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Ubiety has a Theory   11/18/16 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Ubiety has a Theory 11/18/16

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Ubiety has a Theory   11/18/16 Empty Ubiety has a Theory 11/18/16

Post by Ssmith on Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:35 am

I have a theory.

I propose that “Yosef” has either alone or in concert with a very limited number of others conceived and delivered a purposeful hoax on dinarians. The hoax was not the classic offer of something intrinsically false or valueless, but rather the deception was one of profound embellishment of what is real. IQD as a currency, while of only curiosity value at this time, has potential of significantly higher value in the indeterminate future. Thus, the basis of the hoax is unarguably “real”, making dispute of the hoax more difficult. My remarks, therefore, are focused on the "embellishments".

It is, there for VERY important to distinguish the hoax from the “hook”. Sometimes the “hook” is opportunity of some kind, perhaps fame. In this case, it is the promise of fabulous wealth (more recently) coupled with spiritual (one might say) “success” or growth or satisfaction - the “ascension”. The combined lure is powerful - both greed and a yearning for connection with God are compelling and forceful drives.

“Yosef” seems very clearly to feature himself as a leader and teacher. He, and those who have aligned themselves with his “teachings” and representations to dinarland, has given an unfolding body of information to dinarland. The minutiae need not be covered here but could be the subject of a further post which chronicles in detail the representation made, and the step represented by each “revelation” in the unfolding saga delivered to dinarians with at least the same drama and suspense of a popular TV soap opera.

The message and teachings have been incremental and calculatedly unfolding. Imagine if “Yosef” had attempted to introduce extra-terrestrials as a part of his theology in February 2016, as he did this month. He, it would seem, knew he would be dismissed as a crackpot with no grounding or rational basis in his faith, which would then have destroyed his path to deep and unexamined acceptance by unaware and unprepared dinarians.

I will resist the temptation to quote Scripture because it would be considered by too many as a manipulation. Instead, let’s reason together. Despite the literally laughable “5D” thinking suggested by some of the followers who have run amok, I urge logic and rational thinking for those who may read this. To what extent did the explanation of “zim as a bond” satisfy your intellect, as opposed to your emotions and desires? To what extent does the explanation of quintillions of dollars rationally comport with even a limited understanding of the terrible implication for people due to “inflation” of either digital or paper money supply (google “Venezuela”)?

A few more questions to provoke thought: When “current zim rates” began escalating beyond fractions of cents on the dollar to, most recently, “six figures” at full face amount of the zim currency, did that sound exciting but irrational? When explanation of zim value shifted from being based on precious metals and value underground in Zimbabwe to being based on a benevolent Chinese dynastic family desiring to profoundly enrich zim holders to values thousands of times all the known wealth in the world, did that not seem strange?

Along the path over about the last year, while candidly facing one’s foibles is hard, it usually engenders respect and trust. Yet, “Yosef” has very carefully avoided dealing squarely with the countless announcements which within days prove to be simply wrong. Explanations have been glancing at best with the usual reference being something to the effect that “the situation is fluid”, or “it was delayed”, or more strangely “we don’t control the release”. Of course, no one ever suggested “Yosef” or his collaborators control anything - the dodge was never needed. On the other hand, if the people feeding “intel” to “Yosef” and his assistants (if, indeed, there were any) do not know or cannot know the very things which are given as “intel” to “Yosef”, 1) why would they give these faulty bits of “intel” at all, but even more importantly, 2) why would “Yosef” repeat information from “providers” who he knew had been dead wrong dozens and dozens of times?

As the long game con continued, in a wholesale push to foist his new age incorporating christian-esque theology on dinarland, “Yosef” has ridiculed those who resist him, sometimes subtly and sometimes blatantly, as spiritually immature, naive, unprepared, not well considered, and numerous other standard new age terms of condescension. The “spiritual” meaning of this currency speculation has completely overrun the financial and business transactional reality. Those who failed or refused to grasp this required paradigm change are “just in it for the money”, their motivation is not so subtly pronounced to be base and untoward.

