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Thoughts of Pinkroses   11/17/16 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Thoughts of Pinkroses 11/17/16

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Thoughts of Pinkroses   11/17/16 Empty Thoughts of Pinkroses 11/17/16

Post by Ssmith on Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:13 am

My thoughts after reading Yosef's post about the 5 things we have learned while waiting for this blessing in which two of them were Patience and Education. For myself, I have learned Patience and I have been educated. Even though in the past I have worked on patience which is such a virtue I continue to master, this waiting period has taught me that being patience helps me to remain calm and centered. Waiting for this blessing has been very educational to me also. Where would someone like me, a low income earning single Mom with a few college credits be able to learn so much about economics, politics, the power and greed of this world as such I have learned?

I have been educated on this path waiting for the blessing is not for the weak hearted. I have been educated that you have to be strong in your mind and heart no matter how many windows, how many time frames, how many weekends, etc, come and go we are left still waiting. Yes here in dinar land I have been educated. The cost to me was my time and energy to walk this path before me. With a whole hearted spirit believing in this blessing that one day it would manifest, I embraced this journey. Not only because I knew my family would be benefactors of this blessing, but also all the people that I could help sharing this blessing with them.

Each day I have believed, hoped, and have faith that I would be able to take the funds from my exchange and share from my heart to help others. Yes in the beginning I wanted to help everybody and anybody since many wouldn’t have this opportunity to exchange and receive this blessing. How grateful I am as time went and by me getting the education from the various conference calls and sites, I started to focus on what was in my heart that I wanted to focus on to help others. What touched me deep into my soul what I could do to show the makers of this plan how much I was honored to be able to have a share in this blessing?

It had to be something that I could truly embrace from my heart and be passion about and one day be able to look back and see yes, this is where my path in dinar land led me to. This is where I needed to walk and embrace. My path after I receive this blessing is to help abused and abandoned children especially those trafficked for sex as I was put through growing up. Yes, embracing this path triggers old memories and flashbacks, but each time one child or a group of innocent children are saved, I know it was the right decision.

What reinforced this decision just recently was the information I received that over 300 children were saved from a sex trafficking group. Sadly there was found some shallow graves which broke my heart. These innocent children in those shallow graves died in the hands of evil ones. Tears were shed even by the men who rescued the children who were alive when they found the grave. What comes to mind if there is even one place of shallow graves of innocent children, how many more places are there shallow graves of innocent children due to the evil acts of evil men and women around the world? This has solidified by desire that my humanitarian project will be doing all I can for these abused and abandoned children. For each of these children I want to give them a home of love and safety. Every child on this earth should always be loved and kept safe, always.

At this time I wish to thank Grandfather, the Elders and others involved in this plan for giving me the opportunity soon to be able to do my heart’s desire to help the children around the world, Thank you from my heart to yours. To all the members of dinar land thinking the negative thoughts and why hasn’t this happened yet day after day, please embrace this time of waiting into something positive instead of negative. You have been given a gift, a gift that only a tiny amount of people on the earth will receive. Please honor and respect the waiting time. We all will look back and know this blessing came to us at just the right time.

As we wait spending our time and energy in dinar land even though we are tire and worn out, think how it is a small contribution compared to the ones who have given up even their very lives for us to have this blessing. As it has been pointed out to us, we will not even know the names of these heroes that died for us. May all of us use the remaining waiting time to bring honor to the ones who made this possible for us to receive this gift this blessing so we can help our families and others around the world for generations to come. May all you find what resonates in your heart to help others and do so with a spirit of giving that brings honor to this God given blessing. May your journey on this path of receiving and sharing this blessing always be blessed for the benefit of others in our life time and generations to come.

Light, love and hugs,

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