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Maliki is the icon of corruption .. It is a logo and a cover for corrupt DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Maliki is the icon of corruption .. It is a logo and a cover for corrupt

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Maliki is the icon of corruption .. It is a logo and a cover for corrupt Empty Maliki is the icon of corruption .. It is a logo and a cover for corrupt

Post by Ponee Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:09 pm

Occur Iraqi media "citizen" Anwar al - Hamdani, hosted by the Roudao channel, for the real reason , which led to the closure of Al Baghdadi, adding that the channel will not return to broadcasting the existence of this rampant corruption in the whole of Iraq.

The the following text of the interview:
Roudao: what is the reason for the closure of Al Baghdadi?

Anwar al - Hamdani: from closed Baghdadi is government corruption and not something else, I'll start in a sweet Roudao probably frame the case so all Iraqi peasant during World war II, it is said that there was a farmer irrigates the implant it uses simple agricultural tools and listens to a small radio, and the radio was transferred to him news of World war II and news of Hitler, and forgot about him so that the water covered all the earth, until the water has passed beneath it , and when he saw it, threw the radio and said (what use the radio if it comes me with all world news and did not tell me that the water has reached under my feet), is now in investigative journalism the time, became the media is telling the truth farmer and an engineer and a doctor and a housewife and politician, and this is what you do Roudao, and this is what we sought him an Arab in Baghdad, but unfortunately Det experience because of the corrupt, but I follower Arabic, through Roudao channel and through this program , which offer you introduce you unique, and brothers working in Roudao, very apologized because I do not perfected the Kurdish language, and I was hoping that mastered and I'm in Arbil , because it is authentic in all its dialects language, Fethiye for the Kurds and a tribute to Roudao, which quoted the truth and has now become a beacon for all observers and all dialects, I am personally me Kord 's friends in Europe, America and Australia Itaponkm dramatically., a global Vtqarerkm and Mubarak upon this achievement.

Roudao: this means that Baghdad will not resume broadcasting that corruption ends in Iraq?

Anwar al - Hamdani: expecting it.

Roudao: what is the alternative or what is the solution?

Anwar al - Hamdani: the alternative is that people fight corruption, ask you Souala one, you followed what Mr. Hoshyar Zebari told about that and one of the influential of one of the parties , which ruled in time Mr. Nuri al - Maliki had fled to $ 6 billion out of Iraq, did you know that $ 6 billion is Jordan , brother of the budget, what he said , Mr. Hoshyar Zebari is 100% correct.

Roudao: Do you have information or documents confirm what put Zebari?

Anwar al - Hamdani: smuggling what was the years 2012-2013-2014, and carried out the smuggling is the head of one private banks, a candidate No. 122 in the coalition of state law , a close associate of al - Maliki, has Khna about it in Baghdad and in the ninth program eight months ago and we reported exactly as well as the public prosecutor .

Roudao: Why accuse al - Maliki as a cause of corruption in Iraq?

Anwar al - Hamdani: Maliki is the icon of corruption, which is a logo for the corrupt and cover for corrupt and I say it with his face, who brought Iraq to the atmosphere of quotas and corruption.

Roudao: what are the sources , who were baptized by the publication of these documents task?

Anwar al - Hamdani: revelations Baghdadi was up to us from the Iraqi officials and not the words of newspapers or websites, for example , Dr. Rafie al - Issawi has revealed to me that he told al - Maliki in 2012 that there is a corruption of the process of a large smuggling $ 6 billion, is referred to by Mr. Hoshyar Zebari, he had someone impersonate Noble Prophet Muhammad the name of God be upon him, someone from the state law called himself Mohammed Abdullah Muttalib and has the help of officials in the office of Mr. Nouri al - Maliki of rigging the private General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Finance at the time, and the signatures of 5 billion dollars to Jordan , then withdraw 900 other million dollars, bringing the total to nearly $ 6 billion, and I invite Mr. Zebari to ask now by phone for this information, and this dialogue documented in one of the program loops.

Roudao: can you prove this talk of evidence?

who corroborated Dr. Rafie al - Issawi in a timely and display the image and documents in full.

Roudao: Why did not you go these files and submit to the parliament at the time?

Anwar al - Hamdani: because we are supposed to have powers, and those powers is the authority itself, is supposed to hand over to the integrity Commission and referred to the judiciary, and forwarded integrity to the judiciary , because this file corruption.

Roudao: but such a file may lead to the withdrawal of confidence from the government by the parliament?

Anwar al - Hamdani: parliament can withdraw confidence from the government if it was united, the parliament does not want to withdraw from the government, because each block pursue its own interests only.

Roudao: do not you think that if the Sunnis or Shiites or Kurds support these files to eminently stop corruption?

Anwar al - Hamdani: what Mr. Bahaa al - Araji , the deputy prime minister text (that Iraq had used a thousand billion dollars during the rule of Mr. al - Maliki, and do not know where to the money went) this means that there are corrupt of all the blocks, is everybody now stands with Mr. Zebari of the House of Representatives of the Kurds? The answer is no.

Roudao: Can you go to Baghdad?

Anwar al - Hamdani: I'll go to Baghdad, normal, because I am on the right of a citizen, but the referees are bidding, where Saddam Hussein ?, Where ?, where Abdul Karim Qasim Nuri al - Maliki? All of them will vary.

Roudao: What is the nature of your relationships with the Kurds?

Anwar al - Hamdani: my relationship good with my family Kurds, I'm Kurdistan, just like I'm any other Iraqi city, and proud to the foregoing Kurdistan, and the Kurds my family, and the Kurds Ahtdhanona also embraced the Jeweler.

Roudao: Do asked for assistance from the Kurds?

Anwar al - Hamdani: not impossible, I did not ask for help, but I am ready to offer assistance.

Roudao: the last question is what do you think the issue of the right of self - determination for the Kurds, do you support that?

Anwar al - Hamdani: the right to self - determination is a sacred right, not a monarchy or yours, is a human right, a right to live, the right to food , medicine, and I personally think that the right of the Kurds to self - determination has been delayed after the plot and not the Treaty of Lausanne to the day, and the plot must end, I request for the Kurds all the best if they want to choose right Kurdish state, which is their right and I am not authorized to stand against them, based on your capabilities Dear Kurdish Peshmerga and sacrifices and international support.



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