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Happy Thanksgiving from WSOMN DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Happy Thanksgiving from WSOMN

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Happy Thanksgiving from WSOMN Empty Happy Thanksgiving from WSOMN

Post by Ssmith on Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:03 am

From all of us at WSOMN Happy Thanksgiving. May this be the beginning of the best holiday season ever. The Chat Room will be open today for the sharing of Thanksgiving stories and to allow those alone to find Peace among friends.


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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2016 (0900 MT)

Happy Thanksgiving! More info coming in yesterday to suggest that we are closer to our goal. Activity may begin tomorrow. News out of Iraq continues to be good. Look for good things to happen. We have a window that stretches through January IMO. 


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A Tale of Two Parallel RV/GCR Universes

In my 11 year involvement in the RV/GCR process I have been fortunate to have communicated with many interesting characters and good people that have played an integral part in the day to day information, intelligence and rumor outlets we have become accustom to over the years. What strikes me recently is that we in dinarland seem to be functioning in two parallel universes that seem to have the same end goal of releasing the funds to the public but different means of accomplishing that goal.

Keep in mind that when I was first introduced to the Iraqi Dinar there was no GCR. It was all about the Dinar. Over time the need of a world currency reset became readily apparent to the financial and political world so they could save their own collective skins. Thus was born the GCR. Can you imagine what was necessary to involve so many currencies at one time? It would be a colossal nightmare of interconnecting and developing computer systems, laws and regulations and international agreements. Those who have put this together deserve credit for what they have achieved. They will never see it.

Let's take what I will call Group 1. Group 1 has the desire, and more importantly, the need, to see the release of the funds. These may include the UST, IMF, BIS, western bankers and government agencies that continually feed us information on the 800 numbers, people called into exchange centers and other and much more in the form of "intel" and "it's right around the corner", etc. But, after so many attempts, do these folks really have the authority to pull the trigger?

Group 2 appears to me to be a totally obscure and singularly secret group of highly intelligent men and women that may actually be able to release the funds and have the authority to release funds for both the RV and GCR concurrently. Yet have they determined the time is not right quite yet? They do not discuss, release or tell anyone of their plans and will not until they are no longer plans. Everything is done.

That is my speculation for tonight. Do dinarians live in two parallel universes? Maybe...but we really don't care do we as long as we see the RV/GCR completed? 

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