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BLUEDOG, TONY & KAPERONI..9-10-11 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by phantomssecret Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:32 am

> Subject: BLUEDOG, TONY & KAPERONI..9-10-11
> 2:11 PM [Agent 007] [bluedog] News From Iraq, and PROOF we are SUPER near! This article (below) shows that Iraq has "NOW ADDED" the lower denoms (small notes and coins) to their Central Bank TOTALS!!!! That means they are shortly to become USABLE!!! NOW.... by doing this.... it also added massive "currency totals" to the central bank. And, this ALSO created a temporary "FALSE", INSTANT and MASSIVE hyperinflation!!!!! This is a GREAT thing.... because, after the exchange of our monies with Iraq... they will REMOVE the big notes. 1st, by shredding them.... 2nd, by removing the larger notes (after shredding) from the "totals" of currency in circulation on the balance sheets at the Central Bank of Iraq.... RESULT? Reversal of the hyperinflation, or.... SUPER LOW inflation..... VERY FAST!!! Article: Iraq in hyperinflation; currency to be revalued While many Asian nations battle stubbornly rising prices, Iraq offers an example of the extreme - hyperinflation, that is - inflation that has spiraled out of control. It occurs when there is an unchecked increase in the money supply. Iraq's central bank is planning to solve the issue by completely re-valuing its Dinar. In countries experiencing hyperinflation, the central banks often falls into a vicious cycle - printing money in larger and larger denominations as smaller denomination notes become worthless.
> 2:11 PM [Agent 007] One way to avoid the use of large numbers is by declaring a new unit of currency. Mudher Kasim, Vice President of Iraq Central Bank said, "Over the past 30 years, inflation and economic intervention has caused the denomination of the Dinar to continue to rise. But the exchange rate is so low that the highest denomination is worth less than 25 dollars. Therefore, we need to carry out currency reform." ........................ Read more with the link below:http://english.cntv.cn/p ··· 81.shtml
> 3:22 PM [Cessie] From ptr: alreadyblessed] just got off the phone with tony...he is saying that every indication is that we should still see this by mon morning....according to our sources. I asked tony about the wed info and he reiterated that our information and our sources are saying that we will see this by mon morning. If it happens sunday night...we would see it by mon morning
> 3:49 PM [jonjobe7] Kaperoni -- In recent days, numerous articles are being published outside Iraq, and at least videos have surfaced talking about the pending revaluation. when there is an article that comes out and says the project will take 2-3 years, they are confirming to us, not the RV, but the events within Iraq with the transition...a process that will take time…but this process has nothing to do with us . 1. At least 2-3 years the larger 3 zeros notes will be valid in country. We can make an assumption that also will apply to us. So that gives us a really no time limit to cash out . 2. They cannot introduce the smaller denominations without at least an “initial” rate change. This is obvious as these new notes have little value with the current exchange rate . 3. Not changing the rate, would cause mass speculation and buying of dinar as the rate rises over time .
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