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More segments of the adoption of the amnesty law DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

More segments of the adoption of the amnesty law

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More segments of the adoption of the amnesty law Empty More segments of the adoption of the amnesty law

Post by Ponee Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:51 am

"Lawyers for the criminal proceedings and the investigation," the beneficiary ... more segments of the adoption of the amnesty law

More segments of the adoption of the amnesty law Waterdfreeee



Dinars / Abbas Al passengers / .. showing citizen "Abu Zahraa al-Moussawi," 36-year-old who does not have camels and more beautiful than the adoption of a general amnesty law in its final form by the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

 Abu Zahra citizen pacifist who does not have a weapon in his house for Apple did not know how to use arms continues from the television news contained screen satellite interested in the adoption of this law is counting approval, it does not need only to satisfy his curiosity and increases his information that scramble out front of his friends at the coffee shop and to understand them because he knows all what is happening in the country and the beginning of it and can analyze Kmahll who appear on satellite channels in the news or in the political programs, which increased at a loss this simple citizen is the launch of some lawyers to Hashtak or Likes and download Bustat that supports and endorses the adoption of this law with Maver of injustice and prejudice of the victim on them or of the families of the victims as a result of terrorist attacks or some of them subjected to extortion, kidnapping and other crimes, one of the major crimes in the Iraqi law, but he says the Iraqi proverb, "If you knew for some reason need wonder" has still wonder our friend when he learned that more lawyers will be working day and night in order to gain Ciocclhm lawsuits by families of prisoners and covered by this amnesty in exchange for good amounts of cash, as well as the promotion of these lawyers for the release of the transactions which take weeks, if it were not for months.

Lawyer, "Abdul Rasul Qahtan" says that most lawyers do not wish in recruitment and liaison department and because of the money that they bring from the many lawsuits they receive from the prisoners in exchange for large sums of money, according to the seriousness of the case and the crime committed by these criminals, so I prefer a lot of them, especially Alctar full-time for the proceedings where fewer suit are getting the amount of more than 2 million dinars, while some of the cases of four ranging to 6 million dinars, and there are some simple things like writing a request for discrimination which must be written by an attorney who specializes criminal cases assigned to write this one paper, only about 600,000 dinars.

The law exempts 13 crime, notably terrorism offenses and sentenced to aides of former president Saddam Hussein and trade Occlusive arms and explosives, drug trafficking and accused security issues Aloutna.oans law on the re-trial was allegedly subjected to torture to extract confessions, the defendants sentenced for the theft of public money issues, the law facilitate their release, provided the return of stolen funds.The law also provides for the formation of a judicial committee graduate of the Supreme Judicial Council to look into allegations of the governed, and check files suits. "

While the legal expert, "Akram Aldechala" says that lawyers who will Estphadon of approval of this law are "lawyers specialists criminal proceedings and lawyers for the investigation" and by more than lawyers specialists personal status or court of first instance cases issues, has begun from now move by some lawyers officers, police stations, as well as deal with some corrupt judges and most cases will be re-drafted again by these officers, judges, and will be the transfer of the call is difficult and Sharif judge to judge leniently more or corrupt and is also a result conditioning issues with Maitlaim with the general amnesty law.

He adds Aldechala: that each case costs will differ depending on each case and difficulty, but those fees ranging from 5,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars.

It seems that there are a lot of people are disillusioned with their approval of this law after the agreement between the political blocs settlement with the approval of other laws, as well as there is a great fear of the experience of the return of terrorists to exercise their terrorist from killing and booby-trapping and disregard for the lives of Iraqi citizens, as the promise of some specialists that call for more from committing new crimes against these fictional figures that pay in return from third parties and from parties and political figures to settle scores with others through murder, displacement, abduction, extortion and other crimes.

It recalls that the Iraqi Parliament had voted on the general amnesty law on Thursday, August 25 / August, after a series of delays and discussions between the political blocs, the adoption of this law unanimously. If there was an objection to the eighth paragraph, and has drafted so as not easy, because or another, some terrorists out "of prison.

He criticized the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi amendments introduced by Parliament at the general amnesty passed by more than two weeks Act, and includes thousands of convicts, describing them as "criminal". Abadi and drew harsh criticism of the amendments added by the House of Representatives on a general amnesty law passed last week, calling it a "criminal." Abadi stressed in a press conference that "the House of Representatives said on the general amnesty law paragraphs criminal."

Under the General Amnesty Law on 8 legal materials branches Mahtlvh stipulates the first article of the law states that "relieved a general amnesty and a comprehensive report on the Iraqis (civilian and military) those inside and outside Iraq sentenced to death, life imprisonment or the temporary or imprisonment, whether their sentences adversarial or in absentia was acquired degrees bits or no gain.

Law and stressed that "the evacuation of convicts and detainees stipulated in Article (1) and (2) of the Act after the issuance of the decision to release from the committee formed under the provisions of this law unless they are convicted or detained for crimes Magistrate's not located in or compromise with those with the victim him or civilian persons or the state even pay what discharged from the debt at once or in installments or expires Executive incarceration. crimes of terrorism committed by individuals, groups or outlawed organizations locally and internationally, and was of a terrorist nature of the crime threatens national unity and pose a threat to the security and stability of society . Palmkhaddrat.jraim trafficking crimes of smuggling Alathar.jraim rape and adultery Bamaharm.jraim Alloat.jraim spy on the internal security of the state and Alforeig.ogeraim currency counterfeiting. bribery stipulated in articles crimes (307) and (308) and (309) and (310) of the Iraqi Penal Law No. 111 of 1969.

 This law requires that the formation of a committee or more orders of the head of the Supreme Judicial Council in each appellate district shall implement the provisions of this law, headed by a judge of the first category and the membership of judges and public prosecutors is before this Committee member chosen by the chief prosecutor. And must be civilian and military courts, committees and investigative bodies automatically adheres to view all of the pending cases before the committees formed under this law to be a priority to the issues of convicts and detainees. Also it must be the decisions issued by the committees formed under this law may be appealed by the victim or the public prosecutor during the period of thirty days from the date of issuance of the decision to the Court of Cassation in punishable by death or life imprisonment or temporary crimes and the Court of Appeal with the exception of that and be provisions in so are final. And on the committees formed under this law, prison management depositor notice in which the convict or management position in which the depositor accused the outcome of the decision and announcement on the bulletin board for the Court of Appeal regarding the of was not arrested. As should the provisions of this Act shall apply to crimes falling by force. It does not work with any provision contrary to the provisions of this law.



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