Within the last month or two, however, it has become increasingly difficult to merely disregard the continual failures of announcements given to dinarland. Leading up to these last two months, we were offered gloriously distracting dodges. We were overwashed with words of perfect love, abundance, we are the blessed ones, patience proves our worthiness, sincerity, just a slow roll out, methods of ascension, and so many more means of distracting from the host of failed announcements of 800 number release, and other notorious events which never occurred.

More recently, while one or two of the “yosef-like” gurus are still offering smooth and gentle encouragement to disregard the waiting for events, and 100% failed promises, the “Yosef” message has become harsh and critical, shaming, and even profane. Those who have specifically called “Yosef” on particular announcements (notorious and very specific complete failures) have been labeled as impatient, greedy, unspiritual, unteachable, unascended, and unworthy of the “blessing”, among many similar insinuations. The tactics to achieve compliance shifted from distraction, to silken words promoting alliance, to harsh and shaming condemnation of thoswe who may dispute “Yosef” concerning these failures.

The common thread throughout this last year of strategically timed announcements, distractions, persuasive mini-sermons to achieve alliance and bonded relationship, and then finally, a harsh and condemning chastisement of those publicly offering factual criticism, has been an unfolding and staged plan to keep dinarland highly engaged, utterly forgiving of completely wrong “intel”, and shamed into continual and unjustified waiting on the ever new and always false promises “Yosef” offers.

Very simply, on a bed of some reality about dinar revaluation, “Yosef” has been conducting his own psyop to fantastically distort reality, maintain interest and even allegiance, despite being provably wrong every week during the entire time. I strongly suggest this is less absurd and bizarre then "Yosef's" recent encouragement to prepare to meet extra-terrestrials. Indeed, it would not surprise me even slightly to read, at some point in the future as it becomes more and more impossible to maintain the deception, an announcement that all the fantastic embellishments from “Yosef” about zim, special 800 numbers, the republic, the galactics, “tetelestai email” (an offensive and blatant emotonal manipulation), and countless little condescending written jabs at those thought to be unconvinced were all to illustrate how truly and completely naive, easily manipulated, and mindless so many people can be coaxed into becoming.

The "lesson" may come as an announcement that we have all been shown by “the teacher, Yosef”, that we can be manipulated, and have been easily so. Perhaps he might do this as a means of illustrating how easily a government can do this to its citizens. Perhaps his point might be that, surely we are all at risk of this level of manipulation when “Yosef” can do it for a year or more, and so how much more deeply and malevolently could be the manipulation we endure at the hands of trained government operatives. I draw such a notion from the multitude of conspiracy theorists who have been open-arm welcomed into this following of “Yosef”. Who knows the true motivation for the serial deceptions of the last year?

My purpose in this post/article is not specifically to create conflict or division, although, within the present environment of “in the club or not”, such is very likely. Instead, my hope is that it will inspire many, through application of facts and common sense, to think honestly and critically about what has come through this beguiling “Yosef” channel: The substance of it, the consistent falsity of it, the manipulative disregard of the persistently false “intel”, the dodging and diversion from nearly a solid year of failure, the intellectually sedative and overwhelmingly opiate quality of the religious meanings and shaming pressure put onto dinarland, and the bizarre mixture of Christianity, extra-terrestrials, and government overthrow conspiracies.

The private psyop needs to end so we can return to a rational currency investment and the facts surrounding it.


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Ubiety has a Theory   11/18/16 Empty Re: Ubiety has a Theory 11/18/16

Post by Ssmith on Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:37 am


Sir, I pray for you. You speak against God's truth and in doing so as a cabal agent have sold your soul. Everything has a consequence, my friend. Everything. Every action, every word and every ill intent. Every effort to deceive and bring fear to God's children is recorded. In the name of God, you are hereby on notice to cease and desist the malicious spreading of ill meanings. I bring with me the company of heaven as witness to your activities. I certainly hope that you evaluate your actions and I hope it's not too late.

On another note, Kent Dunn, Veritas and others all validate Yosef's intel yet you keep gunning for Yosef.

If you only knew what I knew.

God have mercy upon your soul.

In service,

White Hat B

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