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Post by wycoffjul Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:43 pm

Sep 11 9:10 PM [Agent 007] AMADDEN Chat 9/11/11 2:45 PM PDT [Wizards13] amadden any updates I have one I'm going to Long Island tomorrow [jam777] amadden we gotta wait the full 10 days???? [amadden] jam777 10 days????? [amadden] on this RV??????????? [jam777] amadden on the call remember, you said up to 10 days till rv from a certain light on the forex back screens [amadden] mhannah darn I knew someone would remember roflmao roflmao [amadden] jam777 after 17 hours ask me that questions [jam777] ok, that puts you with almost every other intel provider looking for the rv by monday am [amadden] jam777 I do not look at any other postings unless it is sent to me for questioning or clarification, so if that is what they are saying then yes be on the lookout 2 to 9am or sooner per my info [jam777] amadden ty and yes many others are on high alert too. ty [amadden] robin_in_ks remember terryk said he was going to have a T-Shirt made Monday and on the back cash-in Tuesday??? roflmao roflmao [robin_in_ks] amadden yep!!! I am buying one!!! LOL [Doc McCoy] So we on for Monday Al? [amadden] Me too!!! that there would be a money maker there!! [amadden] Doc McCoy from what I have yes, and there is a lot more to that but I cannot say due to security issues [mikev] amadden Hi there. Thanks for the posts today. I hope this is it.
Sep 11 9:10 PM [Agent 007] [amadden] mikev I do believe so, I have never felt this good about "A MONDAY" tan any other time and I hope it is not a letdown! [glryan10] amadden did you say 2am - 9am? if so at banks forex, cbi? ty [amadden] glryan10 I am hearing within 1 to 2 hours of each other [mikev] amadden Did Iraq take care of their parliament business this weekend? or are we past that now? [amadden] mikev past that [robin_in_ks] amadden when this comes through ... what time is it estimated that we may see it show on the boards ... when the stock market opens? [amadden] robin_in_ks look at the London market and CBI [jam777] amadden can I ask why your forex folks think it could be between 2-9AM RV??? [amadden] jam777 I wish I could but I cannot due to security reasons [jam777] amadden OK then, I understand. Well, let me ask this. These folks have told you to expect the RV before. How confident are you that this is different ? [amadden] jam777 due to the info I got never has it been in this tone, and the info I cannot share behind it, makes me a very happy camper, if for some unseen reason it is not then the latest is still a week from Wednesday I have been waiting this long and I can wait till then if need be. [jam777] amadden TY very much sir [Agent 007] amadden that sounds mighty fine to me, sir - thanks [amadden] jam777 you are welcome I wish I could say more but I cannot [amadden] Agent 007 your welcome [glryan10] amadden oh no a week from wednesday if no show tomorrow? [amadden] glryan10 that is the date that is the 10 days from when it was entered into the system and using the forex hours for count down to the 10 days [AZMike] amadden...is that between 2 and 9 am EDT or Baghdad time? [amadden] our time est [amadden] robin_in_ks no it all started on the date above and if you count out the 10 days in forex hours open it will come to 12:42 EST. on September 21st that is what is suppose to be the drop dead date, but can happen anytime in between, and with the news I have we should see this between now and 9am tomorrow
Sep 11 9:11 PM [Agent 007] terryk & amadden get room chat at 6:45 pm eastern, 9/11/11 [terryk] hey all [terryk] whats going on [soccermama] Hello*terry *sir, how are you? I just heard the most amazing thing.... that you actually rushed to help at ground zero on 9/11. I am in awe! [terryk] yea i was there [terryk] we had 43 cell sites go down and my team re-established communications for firefighters and police emergency teams [terryk] i did the site walkdowns for the install of C.O.W.S (cell on wheels locations [soccermama] Thank you so much for that [terryk] thanks for the words [soccermama] and are grateful to those like you how helped out in our country's time of distress [terryk] re living the horror [terryk] i was there from day 3 to 17 [soccermama] terry *i cant imagine the pain of it [terryk] and could not take it anymore [terryk] i was never in the military, alot of my family but with all the work i have done with our goverment in times of need i feel that i am part of that team as well [terryk] or i would like to be [terryk] thus [terryk] tcb caring hands [Agent 007] exactly
Sep 11 9:12 PM [Agent 007] [glryan10] amadden love your times of 2am-9am but bluwolf always says there is a system and no sooner than 9:15am est monday??? [amadden] glryan10 ok we all get different Intel and if it is (:15 am est then that is after banks open which would put the cash in to the next day in my opinion, which could be, but I am going with my info till I hear something different [terryk] WELL KEEP IN MIND ITS A GREAT SITE, BUT IT TAKES ALOT TO MAKE HAPPEN WHAT WE WANT [Agent 007] TCB Caring Hands will be the mantle on which all other organizations will have to look to [terryk] ITS NOT FOR OUR GLORY BUT THAT OF OUR HEROS THAT GIVE US THE RIGHT [terryk] THE FREEDOM [terryk] THE LIFE WE HAVE [comsec] terry *amen [Agent 007] AMen [terryk] WHEN I THINK ABOUT WHAT WE CAN DO AS A TEAM I HAVE TEARS IN MY EYES [4:09:57 PM] Gari (garit): terryk] WAITING FOR BIG BEN TO STRIKE [terryk] THAT MAGIC SOUND [terryk] OK ALL IM GOING TO GO WATCH DALLAS LOSE TONIGHT SO I CAN PICK ON TINA [terryk] LOL [terryk] LATER ALL [terryk] GOD BLESS YOU [terryk] WE ARE THERE [terryk] TRUST THAT [terryk] I WILL BE AT THE BANK NO LATER THAN WED THIS WEEK terryk] AS I SAID LAST WEEK

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