MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party Hakhuan Abdullah was attacked at a press conference on the objectors dues Peshmerga saying: «There fighters fighting outside Iraq and paid the salaries of the Peshmerga and defend the homeland does not distract her salary.» In reference to the popular crowd factions fighting in Syria.

The MP, we have agreed to allocate 17% of the defense budget for the Peshmerga, but the National Alliance did not abide by this agreement, noting that the Kurdish bloc voted in favor of the popular crowd Act while the refusal of the National Alliance (Shiite) approve the share Peshmerga in the budget.

He acknowledged the National Alliance MP Jawad al-Bolani said the government is facing serious difficulties in securing budgetary resources, which dispenses all imports from the export of oil day by day, stressing that the government can not exchange and spending as before.

Bolani said at a televised meeting of the parliament building I followed «Quds Al-Arabi», said the 2017 budget would be an austere budget and not the investment side, but only cover government expenses, such as salaries and expenses of the war on the organization «state» and displaced persons.

He revealed that a political agreement with the Kurdish bloc on the salaries of the Peshmerga reached before the budget presentation in Parliament, but the Kurdish bloc put forward during the vote to be pay the Peshmerga out ratio of 17% allocated to the region within the budget.

He predicted economist haven Secretary to carry the budget in 2017 is greater than the current year's budget deficit deficit despite government directions to expand the circle of non-oil revenue and reduce expenditure sections, calling to activate the anti-corruption and accountability measures Naklh companies.

He said in a statement that «the debt owed by balancing the past two years and the continuation of the war against the state regulation and liberalization of the cities with the atrophy of the role of income-generating sectors such as industry, agriculture and tourism, combined with the aid of more than three million displaced people and the reconstruction of liberated cities and the decline in oil prices, will generate a budget for next year burdened with internal Palanvaqat with repay previous debt bills or deferred requires serious work to look for other financial revenues in addition to oil while reducing expenditures on unnecessary projects and reducing government expenditure. »

The Iraqi government relies to pay off the large deficit in the budget austerity and spending cuts with a policy relying on internal and external loans, amid criticism for poor management of the country's wealth and rampant financial corruption and waste of national wealth ..


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