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2018-2022 development plan stimulated the economy and accommodate private sector DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

2018-2022 development plan stimulated the economy and accommodate private sector

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2018-2022 development plan stimulated the economy and accommodate private sector Empty 2018-2022 development plan stimulated the economy and accommodate private sector

Post by Ponee Tue Aug 09, 2016 10:43 am

 Abdul Zahra Mohammed al - Hindawi , some believe that talking about the preparation of a new five - year development plan for the years 2018-2022 is still early and we have nearly a year and a half from the age of window Plan 2013-2017 after the Cabinet approved the request of the Ministry of Planning to start work on a new plan.

It is not easy important that reach stakeholders to develop detailed frameworks for such a plan in a very rapid, economic and security policy changes at the local and international levels .. because the plan is also known need very stable conditions in order to find their way to the application. preparation of the plan , but in spite of these challenges , a real challenges can not overlook them, but we must start work early in thepreparation of the new development plan after reviewing the performance and implementation of the two preceding two plans levels, first is the 2010 -2014 plan working out stopped after two years of life as a result of political circumstances in the country and of the exit of troops occupation and Iraq 's possession of his decision to the political, economic, and characterized the plan with the old palace, is the magnitude of the oil revenues , which was obtained by Iraq, but the problem you encountered is the unity of the political differences within the House of Representatives, which was reflected in the annual budgets associated originally the general frameworks of the plan .. what It had no annual budget to see the light before four or five months of the year passed ,and this delay has led in turn to block the implementation of investment projects , both at the level of local governments (provinces) development program or investment program (federal ministries) .. this disruption was due to the large number of measures of the listing and advertising, analysis and referral and the start of implementation, and the result was that the financial and physical implementation of projects ratios were not exceed at best the (70 percent) while spin the rest allocated to the Ministry of money or the province to the next year and the beneficiary itself. cases of failure Perhaps the adoption of this style ( recycling) to create a state of relaxation among the beneficiaries and declining vigor .. then came the second development plan 2013 - 2017 and sought by their authors to benefit from the cases of failure that accompanied its predecessor, including the issue of recycling allocations is discharged, it has been canceled this article of the budget is no longer the money retained the property of the hand beneficiary but rather go to the public treasury of the state and shares of the measure to reduce the relaxation rates and the pursuit of full annual allocations disbursed. but the problem of approving the budget delay has not been exceeded in the first year of the plan in 2013, the budget in the month of April of the same year was issued .. then came the year 2014 and ended without a budget after the failed House of Representatives passed due to the sharp political differences .. in the same year , Iraq has witnessed violent shocks cast a dark shadow on the general framework of the Five - year plan .. in this year began oil prices rolled quickly to drop from about $ 112 to 60 dollars .. and coincided with the decline the fall of Mosul , however , the organization «Daash» terrorist then followed by cities and other provinces and resulted in large waves of displaced occurrence as well as stop all investment projects in those provinces which led to a high rate of poverty in Iraq to 23 percent after the It fell to 15 percent in early 2014 .. under these facts and serious shocks , the government is obliged to review all plans and procedures and previous ones development plan , which was launched in the circumstances of the country live in good economic affluence, and suddenly resources dropped by half or more .. and it was among the measures taken, the launch of the government program 2014-2018 and reconsidered by the investment projects , including reducing the burden of the government 's financial commitments and the allocation of funds for the relief of displaced people with no inclusion of any new projects in the public budgets of the state , which has become unable to prosecute the ongoing decline in oil prices and become a deficit ratios where large reach more than 25 percent .. and was working to re - adapt the development plan in accordance with the new challenges.international certificate from the foregoing it is clear that the plans of the previous two development , which has been prepared in spite of the giant efforts in their preparation of by national and international experts, These two plans scientifically and sobriety have obtained the international certificate by a lot of organizations and governments friendly and brotherly .. but the magnitude of the challenges that confound and influenced the Executive actually plans .. also that one of the difficulties facing the plans are not issued a binding law implementation, which loses strength with the presence of many exceptions and great challenges may contribute to pull the plan off track decree. but most importantly , this and that is the diminutive fiscal revenue and single - source .. that should - It is certain that this matter will not lose sight of the stakeholders put the plan - that It is given a wider space for other sectors of development that could be an alternative or supportive of the economy and mention here of agriculture and industry sectors , and the third was tourism and the latter expected him to witness a boom in the coming years after the marshes inclusion and a group of Iraqi antiquities on the World Heritage list, as well as the existence of thresholds Holy should reconsider benefit from financial mechanisms .. incomes also must not forget we are talking about the preparation of five - year development plan for 2018-2022 and the impact of the Iraqi private sector , which did not take his chance in the entire development process of construction .. If the previous plan had given for this sector account for 21 percent of the size of investments, requires a new plan that this figure doubled to 40 or at least 30 percent. developmental goals and looks a good chance to prepare for this plan quietly and deliberately to be able to achieve their development goals, especially that it will coincide with the entry of the agenda of sustainable development global into effect .. also must issue the plan by law in order to ensure its application in the ground .. this reality imposes on the plan the search for solutions to the problem of ongoing investment projects that the more than 4,500 projects in various fields at a cost of about $ 100 billion, these projects threatened disappearing that is not a solution to the funding and completion .. It also requires the authors of the plan to set clear vision on improving the level of performance and production of human and physical levels in light of the limited revenue and the resort of Iraq to external borrowing and the consequences of this borrowing from the selectors.



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