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WHat others are saying about DR. Clarke and his latest lies DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

WHat others are saying about DR. Clarke and his latest lies

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WHat others are saying about DR. Clarke and his latest lies Empty WHat others are saying about DR. Clarke and his latest lies

Post by Ponee Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:36 pm



10/4/2016 10:46:36 am

He stated what he shared was absolutely true in his first post. He said" my source is the highest you can get, and I won't tell you who he is, because you'd never believe me, and if we don't RV by Oct 1st, I will leave and never come back". That's exactly word for word of what Dr Clarke posted. Why recaps won't let us remind everyone of this quote, baffles me. It's not bashing, it's the truth.

David Botwinski Sr.

10/4/2016 02:54:57 pm

I am so tired of ALL of you bafoones, YES YOU, put our hopes and dreams at a heightened state and then are 100% wrong! Don't expect you guys to be right most of the time, BUT, I do expect you to come back and say you are wrong! I've spent days waiting to hear, but nothing on the regular sites! My fault, I wasn't aware I had to search you out, like you are hiding!

A simple 100% WRONG in the stupid dinarguru site would have worked...
There, now, is NOT ONE of you buttheads I trust! Shame on you!



Dr Clarke,
From your 7/16/16 Update - We're so sure that you'll be exchanging by the LAST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER, that if it doesn't happen by then - WE'LL LEAVE THIS BLOG, AND YOU'LL NEVER HEAR FROM US AGAIN. THAT'S A PROMISE.

Uphold your promise. Any other response lets me know that you are not a person of your word and can't be trusted, nor can your words.


Blueberry says - 
10/4/2016 03:24:00 pm

Okie is that you?
Are we landing the plane?
Is the infamous ship coming in?
Please tell me it is you.
We have missed you Okie.

Would you tell us the status of the Cabal?
You get more respect when you put Doctor in front of your name.
Everyone knows a Doctor has the answers.


Jason Elam says 
10/4/2016 03:15:39 pm



Fox says 
10/4/2016 03:09:31 pm

All I can say when you mention December, Is what Tony said every year when it did not happen all year. And then it was December. He would say we could go out and have the best Christmas ever, Bye every thing, Bla,Bla Bla. So to make my long story short I have gone through eight December's, And that in a nut shell is why I now hate that month. And then here we go into January and start all over again.


Ron Cox

10/4/2016 03:05:23 pm

Just more BS; no one knows when this will happen. There is no date planned. It will happen when the US, the CB and the IMF say lets do this! I don't believe there is a date! I also don't believe the Chinese Elders have a Darn thing to do with the RV. I don't believe ZAP has a clue about anything! There certainly is no "New Republic" that will soon take over governing the US! And I haven't ever seen a subterranean city filled with Aliens! 

I also have a sneaky suspicion Dr Clark is really Mountain Goat!
Remember I only want the best for all of you!


Lee Naples

10/4/2016 03:01:34 pm

Seeing that no one has commented to you so far, it's my turn. This is an "Any Day, any moment" situation. Where have we heard that before? I thought you really had the right poop, and that yesterday the 3rd and today the 4th, (my birthday, by the way) that you were really on the right track; but it seems that you're as delusional as my wife says I am. But keep the faith Dr. Clarke, because today is Tuesday, and Bruce will be giving up some of his delusional thoughts also tonight. Who's next? AdminBill still says "it's going to happen this week for sure"!
I give up- - - Thanks for trying guys. One day it'll happen I'm sure!



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WHat others are saying about DR. Clarke and his latest lies Empty Re: WHat others are saying about DR. Clarke and his latest lies

Post by Ssmith Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:22 pm

But the clicks, positive and/or negative, all translate into $$$ for Recaps, don't they?

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