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The Washington Times: al-Sadr and the restoration of Mosul highlighted the challenges faced by Abadi DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Washington Times: al-Sadr and the restoration of Mosul highlighted the challenges faced by Abadi

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The Washington Times: al-Sadr and the restoration of Mosul highlighted the challenges faced by Abadi Empty The Washington Times: al-Sadr and the restoration of Mosul highlighted the challenges faced by Abadi

Post by Ponee Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:57 am

While struggling Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to achieve its goal of restoring Mosul Daash group by the end of this year, it also racing to prevent a power struggle with the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. 

The prime minister is struggling to unite the warring factions and to stop the protest movement that drove tens of thousands into the streets in defiance of calls by the government to stop the demonstrations , which distracted from the fight against Daash. But some doubted his ability to achieve that and say that al - Abbadi heads the government is weaker than ever.

He says Kirk Sowell, an analyst at Utica risk company, "I believe that al - Abadi will continue in his current term because it is impossible that the other factions to agree on a replacement. Do not I assume that the government will return to exercise its primary function either before or after the upcoming elections. "

currently the Iraqi government focused on defeating Daash. During the last year , the Iraqi armed forces retook Fallujah and other cities controlled by the terrorist group two years ago, and drove Daash than half of the land that they occupy in the country. But the group retained its ability to carry out acts of violence, which hit the capital over the past months, most recently Karrada bombing that claimed the lives of many. The attacks have fueled resentment of the government Abadi about the deteriorating security situation.

At the same time there is a big concern of corruption and cronyism as well as worsening economic hardships.And millions of public sector workers are facing unemployment with the collapse of oil prices and the budget deficit to meet the budget requirements.

He says Riaz Mohammad former spokesman for the Ministry of Justice , "services and living conditions have not improved, I do not think it will get better soon. Iraq is facing a severe financial crisis and corruption eats up scarce resources . " 
all of this open area of the chest, according to observers. In the past , al- Sadr was supported by al - Abadi, but al- Sadr recently demanded the resignation of al - Abadi, and this position is supported by many Iraqis. He says Sajjad al - Moussawi , one of Sadr 's followers , " al- Sadr wants to make a change but corrupt politicians oppose it. We will continue to press in order to get change, and we will stay behind the chest until the end."

Although the mass demonstrations were over the past six months has been largely peaceful, the al- Sadr followers stormed recently but twice the parliament building in the heavily fortified green Zone, also attacked the offices of rival political parties. Intense protests raise fears that al- Sadr could inflame an uprising against the government , as it did after 2003 , when his forces fought Alomirkyin.ovi a show of force intended apparently to deter any adventure of the chest, the government organized a military parade before one of the demonstrations Sadr was attended by 15 thousand troops in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad.

but that did not dampen the fiery speeches of the chest, where he warned that the additional troops that the United States will send to Iraq to help in the battle of Mosul would be a target for his troops. But despite the threats and intimidation, many believe that al- Sadr will be out of a confrontation with the government or risk fueling civil conflict for Daash re - assembly may be allowed.

Says Michael Knights, an analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, "if he tried to Muqtada al -Sadr repeat chaos raised at the beginning of that summer, I think he'll find a strong reaction from the Shiite religious and political establishment. "

facing pressure from al- Sadr and other Shiite groups, namely Iran, to avoid steps that may increase the instability of Iraq, according to analysts. As he runs the risk of moderate Iraqis who joined the protests to demand the reform of the government and cleared of corruption , the loss of support.

The re - Sadr into the political life can be the ultimate test for the reputation of the sponsor Abadi , a wise political settlement. But even if the chest fell and army continued its success against Daash, few expect a quick end to the political chaos in Iraq.

At the same time , some worry that the divisions within the coalition , which is fighting Daash could deepen after the expulsion Daash of Mosul , which gives extremists a chance to docking.

Apart from that, many Iraqis believed that their leader had missed his chance. He says the soldier Samurai "Abadi Prime Minister is very weak, did not address any problem. He had better than any leader in the history of Iraq a chance but lost by not exploited."

Believed to be the emergence of Daash was a wonderful opportunity to Ebadi to consolidate power in Baghdad and re - military activity and proceed in economic reforms.




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